The technique burned during a thunderstorm

Thunderstorm - it is not good for equipment. Of course, it was necessary to follow the instructions and everything off. But, do we do it? I confess I'm not always observe the necessary precautions and love in a thunderstorm to sit in front of the television or the computer ah

How to protect your equipment from lightning, see tips, here let's focus on what to do if there was a thunderstorm and, after another lightning strike, all the equipment suddenly went out ai

thunder in the city

The storm is very nice, but it is better to observe this natural phenomenon from the outside, under the roof of the house...

Lightning equipment

When lightning gets into the network is half the trouble, this technique generally be repaired, much worse if it hit the cable TV, normal, or satellite dish. In this case, the voltage at several thousand volts is inside only via cable and affects almost all hv . Board with parts, then, might look something like this:

Effects of lightning

For those who have a basic understanding in design: when lightning strikes a cable, the high voltage static looking for a way out (ground, building), that passes through the "body" of the tuner on the common ground of the Board connected to all the chips and they are not alone bn

Unfortunately, such fees are not subject to restoration, paths and circuits of a scorched ac

the Board was Burnt from the storm

No fuse or automatic does not save and does not burn from the storm, it affects what she wants, first of all, this low voltage circuit (judge for yourself, the supply voltage of the chips 1.2 - 5V and zip thousands volts)

If such a misfortune happened, unequivocally should refer to the master gy Only he will be able to properly diagnose: in intensive care doctorpop

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