What if your favorite remote stopped working or became very tight pressed? Do I have to buy a new one or can it be restored? How to disassemble and clean the remote control? Interested? - all the answers in this article

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Samsung TVs are very common in our country : the buyer attracts an adequate price on the model and modern functionality. We , the masters , Samsung TVs liked for its ease of repair and maintenance . They have a simple design, many operations are predictable ,a manufacturer produces a detailed technical documentation

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If the TV is broken - it is almost always possible to repair . Often breakdowns causes lie " on the surface" , and the TV repair with the right approach is not particularly difficult . I still do not recommend poking around on their own, but the typical faults and repair methods will describe - just so you know ,what awaits you in the repair and did not let the master cheat yourself . So , I present a list of the most common problems

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If you stopped working the TV remote, tuner, air conditioning ... it does not mean that it should be thrown away and buy a new one. Find out what you can do yourself, at home, without the help of the wizard

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A little review on the TV set-top box on software android to turn your TV into SMART. How to connect Android dongle into your TV and configure digital channels

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That means the type of backlight Edge LED or Direct LED modern TVs, how they work, what is the difference, which is better and more reliable, the pros and cons of each type

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The digital tuner set-top box Strong SRT 8530, features, specifications, reviews about the work, the comparative performance with other essential consoles

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Want to move a site on yukoz Drupal? It's real and not so difficult as you said. In this article you will find answers to the questions that arose, probably, of all who set themselves such a goal

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In this thread talk about "wooden" phone, that is, on conventional push-button and not even the original, and on densely populated markets, the phones processor МТКхххх. How to configure windows 7, if you do not see as modem

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The company NCTW provides the ability to view not only analog but also digital channels if your TV has a standard tuner DVB-C you can set and watch them for free. In this article we will discuss how to configure the digital channels on different TV models

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