The smoke went from the TV

Everything was good, suddenly from a favorite TV or other equipment went bad smell or smoke ai What to do? issue

First of all, don't panic cm Panic will not help, try as quickly as possible, disconnect source (just the plug from the socket pull out or turn off the machine if the plug is hard to get) bf

smoke TV

In any case do not fill with water, water conducts electricity and you can get electrical shock, even if the equipment is not in the socket (there are still details that have gained energy and is not dead) hw

Most of the rumors that the TV caught fire or exploded is not true. This he cannot do, he has enough internal protections, unless they removed the "samodelkina" bs

Of course, if inside someone has tried to cram paper ap

Why the smoke went from TV

If we add to this also "bugs" installed in place of the fuse an

the cause of the fire apparatus

then fire it's possible, but it is not the fault of technology bn

Used TV

If a fire is detected inside the equipment, it is necessary to deprive of access of air (oxygen), it is best to cover with a blanket or other dense material, the fire will go out soon and invite experts to assess the situation gy

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