How to choose master

Let's talk about how to choose the wizard, so you do not regret the choice ab

If You decided to apply to ASTs - call back, there is little choice, usually it is one (for every brand), information about his address and phone you can usually tell from the warranty card to the technician or from the seller bs

If You have decided to invite the master into your home, or take broken equipment to him, you tread carefully, I'll tell You a few secrets, don't tell anyone al

First of all, let me humbly ah to recommend his candidacy, call gy067-512-47-00, 093-201-80-20, 066-702-12-26 or city: 59-02-32 (Nikolaev) I Will be glad to see You among my good customers az

The best option (for You and for wizard) is a recommendation from acquaintances, coworkers, friends dx In this case You calmer (once the wizard has already been tested and has left a good impression after his work) and the master.

When I come to their clients or people on the recommendation that it work quietly, and do not feel mistrust or fear (as a percentage of "their+recommendation" K "on advertising" about 80/20%, and I'm very glad I was able to accumulate such number of its clients) ay

How can that be, if You didn't recommend a good specialist or You want to apply to the master on advertising in the newspaper or online? issue

First of all, for the invitation to master it is not necessary to buy a new newspaper gn , take an old (even last year) and call if the master is still running, so he's serious, but for You - it is a guarantee that will not fall for the fraudster or "master transient", which then to ask-that will not work bn

I have many years to give their ads in Newspapers such as: "Call", "' business success", "Normal", "Evening Nikolaev", "Nikolaev news" and other

newspaper Ad

Next, carefully read the advertisement, expression in it, like: "Yes, bless you the Lord" (God save the Tsar pop ) is certainly irrelevant. And here it? Master wants to say that he is a believer and so You definitely are protected against deception? And where is the guarantee? He ensures that the knowledge and quality of work performed? I don't like when you hide behind God, it is bad bl

Call for free is also from the category of fairy tales, only serves to attract customers. Tell me, do You believe in interest-free loans? If the Bank gives you a loan at 0%, he will pay interest on deposits? ad

All right, it's only words challenge "free", if you see these words in the Declaration, can call it, and then, when he comes, ask senior about it all that you wish, and say, "okay, I'll think and get back to you then, you have a call free, goodbye br ". What was his reaction?

No sane wizard will not write that he "call free" beware of such. Read more about the challenge, the diagnosis and the dangers of "free masters" in the following article: call and diagnostics

Phones - if you specify only one cell, too strange. Where then can one find him? I, at one time, especially has acquired a contract number in the "Kyivstar" and the company's CDMA (landline number) that is written directly to the owner and retain them even in cases of loss of the SIM card or the phone itself. All my clients know this number and I'm interested in the fact that they always remain for me ab

the Ad is pasted on a post, fence or door well, guys, if "master" not enough money to pay for their ads - I doubt whether he has the necessary expensive equipment, knowledge and parts bt

Ad post

You offer services for low, compared to other masters prices? Looks attractive only in the end - the price is much higher, these people cleverly "cheat" then on the details, because they are not interested in the number of completed orders - they need to take a maximum of one, why bother?

TV technician for help still, You have a TV, he agreed all? If you master this, it is likely that it works, not to live, to survive, he grabs everything and always to get at least some money. If he can afford thousands investing in their education and work when the bread or drinks lacking? bal What will be the quality of his work? Properly, NO ac

Telemeter called?

Write that give year warranty? You can write a lot, because the promise does not mean to perform, ask them: will You write out a receipt for this "guarantee"? It is a receipt, not scrawling handwritten on the passport from the TV or just a piece of paper? Read the following articles: questions to inspection and warranty

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