What to do if exposed to water

Watered the flowers and then Oh! ai accidentally water spilled on equipment or a vase of flowers fell ah

Watering TV

Since everything was off - it's not so bad, pull the plug and let "wet patient" to dry properly. If the case in summer - can be taken on the balcony or Lodge there, under the sun hy the process of drying will take place much faster ab

Here it is necessary to consider that water conducts electricity, so it is important that the equipment has dried out completely (in all the grooves and crevices), for a single drop (the wrong place) may be enough, for short circuit inside, so the drying process can reach 2-3 days bs

If the water got to work the TV, DVD or something else - there is need to hurry. As soon as possible obestochte the camera, remember, that in any case can not wipe the water or take the cord and plug with wet hands, you can get an electric shock av

Disconnect hardware

Best of all - unplug the machine housing, and then the device is exposed to water. If it went Bang or smoke, don't even try to re-enable it. What to do in such cases is described in the article: If you smoke gn

Especially if it's just water, and water earth, spilled from a pot of flowers, it can damage not worse than acid, it can pass under the lacquer and the process of decay circuit Board parts may become the irreversible ac

Diagram after contact with water


Rotting of the tracks on the circuit Board

Of course, you can try to disassemble and dry it with a Hairdryer if You sure I know how to do it and then fail like this: do I need to take it apart and see ad

The best option is to apply to the master gy He will check and eliminate the effects of flowing water.

No need to throw TVs, they will not grow and will not become ab

Wash TV

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