Verification and guarantee

If everything is renovated, it remains only two questions: test and warranty. Let's look at both these questions ab

When the work is completed, the lid is closed, all connected to the place, I usually say, "please investigate." As all responsibility for the accuracy check is on the host (checking), are very funny situation: in a big family, everyone passes the panel to another with the words "you check, you check, he checks... ap "

Test equipment

If the master (mistress) of one, I often hear: "what am I going to check You, I believe You...", thank you for your trust, but check is still needed. Why? - read more ad

Often, while checking, there are additional questions to the technician:
- How do bands top and bottom?
Is a widescreen film, you see, at the bottom of the subtitles go on the strip
- Why is this channel missing?
- It no longer broadcasts our cable
- Why is the fishy TV show ryabyat?
- You need to contact the cable company and it is a problem with the signal (bad antenna...)

Remember that there is no guarantee does not include free calls to the master for each question, so take your time, calmly popereklyuchat channels on the TV, look at the picture, if something is unclear, don't hesitate to ask while the wizard at home

Of course, any normal master, before You pass a ready device (TV, DVD....), he his well check, but Your check is also mandatory, to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings ab

The next issue is warranty. Who do not want to get warranty for a year or more? Let's find out what kind of guarantee the master is obliged to provide and what

to get the answer to this question, refer to the Laws:

4.2.1 When proveden repair repair pdprimstvo: telaviv colorimage image, I diamanthian for aparatur visa a groupie skladnosti - 3 MS; for HIH of aparatur - 4 MS.
4.2.2. When proveden repair f exploitat: telaviv colorimage image, I diamanthian for aparatur visa group skladnosti - 1 MS ; for HIH of aparatur - 2 MS
4.3. Lines Garant obisnuiti:
for aperature, dramamovie repair pdprimstvo, - from the day vidac aparata samonikov;
for aparatur, dramamovie on f exploitat,- from the day of repair;

Someone you promised half a year or a year? And documented? Of course not, how can he give the document that contradicts the legislative framework? Evasion on a piece of paper "about your warranty" is not a document and, as practice shows, such a guarantee are only promised but not performed (reasons you can find lots of, if you want) ac

Warranty repair

It is also useful to know that during repair, the warranty is provided solely on the volume of work performed (that is, the master is responsible only for what he did) will agree, how can he guarantee the operation of those units which he had not changed bn

Why so short? Actually - this is not enough, I tell you a secret, if the unit, after repair, worked for 4-5 days, it's safe to say that "driving" it and then everything will be fine. Modern electronics all the more difficult, and hence the probability of its failure is higher and there's nothing you can do about it (radios worked without maintenance for 40-50 years, so there are only 3-4 items there)

How to get the extra warranty? issue is Very simple: it is necessary to pay. Remember, in the shops, if You want to get a year, and two or three guarantee, you need pay some money (quite a lot, sometimes under 100.e. or even more). You see, the technique is still not broken, and You have already paid for a few repairs ahead (like insurers)

Everything possible warranty costs are included in the price of the goods, who was in Odessa (7-km) knows that single item is different, depending on the warranty period and the price of this varies from 50-70% !!!, so after buying a new LED or plasma in ten thousand "mnt", about a couple of thousand is the cost of the guarantee, which is embedded in the price of goods

So no need to fear the real terms guarantee, honest master will take a fair cost and not inflated two or three times to ensure that doubtful to run big guarantee ab

Do not forget that life, usually 5-7 years (factory), machinery wears out, and the quality of Assembly and components is poor (quite often), if earlier, until the first repair, the TV could work 10 years, now, the instrument comes in 2-3 years (and garantice" crammed with equipment, not spent, and year)

What does it mean? The more complex and heaped technique, the higher the probability of its failure and repair - a common occurrence, then it will serve You further bf

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