The cost of the call and diagnostics

"Call master for free" bi - the magic phrase that attracts our views in any advertisement, whether to believe her?, let's see

The easiest way to check is to call him home, and then say: "well, I'll think about it and then call You back, goodbye, you have the same challenge free br ..." and here it turns out that's not ai What danger may lie in wait? A little patience, I'll tell You everything ad

With the billboards we often see: "Call for 0 kop", "Phone for 1 UAH", "Credit 0%"...., however, we all know too well that "calls for zero" only when a license fee and a lot of, for 1 UAH. we sell phone if we put on by a couple of thousand (at once), and interest-free loans have already "burned" on this trap, they don't need to say anything ac

You have a free call?, please email Your coordinates and what you do, I will invite You (to call) bf one has yet written bn

Is a free call does not happen? issue of Course it is, it all depends on the estimated volume and the work itself. It is even so that we did not invite anybody, and they already came (advertising agents, representatives of commercial companies), because main job for them walking in homes, apartments and offices looking a potential buyer or client who needs vtulit the product he absolutely necessary, which he will never go to the store, and if they go, surprised to find that in the store it is twice cheaper ab

Free shipping or installation? Can I order a delivery without shopping? or I'll buy one, and install (free, of course) will ask another firm? ap Tell me, the driver that delivers the goods "for free" or installer of Windows - they are not paid? How can they earn, if you perform these services "free", simply "thank you"? ad


It's just a gimmick, and should be read as: "shipping cost (installed) enabled in the price of goods" bs

The master may not charge for the call only if the work (repair or diagnostic)

So what is a "challenge" and "diagnosis"? Call is the fact of arrival (of arrival) to the address specified by You as soon as he came to You and said Hello gc , then the "call" ends and begins "diagnostics"

Diagnosis (Troubleshooting) is a preliminary determination of fault. Inviting, say, a plumber or the master on repair of apartments, all of them immediately before my eyes (you can see which pipes to change where it flows, what to buy, where to put....), interestingly, they would be able to see it unless you open the door to the object of repair? ap I Think not

Now take the same TV. What can I say, not opening the lid and making a measurement? In electronics, unlike the mechanics, just the eyes, almost NOTHING is seen. Then, as the doctor: he will be able to make the correct diagnosis over the phone? I'm not sure, doctor, in making their conclusions based on the results of tests, EKG, etc., just visual inspection does not always help, and error can cost dear doctor

What kind of pasta it is better to brush your teeth

Similarly, the master need not only to open the cover and make an external inspection, the desired results of the "analysis" - measurement, bench test nodes, many things are checked only replace the, not external devices. If to speak frankly and honestly, it so happens that in order to make a correct diagnosis, you need to completely repair the equipment (for example the laser in a DVD is checked only replace the)

Just for example: until you repair the power supply, nothing can be said about resposabilty the rest of the scheme, because the "patient" is completely silent, only then you can know if everything is okay or faulty unit is pulled behind something else

Therefore, diagnosis is a big part of the work only after the master will be able to Orient You about the cost of repairs

Who of the sellers (the market) agree to join me (for free, of course ah ) with all their goods, just so I looked at it, tried on and bought nothing? There are?, write!!! ab

Of course, there is no such bl , to spend an hour on the road (there and back), to carry bags of goods, then another hour to unpack, show, give a try on... and the result is a simple "thank you, I'm sorry." After all, he's not going to go to all the apartments in this house, he was summoned to this address, others don't need it bk

Normal master will never come to You with one screwdriver and a soldering iron, because he can't properly define and, especially, to do. (I have, with a single suitcase with the instruments and tools, the second with details notebook with diagrams and programmer and another bag in the trunk with a dull and bulky things)

Remember, I'm in the beginning promised to tell hidden dangers "free call"?, tell. This "master" knows that the money he still take (otherwise, why he went to this work), and to owners this is not any doubt, the unit versed to such an extent that, then, the choice of the owners have not (though it all pile up collected). It is kind of "tremendous hard work and, in the cases of failure from his further services, and thrown and easy short of any block or an important way details ac

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