Broken antenna Jack on TV

Agree, not always a long cable in the apartment makes it easy to rotate or to lift the TV to wipe the shelf dust. And here to disconnect the cable from the aerial socket - it is possible to forget (he passed is ah )

The result is a broken antenna socket, peacefully hanging on the cable plug, and the TV was a small hole dq
The wizard will (almost always) restore the socket without replacing the entire block (and the blocks these are all different and not cheap), but so want to try myself...

Here You can trap two of the most common mistakes, let me tell You about them bs

first Error: removed the plug, the tip of the cable is bent a "hook" and shove in the hole TV, in the hope that somewhere would be the "desired contact", and so does not fall out, you need something to put... bk . What threatens it, read on

Unlike TV, the times of the USSR, the nest itself and the unit is (called: tuner) one

TV tuner

Modern tuner is small in size but very tight fitting (small parts of steel). Right around the nest are the input circuit from the proper position and configuration of which depends on quality of received channels

Is not only the number of turns, and their "wiring" (distance between threads), otherwise, some channels may show well and the other poorly or not at all to show

See all contours at the entrance crushed, there's just emptiness left: ai

a Broken nest

And it was inside the tuner (the owner of the underlay, so that the antenna does not fall out of the hole and showed better ap ):

Pulled from tuner

This "mess" will not fix it, just dump bl

Crumpled circuit tuner

the second Error: if you have a soldering iron, so the nest can be easily soldered into place. What comes out of it, clearly visible in the photo ge

Self-brazed socket

It is clear that the restoration of this block is is not subject, just substitute, and this naturally affects the master's purse, and on time repair. Remember, the blocks are different, a lot of them, but the other ones - very few there are, whom to sell, is it worth the risk? ad

It turns out, is not so simple. Need to know the technology and have the necessary tools (except the soldering iron, the sting of which is usually 3-4 times more than the size of the components inside the tuner).

All little black and brown dots in the photo - it's the details (count how many hundreds have turned out?, and the second hand - still got), accidentally swept away by the soldering iron one, and the tuner is already will not work as they should

Tuner channel

Restored by a master tuner will look and work is not worse than new, just do not try to repair it yourself ab

Agree, if had the seal, we go to the dentist, not the neighbor who makes repairs in the apartment, and then he has a alabaster and they can cover up the hole in the tooth bs

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