Do I need to open and see

If favorite technique suddenly failed you and has failed, the desire to open the lid and look inside - completely understandable, but here you are in danger, which are then directly linked to the rising cost and increase in repair time bt

Very often modern equipment is not so easy understands: besides the usual screws and bolts, there are plenty of snaps, locks, clips or other hidden fasteners.. There are even complete instructions for disassembly, using the special. tools. are you sure You'll be able to do it right and nothing at the same time not to break? ad

Opened Sam TV

As practice shows, the result is disappointing: the fixture is broken beyond repair, dents in the body, crumpled plastic, torn "meat" of the connectors, wires and even (!) I'm not kidding, broken (bended, cracked) on the card ac

  • to Open had opened, only one cog is forgotten, the result is:
  • a Broken piece of Board
  • Now without the magnifier and soldering station can not do, is not easy to connect a number of tracks, and then still need the initial malfunction, which, in fact was this "opening":
  • Crack on-Board title=
  • Honestly, I don't know what you need to do and how, but the result is a broken picture tube:
  • Broken CRT
  • took Apart the remote, beautiful?:
  • Broken remote control

    Housing, buttons, locks, do not change!!! (they just sold out), to restore the broken fee - also not easy and not always possible, it turns out that the repair had not yet begun, and its cost has grown shock

    Even if you succeed, you will receive equipment with a fault in (and this is a direct provocation to new problems-not closing the lid or broken decorative plates and panels bn

    The instructions are not written in vain, that inside there are no parts requiring user attention. It really is bs

    Don't believe?, bf then read on: dust and what to do with it

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