DVD will not read the disc

Let me say at once: NO av not need it if only You have not carried out large-scale repair to window replacement or alignment of the walls, and all this time he was standing open in the middle of it. There are a whole lot of faults, which Your DVD can write "no disc" or "no disc" is not related to laser bs

It all started with the VCR (Vidic), read more here: What you need to know about video

The laser (head, head, optical unit... call) does not apply to disk, and therefore cannot to become clogged. Besides, as I said, if You are doing repairs and this is a normal player (without external speakers and cooler inside), the likelihood of dust practically zero

That might look like a normal optical unit:

Laser head

At the top is not a laser, as many think, but merely a lens, a coil around it are used for head positioning. Here is something, along with a lift, "cleaning" and often kill bk

Laser DVDs

Of course, if the lens looks like this:

laser Lens

So she's really dirty, but!!! only? In this "layer", believe me, the dust penetrates not only the upper lens and the prism, the lens, the lower lens, laser. As You get to them by disassembling the unit? And back gather? bt
Not only so: ap

the current Controllers of the laser

And that is a picture of the lens of the laser head close-up, perhaps, after attempts to "clean", now she has, with that kind of scratch, there is only one way - in the trash:

Scratched glass lens

Some heads very expensive, like this for example:

Dear laser

Look at the flowchart here three laser, some prisms, reflectors, and other optics (lenses), and access (direct) is only to the upper lens

Diagram of the laser head

Do not forget that the laser is a very afraid of statics, it can easily fail if you take his hand or touch with your fingers the some rations around him to observe a special precautions, it worth the risk? ad

Have you noticed the "whirlings" on the block? Noticed, you know, just again, NO NEED twist it will not work, is the factory settings, they no slipping and return them to the place fairly easy, one that will not do dn

Let's be honest, what will make the master? The wizard will see most often, in order to "see", it is necessary to substitute a known-good) non-working unit and will change it, and if he went down just like that (marriage, low quality) or he "helped" - the result is the same: replace ac

Needless to say that the cost of the optical block (good quality) with work on its replacement - a fairly expensive repair, so why kill themselves to laser hv , because very often the problem is not him. Only in order to determine this - you need to make a diagnosis, and that is no small part of the work

I want to stay on lubrication. Don't know who is "so good" tells everyone that the DVD should be lubricated... but I'm tired to wash every detail of them, after such "advisers". And I want to recommend him to all my watch grease so ticked better zloi

All engine DVD contain the mechanics of copper-graphite bushings, they do not need lubrication, and drive a carriage - and You old grease removed? You sure you used the right type, quantity, and location?

What this means, how to do a recent photo until the words: the engine with the disc that gets the grease, rotating at high speed, actively spreading it throughout the engine (as the mud flies from the wheels), and then this whole sticky and dirty mass need to remove each gear and laser (and if inside the laser grease - that's all...) pop

Lately becoming more popular "rewrite", this - a separate article ab

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