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Lately, more and more often hear such words as: update software), firmware, flashing and, as a result, more and more vehicles, killed that attempt firmware bs

Why is this happening? Manufacturers and vendors claim that the equipment (TV, DVD, receiver...) with the possibility of updates FOR the best, as they will not become obsolete due to this possibility, however, there are nuances ad

We are all accustomed to constant updates on computers and laptops, only manage to download a fresh version with new features and everything is fine, what's the difference? issue

How is the firmware (in a nutshell). There is a special chip (eeprom, flash) for storing information, which is necessary for Your vehicle to know what to do and how (instructions for the CPU gn ). Now, when flashing, first all of this information erased, and then, in the same area, recorded new. That's why always says: "do not turn off the power before the end of the upgrade process" and "do not turn off the signal source (cable, satellite, cable or Internet)

If, during firmware updates, lost power or signal, the chip will already be a Sturt, and new information has not finished so Your technique is just stop working, and it is, as the processor was not able to read part of the statement", he needs it only as a whole. You will not be able to try again, he has not included bn


Consistent power. It is on Your computer (almost all are bespereboynik - "upsy" as they teased), and laptops and netbooks have a built-in battery that will automatically reconnect in case of external supply (220V network). And Your LED TV or DVD connected to the UPS? I don't think You have too.

I have confidence that during the update process flashes the light or not lost satellite signals (the Internet)? the
Usual, the upgrade process is not so fast, it may take 5-30 minutes ha

Firmware from disk or USB flash drive - here all the same: there is 100% confidence that wyprawione recorded on them are firmware? Sure that the firmware for Your device and it 100% working? If not, the disk will not be bootable, and USB flash drive to be read, second attempt will not, as the team read and download was in the same statement, which now became crooked or doesn't fit bt

the Ability to revert to original firmware. Again, this feature is present only on computers, they can store a backup, which is very useful if the virus caught or the program crooked leg.
See for yourself: the program I would recommend delete and install again, Windows is buggy - do a rollback or take down and put anew, and if the BIOS came off, what then? Then to the master, because the PC already, you won't want to talk to us pliz

Don't forget, TV or DVD is not a computer, they do not know (as we would like), they begin to read the formats that are incorporated in them required not only new firmware, and the new scheme (different processor, laser, other services provided) ab

In TV and DVD technology there is no possibility of backsliding (you can return to the factory only user settings), the backup is gone too. You have a programmer, native IOS, knowledge on connecting proger and the chip directly? If not - do not risk undue risk av

Programmers - expensive and sophisticated instruments, they work directly with circuits using special schemes and programmes, the wizard always considers first the firmware,save it, and then begin the process of casting the new firmware. Just so there is a possibility to go back bs


Remember, 90% of the equipment sold at us, no schemes, no firmware has never been and never will be, because it's nameless China, not a licensed technician. The name (brand) - just decal bk

Chinese DVD

Which, moreover, often pasted so crooked and slanted, it's funny: well, that kind of shit can make for a real "Panasonic", sticker and a size that does not fit.

Fake us

I, once, for your homemade also loved to glue or labels, "Sony" part I liked the most: it is small (in size) and a little Japanese...

Technology from Odessa

The freshest stickers: "Samsung", all the letters separate, first remove the lower part of the tape, the letters neatly glued and then the top which protects them from premature spillage on the floor, so as to stick each letter separately, what exactly seemed to be much more difficult

China Samsung

How it works? Normally, and at a lower cost, but the lack of "name" and support the "basement producer" leads to the fact that then find the native firmware very difficult bc

How often do flies firmware? No, much less frequently than it might seem, but the amount of equipment brought in for repair after attempting firmware - more ab

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