How to install or hang your TV on the wall

In this article, I will talk about the proper location of the TV and its mount bs I Hope many of my arguments You will agree. This will not waste time and talk about the case.

1. Option - outdoor location of the TV.

Don't be surprised, but is seen more than once. The TV is on the floor and people sitting on the couch, watching him. Such an arrangement is not practical, unless You like to spend time on the floor.
When the height of the head and this strains the cervical part of the vertebra, then he will not say thank You, and between the TV and sofa that does not be able to deliver, as this will interfere with.

2. Option - a table for your TV.

Nightstand TV

Here is the similar and the era of television cabinets. Height such cabinets were made approximately two feet. Level coincided with the location of the head and the TV, if you sit on the couch. Plus a huge niche over the door which is a lot to put. ay

With the development of technology, that is, the addition of various set-top boxes, DVD, tuners, receivers - this table was not practical, if You have not sovdepovskie TV in a wooden case. In this case why not just lay down ag
This has developed a more practical bedside table, under the modern equipment:

Table with wheels

In principle, for a small amount of additional hardware, this Cabinet will suffice. There is one big minus. Manufacturer, for the best of reasons, has attached wheels to the Cabinet. Move around the room it became easier, and in practice one does not do even during the harvest ah - there's nothing to be seen. And because of these commercials TV learned to fly ag If the light on the TV, accidentally pushing the Cabinet - the TV flying to the floor ak turnover - the TV is heavy, the wheel breaks and get the same result - the outdoor TV.
After these flights are not every TV survives, so if You have such a pedestal, that is something to put under the bottom, to change the pressure on the wheels.

The world awake and striving for perfection, you can pick up a TV stand from modern materials, for example like this:

glass Table

Stylish chrome legs, thick glass. Easily cleaned, no scratches, no dust to be seen, but all the wiring is visible ai And than more equipment - the more wires, and it already violates the interior bs

For the bedroom needed on the contrary the higher the pedestal, the better the chest, the height of which in the metro area. Why such height? Ask me issue
the Answer is very simple - ETOGES bedroom and watch TV usually lying. The bed has a backrest, its height reaches almost seventy centimeters. Can close the TV, if is low. Plus, once again our neck that wouldn't bother, you need this high. And we don't like when it hurts. The width of the chest enough to place the receiver or the DVD for the bedroom we don't need You there the disco will not make ab

Do not place speakers inside tables, as in good sound, the Cabinet will begin to add not pleasant to the ear ringing sound.

Column needs to be external

3. Option - the embedding of TV in the closet.

Embedding TV in the cupboard

We have very large apartments ag and we to save space, trying to cram a TV in the closet. Few people do this correctly. First of all you need to stretch an extension cord in the closet with good sockets and with the correct number, that would be enough for all equipment with a reserve, and suddenly You have something buy, and nowhere to turn. The wire section is not less than the square of a good insulation as it will run along the wooden wardrobe, and a fire we do not want. Plus this extension should be included in the socket with good access, which would, in critical situations, it was possible to turn it off.

Happy biggest mistake is closing the ventilation of the TV. What would Your TV have worked longer - it needs air for cooling elements. And what would the air be able to get there, we need to calculate the distance to the shelves - at least 10 cm around the perimeter, except the bottom. The bottom depends on the design of the TV. With this arrangement, you get good access to the back of TV to connect a device.

The height of the TV on the same conditions as itemized above in the section on the nightstand. The number of niches depends on Your equipment. They also do not forget, like cooling. br>
4. Option - hanging the TV on the wall.

For CRT TV's - it was one of the popular options for a location in the kitchen or bedroom. Since there was used a relatively small TV and the stand could support the weight of the TV to the diagonal 21 inch (54 cm).

TV Stand to diagonal 21 inch

Typically, the fasteners would be placed in the only free space under hung so that the head does not beat children or not got. It was forced up, then the convenience of a few people think, as there is no choice. And what problems were there when I bought the DVD or the connected satellite antenna ac I specifically chose a picture attachment, which shows what happens fasteners with extra grip for small equipment. When you buy don't forget to take this into account, and that was all rotary options.

Since you have a big lever turned and the weight is not small, it is better to use a mount. which when you go outside expands and does not drop Your design. An example of such a fastener on the phot below:

Example of the fastener to the wall

Anyway, enough about the CRT, because we live in a world where in all is the influx of flat screen televisions (LED, LCD, plasma). This is about them and continue the conversation bs

The simple mount for small diagonals is fastener butterfly:

Universal mount-butterfly

He has a lot of flaws, but a good plus is cheap and the TV is hanging on the wall. You can call this mount as a budget, that is to hang the TV and do you know if will be or sit down at a certain point, You will be comfortable and well seen.

Many degrees of freedom

Yes this is the same butterfly, but by adding leverage. You have a lot of functionality. That is, You can adjust the TV for Your location.

But all this is under the small diagonal, where it is not necessary to buy such sophisticated fasteners. They weight much less than CRT and the center of gravity the better for mounting on the wall.

But for large diagonals came up with a more serious mount:

Mount for large diagonals

This mount is designed for diagonals of 37 inches and above. The weight of the TV is decent and the sizes Shirshov, it has to distribute the weight, that would not be any confusion. Regulations has little, only a slight tilt up or down.

Only a slight tilt up or down

This mount is already bigger, with a greater possibility of adjustments, but of course the price is higher. So before you hang up, think about what height you will hang up and in which corner or center to place, and hence choose what alignment you want to purchase.

Of course, we need to assess the wall on which to hang a TV. For example, the drywall, even though they say that it can withstand 30 kg of weight, but if You take the holder with a length adjustment, you get a big mix of mass and everything will work on the lead. Simple - to keep the bag in the hand on the plummet down, or at arm's length, so it will be clearer if you do not believe you can try. So for accurate calculations, it will be necessary to strain the students to calculate the weight and the physics are hard to remember. ab Or much easier to do - to invite a specialist, but keep in mind it is closer to the construction works. I haven't tried the soldering iron as the hole is drilled, it's not working bk

Oops. Forgot to talk about the installation height of the TV ah

I, as always, leaning to the location of the TV against our eyes. There is nothing what would not strain and do not interfere. The more modern TV corner review less than CRT. Though advertisers and tout the quality of view from all sides, but while it is poorly implemented.

In the kitchen, as usual no choice there's only one place to locate. So take the mount with plenty of adjustments. Well at least there is a small diagonal, so that prices on hardware will not bite.

Bedroom - higher and here a single adjust vertically, i.e. up and down. Now, if You like to move the bed across the room, not to constantly perevarivat holes, knock holes, will have to take additional adjustment.

One more little warning. Modern screens are more fragile and according to this, if You don't trust your relatives or others - sprawling gait, constantly swirling in the hand or carry bulky and in children, the treadmill is here, the placement of the TV goes higher, that would keep him alive.

For beauty already came up with beautiful boxes, well, I was really told is beautiful. Just boxes in which to place all the wires to connect the equipment, will look like a homogeneous mass, which can be painted to match the design of Your interior bf

Damn, I forgot about our helpers to the TV, without which today's world is difficult ai
Yes, all this is about receivers, davidesco etc , bummer to list them all, imagine ac , and without them hard, I want to see what your heart desires.

But, if not thrown out the old Cabinet, on which the above was talking, then she is here, will even help to complement the interior, as the upper part of it is released ab
But for people who do not want to get attached to old things, invented and modern things. These pictures are for sample:

Stands for the hardware

Practical looks to the left, and aesthetically right, but this is not the limit of human capabilities. It would be something to put, and how to provide to look, think bs

Something I'm with You swing, and the limit of familiarity over ah I better come up with something else new for You bf

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