To try to fix myself

Well opened, and then what to do? issue - this question most often arises in the mind, after opening the machine, remember (from an old joke):

- devices?
- 300!
- and what "instruments"???

Who argues, every man knows a lot of things to do with your hands and works such as: repair, faucet, chandelier, castle or a coffee grinder, to perform other repair work around the house - no idea for many difficult. But there is one caveat: almost all these works have visual mechanical component bs

You see, if the mixer is leaking water, we have, where it oozes and what is to be replaced; reviewing, for example, we can all see and download the broken (after all, it mechanical).

I do not argue, and there must be approached with intelligence and skill, and you can Affairs to do, but in electronics, particularly modern, it is not so: the mechanical part is almost no, to verify every detail you need the special device and, believe me, not one


You have already opened the TV is broken? Well, what do you see? ad Right, you see NOTHING. These electrons (small and nasty), which refused to work in the scheme, all fled somewhere, no mechanics there (springs, wheels, levers....), eyes and brain looking for the cause of failure and here let me tell you about the most common mistakes:

  • you Need to clean the dust and it will work. No, not work, but worse can be done, why? read here: dust
  • fuse is open, replace it now or wire wound. You know why burn the fuses and what they serve? Sure? bt Check yourself, all that is written here: why burning fuse
  • Bug on the guard
  • If the DVD does not read the disk, then you need to clean the head, and at the same time to lubricate the mechanism. Please tell me What would happen if clockwork grease? Correctly will purchase new watch. Your DVD is likely to recover, but the cost of the work will increase twice, as you will need to disassemble the parts and wash each of them from grease, and then to begin repairs. Read more about lubrication and cleaning is written in the article: DVD not reading disk
  • somewhere soldering fell off, now find and sapam. You sure You have the right tool and know how it work? hn
  • Soldering station

    Then it will not work ah ?:

    broken tracks on the circuit Board

    well, or something like this:

    After the DIY
  • the Nest anymore? Well, that's easy. let's just Say it is treated, if the owner of the tried solder it yourself. Unfortunately, when the master comes, everything already looks like this ac :
  • Tuner not be restored

    ... and repair cost increases several times, because it is not about the nest, and replace entirely and restoration of all tracks on the Board bn

  • you Need to configure what's there to twist? in Almost anything, unlike the old technology, but to bring down and make another fault - it easily. The master does not know? Know, believe and everything, eventually, will again affect the cost of the repair
  • Dead laser head
  • Transactions or the connector gets moved now we are all correct. You have a schematic, You can read it? He was definitely there? Mistake can cost the life of your technology (the CPU block is not easy to get and the cost You will not be happy). Razve it - solutions to the problem? ck :
  • Unqualified repair
  • you Need to change the firmware (reflash)
  • Gathering, changing, updating software, aka firmware) is easy and often done only on a PC (computer). In the other technique - don't do it, though, because, in case of failure, you have NO a backup of the stock firmware and download it then is not easy (read about firmware) bc

    As you can see, almost all attempts to intervention lead, eventually, the cost or the repair is impossible. Maybe better to go to the master? You decide, Dear readers ab

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