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Hi All ab
After numerous phone calls and uvlechenii from work, when trying to repair an old TV, and I want the back to write all the answers to the questions asked by the people and for a Cup of coffee (if you buy ab) to tell in detail. Oddly enough, but they are all similar:

  • Which brand to choose?
  • Which TV is not broken?
  • And what is better smart TV or 3D?
  • to buy LED or LCD, or maybe plasma?
  • other
  • Really want to buy a new TV, and what not to be in flight they do not know. ah
    I've tried to redirect Internet what to answer, Yes I read but did not understand. A lot of information and in the end it infests the head. Ends with a selection that people are on advertising from manufacturers and stores. Even when I try to describe them briefly, but you see that my words meet resistance in the mind from information from the Internet, the result is a conversation about nothing. So I decided to write on the Internet, so all information was in one place. bs I Will be brief, not shipping You are not right information. A more detailed read the article: television

    Start with the main question, as to the video technician: Which TV the most reliable?
    Response no ai For the race of production and prices, the quality has fallen. Very rare unit sustain period (5 years) this manufacturer. If such there is, has long been discontinued and buy it as secondhand is not advised, as it may break from age.

    Conclusion: If You are happy, if not, take the companionship of such a person - and go to the store to choose a TV. Importantly, after buying do not forget to bear a good luck to have moved into TV. Please, do not overdo it, to not be the deplorable picture of the bottom.

    Broken matrix

    Once You read this article or philosophical statements out loud, then You have the Internet. And if you have Internet, there is a computer or laptop, smartphones throw at the moment in hand. So the logic I have ag let's go to play chess, a joke.

    So here's the thing the topic is the presence of monitor You have. And if there is a monitor, then it picked up some characteristics that You would like to use. TV is primarily a display in the modern world, it is also possible to connect the computer. The only difference is the size and angle, You won't be alone to watch TV. What is emphasized, be sure to watch the store, is the only external difference from the monitor.

    Damn, I almost missed the most important ah Before you go to the store a lot of things to do.
    Walk around the room with a tape measure. To determine in what condition will You have the TV to hang or stand. Measure the place where will be located the TV to climbed, and the distance to the couch from which You will watch below was not small (eyes are not strained) and not large (eyes on the forehead got out, after viewing).

    Now the biggest question that you will look. As practice has shown, all that is embedded inside the TV and not half used. Hence, why pay more for is not the desired functionality. Most importantly more external inputs in order to connect, not to peretyat constantly.

    Of course You have again the question arises why it's not working, after all, adapted to our signal?
    And that I have the answer. All providers want to earn by the Maxim, without loss of subscribers. From the previous articles You've seen that there are four online viewing:

    Four online-safe
  • satellite
  • Internet
  • cable television
  • terrestrial TV
  • They certainly give a certain number of channels in the open air, but the main interesting code. For viewing I still have to take their consoles with decoders. It turns out that the TV turns into a monitor with multiple inputs for connections consoles.

    Will and finish, not to confuse You. To describe is not real, can only a few running issues still to describe.

    How 3D should I take?

    How 3D should I take?

    The cost of the equipment, to achieve the effect of cinema, is that once a month and going to the cinema. Good movies in 3D is not so often produce, and every day to look take eyes eye surgery is much more expensive and to throw them away, buy new not. What kind of chewing at the cinema, eating enough for half an hour, while there is a plot, and then enjoy the film.

    I Have a smart TV, how to set apps, the same Skype?

    Something that can be done. Appeared forums where activists are trying to adapt all of the applications for smart TVs, but not all of them work fine. It is more practical to take the extender with support, and there already to torment the developers that they would normally all adapted. You just need to relax, looking at the transfer or movies.
    That to Skype, all infused via third-party forums and only a few models currently built app Skype. In addition, You will still need to buy a microphone and a webcam to this TV and the price is much more expensive than disk. Skype is primarily a personal communication, this time in five years, when I want to communicate as a family, we connect the computer to the big screen and communicate.
    I wish successful purchase

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