Inside a lot of dust, you need to remove it?

Let me just answer the question about cleaning the dust inside: do not as well as open the lid apparatus, if not provided by the manual.
Why? -

The technique of "likes" dust it attracts, especially for TV and DVD with inside of the cooler (fans) for additional cooling. The dust created is drawn inside a strong electromagnetic field and static or simply injected inside the cooler

You should know that dry dust or a few cobwebs, as a rule, harmless in reasonable aisles (and if the dust is thicker than a centimeter, then, as they say, should fall off itself ap ). As modern electronic equipment does not contain any mechanical parts (well, there are no wheels, gears, engines, carb...), the dry dust may not be the cause of the failure of your pet (of course, this does not apply to DVDs, system units and other equipment where it can actually contribute to failure, clogging the cooler and thereby reducing the heat sink)

Dust inside

The most dangerous is wet dust when the equipment is operated in a damp room, the soot that covered all the internal parts, if the apartment is smoke and "machinists" drag . This is a direct threat of occurrence of a fault prof

Dusty TV

Should also add that during the housing repair hn the technique is better to remove from the premises, if this is impossible, cover with a damp but not wet(!) the sheet (it will not miss the dust or film

So why should not clean the dust yourself if equipment is broken?

Most importantly, you're destroying evidence, which can really help the master to detect not only the malfunction, and the cause. Electronics repair shops very often, for the master, is like a detective story, so leave all evidence in place, so it will be better and faster ad

Here are some examples:

  • Even after you disconnect the TV from the network, some internal parts of the machine can continue to be energized a few days, not only that You, God forbid, can shock (and not weak), so he (current) passing through the body can kill the CPU if second hand or fingers just touch the card with the details. There were times when I barely had time to draw back the hand of the lovely lady or Granny with a wet rag wanting to clean the dust inside the ac
  • Tube - pulluvila life form (attract dust with terrible force), and inside looks terrible, its so you want to wipe, RUB-rubbing, and the cloth is all black and black. Finally, after long suffering, the tube began to Shine. What happened? You, together with the dust, erased a protective graphite coating (it is soiled napkin most of all), now the TV will current fight and could sweep inside, causing new malfunction bn
  • Man, certainly well-intentioned, neatly vytrusili all the dust and debris from the machine (so as not to be ashamed before the master). And here is the result: inside is broken chip, but the part where he keeps her markings, he just considered garbage and thrown. Well, if this is a known brand that you can find the diagram and if it is 100% "Chinese" (DVD, for example), which schemes have never been and never will be, now what?

Burnt chip

Now - you need to identify, to seek, to find.., because the body can not understand, hundreds of chips are made in the same buildings, and therefore the repair will be delayed

Therefore, if equipment is broken, no need to open it yourself and clean the dust inside

Just get cleaner the wizard will perform the necessary cleaning bs

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