If the equipment is broken

Samsung TVs are very common in our country : the buyer attracts an adequate price on the model and modern functionality. We , the masters , Samsung TVs liked for its ease of repair and maintenance . They have a simple design, many operations are predictable ,a manufacturer produces a detailed technical documentation

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If the TV is broken - it is almost always possible to repair . Often breakdowns causes lie " on the surface" , and the TV repair with the right approach is not particularly difficult . I still do not recommend poking around on their own, but the typical faults and repair methods will describe - just so you know ,what awaits you in the repair and did not let the master cheat yourself . So , I present a list of the most common problems

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If you stopped working the TV remote, tuner, air conditioning ... it does not mean that it should be thrown away and buy a new one. Find out what you can do yourself, at home, without the help of the wizard

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To disassemble most and to try to rectify the fault, of course, want nothing like as difficult to disassemble not, the main thing - not to make things worse, and it usually turns out, here are a few typical paintings

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There was a desire to repair yourself? Disassembled, unraveled, what are the next steps for self-repair?

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If blown, it needs to be replaced or the wire reel. Replaced, and it burned down again, you need more powerful? Why burn the fuses, what is the starting current and what to do in this case

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Spilled into the water, it's scary what to do now, you can enable it, nothing will burn? Is it possible to do without the wizard and fix on their own how to dry the equipment

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Noticed a strange smell or smoke coming from your favorite TV? No need to panic, read and learn what to do in this case and what is strictly prohibited. How to prevent similar phenomena in home technology

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Where in a normal home outlet, you may receive the 380? As of 220V 380 happened, who is to blame? What if the light bulbs flashed bright and burned out, and the TV a little puffed? Why not delay the repair of equipment, after voltage in the network

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What if there was a thunderstorm and, after another lightning strike, all the equipment suddenly went out? That's all or you can still cure your favorite TV and other equipment in the house?

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