A blown fuse in the TV

If your appliances are no longer included, it isn't excluded that the fuse is indeed burnt

And now the fun part al

Why is burning the fuse in the network equipment? Many of us still remember tube TVs that do them have changed, and successful, after replacing the beloved "box" came to life and continued to please their owners ab . For anybody not a secret that in the models of those years, the fuse block was available on the back cover, so replacement is not difficult

Often, instead, put a "bug", since fuse is (usually) had a few, the number of such "bugs" are gradually increased, and the fact that they were time bomb bb , the owners usually learned later (if not immediately sparks flew with a terrible crash after this "replacement" ck )

Pin instead of a fuse

You think from appearing then scary stories about what TV caught fire or exploded? And why not, if all the protection just removed, and inside the few pieces of paper crammed (so the lamp is better to keep), a couple of rags (forgot when was dusting)... bn

In modern technology You will rarely find the fuse, open for access, as a rule, he (and only, at the input 220V) is hidden inside the scheme. Why was it made? It's simple: the fuse does not burn just like that, there is always a reason! So hiding him away from sin, as the thought of his replacement (on "the bug" in particular) very often visits those who are not familiar with how it works ad

will Try to explain as simply as possible:

At fuse, as a rule, two characteristics: voltage and current. Caption: 250/4A, for example, means that it can pass through itself a current 4 amps if you will be in the circuit 220 (to 250) volts

Now, look further, get a modern TV, inside is a fuse on the 4A. Let's do a simple calculation. From school physics course we know that the power (W) is equal to: voltage (U) multiplied by current (I)

Consider: W=UxI=220х4=880 Watt. Almost 1kW ai

This is the kind of power that can pass through a 4 amp fuse. And now look behind the rear cover of the TV: 100W, almost eight times smaller.

Calculation of power guard
That's why he just can not burn.

It has a solid stock on the starting current surges, etc., as now used transformer, and "pulsed" power supply units, the principle of which is fundamentally different from conventional ab

So why is it burning? Fuse opens in case of short circuit inside the circuit of power module, it protects the power supply from burnout that typically happens if you put "bug" prof

Frequent questions: was the difference, given in the 380 why not a blown fuse, a burned power supply? issue

Answer: let's count (for convenience, according to the first formula, for TV, power 100W)

W=UxI, hence the current I=W/U

At 220V network: I=W/U=100/220=0.45 A
At 380V in the network: I=W/U=100/380=0,26

As you can see, the current consumption was not more, but less, so the fuse will burn only when inside the power supply will occur short circuit (will burn anything, unable to bear this voltage) ac

According to Ohm's law, current (I) is equal to voltage (U) divided by resistance (R). In case of short circuit, the load resistance (power supply unit) is equal to zero, then the current will increase tenfold, then (when it is more 4A) fuse, protecting the remaining working part of the power supply and your wiring bs

Not seen burn the wiring in the apartments and Wallpaper Smoking? I saw, believe me, the show is scary enough. Therefore, to avoid this, never put bugs in the art and is the housing of the machines!!! av

Here are a couple of examples of what happens after the installation of "bug".
On the spot black burnt the Board were the details now, just dump

Standing bug in TV

Another fee if the owner did not climb in your camera, the repair would be much cheaper...

Effects bug

Link to this story: http://en.rem-tv.net/publ/1-1-0-4

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