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In our article you will learn what to do if there was a thunderstorm or overvoltage in the network (380), came by accident water or went to smoke, it does not hurt if you suddenly jammed cassette or a favorite DVD does not want to read a disc, whether you want to immediately open and, primarily wipe dust.

We have a lot of material, dealing with issues of self-repair, firmware, why burn the fuses, it simply restore a broken antenna jack, and a lot of other useful information.

You will learn how to choose the wizard to repair, not to fall into unscrupulous specialist, you need to know and how to issue a challenge to house the secrets of communication with the master in your home and answers to issues related to verification and safeguards.

In the All of TVs, you can learn how to choose and buy a good TV, the secrets of sellers and manufacturers, the difference between the plasma of the LCD TV, the difference between LCD and LED, what is the Smart TV and digital TV, all about the 3D format and three-dimensional image , projection TVs, laser projectors, digital signal formats, the unfolding. This includes information about the history of the first black-and-white, color and new CRT TVs.

The problems connected properly, DVD, receiver, home theater, computer and other equipment to your TV with cables and connectors RCA (tulip), SCART, S-Video, HDMI and component connection, how to wind the plug on cable television.

For information on how to extend the service life, the correct operation of the secrets, and other niceties - read useful advice, they will help you to distinguish the original from the fakes and protect equipment from voltage surges, storms, problems associated with sweating and other troubles. News, advice, questions and answers, suggestions - it's all there in our forum, and our exchanger can find a lot of useful programs and instructions.

It contains information about HD and Blu-ray, DVD, MKV, AVI formats, how to burn a disc and why some do not want to play the recording on a DVD, why movies are starting to slow down and stop in 30-40 minutes, what programs are best to use for cutting and record movies from the Internet. We'll tell you about the formats, signal standards and the screen, the quality of video and notation.