Master at home

Well, the wizard has already been invited and we are waiting for him. Well, where is he? dq the bell Rings and he is already on the threshold. Say, "Hello, come in, take off your coat, take your shoes..."

a TV technician called?

Stop! And we told him to change shoes? And in General, must the master take off your shoes? issue first things first ad

First of all, any person working with electricity, is required to be in the shoes (requirement equipment safety), electric is better not to joke, and in the apparatus are voltages of up to 25 thousand volts - this is not a joke dn

You've seen at least one emergency physician or people from gas (another utility) service, which would be undressed? No, not seen, and I have not seen. I agree to remove their shoes if the place of destination, there is a warm carpet (that's where I work (usually somewhere in the corner), and not just at the center of the room)

If the floor is bare that more and more often now, or a small Mat in the center - is just a decoration, take off your shoes there is no desire, if only the owners do not propose to change shoes. The most interesting thing in this case (bare floors), all family members go to sneakers, but said: "take your shoes, we're clear". I have a question. If everything is clear, why do You wear sneakers? Let me answer myself: because without sneakers cold hq on the bare floor, and the floor is not always so clean (especially the kitchen) ab

Slippers for the wizard

If the master had not come alone, but with a partner is, believe me, does not affect the cost of the work, but the speed and ease of repair is increased three times (tested!). It is even so that one person can not physically take a TV with some top shelf, or drag the table where you need to hold the charge, a shortage of hands for size with the inclusion... (don't compare modern technology with old fashioned and simple tube TVs and receivers) a long list, and the meaning? The price of this does not depend on the speed and quality increase, so for the host - only plus ay (a piece is a table order at a restaurant, girls in the bath or clowns for birthday hl )

Further, You have already prepared the master work? ad Ideal - wide table in a room with good lighting, a place to sit and a couple of sockets near (stool in a dark corner, sorry, repair is not necessary)

I understand, of course, very interesting to look at the work of masters (people in General can ever look at three things: fire, water... and other works ap ), but tell me, You like to work when You are behind? ah Like??? ai Write because You - a UNIQUE bf And now, let's openly and honestly: no, nobody likes his stand over the soul"

Repair or theatre?

do I Need to control a wizard? Only if You called it "free call" or announcement "post", otherwise you just sit on a sofa or chair, watch (if interested) from there or go back to your business

The main part of the wizard - mental (still not seen), and super small electronic components (parts) requires calm and concentration. When no one bothers to work - to work faster and safer, and this is reflected in the price of the repair (in the direction of its reduction) is Not necessary to divert his constant questions, ask then in the interval bs

I am calm

The master takes the money not for the fact that they changed the faulty part (although that too), but for work: diagnosis, definition, (90% of the time and work) and replacement, in contrast to the same mechanic, which (usually) 90% of the time and work process of disassembly, replacement and Assembly

Should you be afraid that he will deceive You? Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous master (as in any other proffessed), so, as I already wrote, you need choose wizard, then such problems will not be exact (my favorite clients are those with whom I was and the recommendations for precisely this reason: lack of confidence) ab

the Wizard asks for the Deposit to buy parts? Is completely normal. To buy everything to carry - just unreal, it is even so that the necessary parts are to be ordered from another city or country. And if the owners then refuse to repair? What these items do? ad Often the cost of parts is several times the cost of the work, and when they then will need is unknown, the standards have not, for each machine - all their own, unique (as the same filter, pads, body parts or car engine)

the Master says that it would be better to take a "sick" home? and this Is a necessity. This is done for You, to make it cheaper, and the repair is better. It is impossible to bring all the equipment not always working conditions the owners generally allow to perform the repair. There are faults that appear in an hour or two or every day, well not to travel every day on this machine, how much it will cost then? bn

TV repair

the All-new will be removed, and the old supply? Well, this is from the category of fairy tales ag Here, as they say, God forbid that the patient actually came to life, with all his, relatives. Now technology is updated so quickly that the "old parts" just can not be, and why master it? ab

He will take it, and then do not return - and what will he do with it? Sell, and the money will fly to the Canary Islands? ce it even on a ticket is not enough, and in this city he will not be able to advertise on the repair. More often the masters of the inverse problem: the owner doesn't want to get my technique back (already had that once, left my mind...) bk

As organic sees not a diamond and stone for processing, and the technician sees not super expensive new TV, but just a piece of metal that needs to be fixed, turning it, thus (for the hosts) into your favorite "home friend." Because I, like any other true master, you need a satisfied customer, which I hope, now, always, in which case it will apply it to me + will recommend to my friends ab

The main huge secret: al a Cup of tea or coffee with a bun very fruitful influence on the repair process (especially in the cold season) ah

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