Call the master at home

So, You have chosen, where to go and know that reply on the wizard's questions. He left to call and make an appointment gy

Well, if you haven't yet found how to look for a long time do not need the phone at the top (in the header), call ad

As is usually the case? Something like this:
Hello, can the TV be repaired?
Hello, of course you can, what is your TV?
I don't know, plain, standard...
- What's it called?
- Yes, there is not written in Russian, imported some.. and how much it will cost?

My Dear readers, well dear friends, I am unable to reply on such "data"? bk all Brand televisions and other equipment is common and standard, if she does not produce or acquires custom or from another planet hx

Introduce yourself, I'm calling the car service and ask: "how much is the repair of the machine, usually with wheels?" or: "You have usual products? me half a kilo" ah

So if You still don't know what your camera, read about how and where to look for the name and model bs

call the master

Now let me tell You a few secrets of communicating with master al

  • Try to call a little in advance, not on the "right now", especially before the holidays, the master can be loaded, moreover, he, too, must plan their time and schedule to not have to spend on travelling here and there 2-3 hours a day ib
  • If You live outside the city, say it at once, not all masters leave the country dq
  • above all, tell him the name and model of broken machine, it will allow it, at least in General terms, represent not only the unit itself, but also its hardware (circuitry) bf
  • Inform how the crash happened and what she looks like, describe external signs of malfunction bv (what You see with your eyes, when you look at the "patient"). Here, as in the detective story: there is a victim, the investigator (master) and the most important witness is You. Any small detail may be important and decisive, at least in appearance - very little ce
  • What are Your coordinates (where the patient is located), contact phone number and agree on a convenient time. It is very difficult to know exactly how much time it will take for a particular order, leaving in the morning to call the master it is difficult to give You accurate arrival time, especially if Your order is not the first. So plug in an hour or two is absolutely fine ab
  • it is better not to talk, believe me, it's not like either one master:
  • - There's probably kontaktik sealed (...and what not to show on the Board?)
    - Could it be a fuse? (...maybe, well, because they do not burn just because, do not believe me - put a "bug" and see it)
    - I think it's some capacitor (...based on what is this conclusion which the measurements were performed?)
    - There is nothing complicated (...of a heart transplant too, nothing difficult there: one cut, the second sewed, something complicated?)
    - I just Have no soldering iron, I would have done ( buy, along with a solder - 20 UAH.)
    - I read in the Internet that it... (...okay, buy this item, I'd replace it only if that doesn't work, not my fault)
    - There is some little thing (let's up to the master, and he studied not one year)
    - you should know (...I don't owe anyone anything)

    So it turns out that I spend on phone calls, on average, 30-50 minutes a day, you will agree, it's a lot, because I am not an inspector and not a consultant at the firm, for whom a conversation with a potential customer - it's a job, I'm the master and all the talk going during my direct work (repair) ad

    Sometimes one conversation (with repeated chimes, because the information is zero) is delayed up to 10-15 minutes, and happens and so:
    Hello, my TV broke down, for tomorrow the master to invite?
    Hello, can You have a TV?
    Samsung, LCD, 20 inch, he was about three years You are doing?
    Yeah, what happened to him?
    - No picture, lamp is lit, the remote control is turned on, the sound is, I hear that the channels switch, and the screen is dark, like really off
    "I understand, cure, where do You live
    - There is something there
    You from 16 to 17 it will be convenient?
    - Yes, write down the address and phone number....

    So, just a couple of minutes, we can all agree ab

    In addition, I will say and I am sure that You will agree with me that calls from people, obviously not quite sober, beginners communication with rudeness, "tykalkah" not configured for normal mutually respectful communication does not cause the desire to communicate and to come to their home bn

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