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Can dirty head to be the reason for the lack of images from VCR (VCR)?

Yes, maybe there really clogged head and was often cleaning is necessary. A common cause of pollution: poor quality film and videotapes. It then appeared "cleaning cartridges" (although, to be honest, sense from them was not enough... bl and "auto-purge" in the VCR ab

As the practice of repair, neither auto clean nor the tape could not efficiently clean the video heads, I had my own cleaning technology, which I enjoyed coming to such challenges (smooth paper and alcohol al )

When I called and said "the picture was gone, need to clean up", I always asked: You have the cotton cleaned?, and if you answered, "Yes, but it didn't work" - this order was not to walk, because cleaning were turned into the replacement of the video heads (the procedure is not cheap). Want to know why? - read more ad

Here's what usually cleaned with cotton wool, trying to Polish (BVG):

Drum videogallery

Now the question: where is the head? ah And here it is, inside the slot: ce

Slit drum

If you disassemble this unit, you can see for yourself head, in a simple VCR or player had two of them, but was the design and more difficult bv

Head in the VCR section

On the enlarged picture you can see dq what pinned when the wool hairs clinging to the working surface of the head (and she still cut out), because Ter the entire reel, and even vertical movements, which was contraindicated. Well that's strange that the crystal having a length of approximately 3mm and a thickness of a few tenths of a mm, immediately pinned bn

crystal head VCR

When replacing, the master was faced with a very complex and delicate procedure: alignment (tighten the cog on the cassette players head for clear sound? Easy to set up and playback and record? And on the reverse? And if then the tape on the other tape to put? ad So, all this is kindergarten compared to the alignment on the VCR), so the price worked for the owner of a considerable ac

Should I try to get the tape yourself if she is stuck inside or the tape jammed? Definitely NOT.

The reason is simple: the mechanics of the VCR is very complex and any application of physical strength will lead to damage mechanism of unloading-loading or refilling of ribbon, as many of the details in it - plastic, but to get anything from them now - almost cannot gy

Trims and gear VKM

Even if you managed to get no visible effects, crashing software, or contact gear secured, which means you need to completely disassemble all the mechanics and put all the gear on special labels. Looks like mechanics in the context

the Mechanics of the VCR in the context of

The wizard will carefully remove the jammed tape and release film, it will be much cheaper than the consequences of self-intervention ab

And then.., then went to DVD, which, unfortunately, trying to clean or lubricate the, read: cleaning and lubrication DVD

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