The device and principle of operation of plasma panels

"My house is PLASMAtease", - does not that sound nice, it means something big and beautiful ab Now "plasma" tease is almost all flat TVs even a little. Agree, the word "plasma" sounds much better than LCD or LCD, LED (some incomprehensible set of letters ap ), this explains the subconscious craving for something huge and fascinating-a strange word plasma. Indeed, when facing such a plasma panel:

Plasma screen

then standing in front of her and don't understand why she's not at my house? ah Well, let's face it, what is plasma and how it works. Who were not much snoring on the lessons of physics, remember that the substance (water, for example, or metal...) can be in three States: solid (ice), liquid (water) or gaseous (steam), and so, plasma - the fourth state of matter. It is a ionized gas (gas in which a lot of charged particles, like the air after a thunderstorm, only much stronger)

If the gas (neutral) to run very many electrons (they have a negative charge "-"), they will collide with gas atoms and knock out other electrons. Atom, having lost electrons, becomes ion (has a positive charge "+"). When an electric current passes through the plasma, the negatively and positively charged particles are attracted to each other, the collision of "excite the gas atoms in the plasma, causing them to release energy in the form of photons.

In plasma are used mainly inert gases neon and xenon. In a state of "arousal" they emit light in ultraviolet range is invisible to the human eye, however, it can be used to release photons of the visible spectrum

Plasma discharge

a Patent for the invention of "plasma televisions", though more correct to say "plasma display" were written in 1964 with the names of three people: Donald Bitzer, Wife Slotova and Robert Wilson. The first plasma display consisted of a single pixel (!!!), of course, that it's no image besides the point, to was impossible, there was principle is important. Less than ten years, as acceptable results were achieved in 1971 the firm Owens-Illinois was sold the license to manufacture displays Digivue.

In 1983 year, the University of Illinois has earned nothing less than a million dollars for the sale of licenses for the "plasma" of the company IBM strongest player at that time, in the field of computer technology. Before You model a 1981 of the yearPLATO V", with a monochromatic display an orange glow:

First plasma monitor

All is good, Yes, but LCD displays appeared in the early 90s, began steadily to displace the plasma from the market. Unfortunately, to create small pixels (like the LCD) was not so easy, and the brightness contrast is poor ac

No one knows to happen next, if the technology of plasma panels has not been the company "Matsushita", now known as "Panasonic". In 1999 year was finally created, promising a 60-inch prototype with remarkable brightness and contrast superior to their "liquid" counterparts ay Here is a plasma TV without the back cover:

circuit design plasma TV

Let's see how does plasma TV and how it works. In plasma panels xenon and neon contains hundreds of small Microtimer, located between the two panes. On both sides, between the glass and the Microtimer, there are two long - electrode. Control electrodes located under the Microtimer, along the rear glass. Transparent scanning electrodes, surrounded by a layer of dielectric and covered with a protective layer of magnesium oxide located over the Microtimer, along the front glass

Device plasma televisions

The electrodes are located crosswise the whole width of the screen. The scanning electrodes are arranged horizontally, and the control electrodes vertically. As you can see below, in the diagram, the vertical and horizontal electrodes form a rectangular grid. For ionization of a gas in a particular camera, the processor charges the electrodes directly on the intersection with this camera. Thousands of similar processes happen in a split second, charging each one in turn camera.

Discharge and glow plasma

When the intersecting electrodes are charged (one negative and the other positive), through the gas in the camera is electric discharge. As mentioned earlier, this discharge results in charged particles in motion, whereby the gas atoms emit ultraviolet photons, which, in turn, makes it glow phosphate coating Microtimer, embossing are the photons the basic visible colors.

Each pixel of a plasma panel consists of three Microtimer (sub): red green and blue (as in CRT TVs), the smaller the size of the pixels in the display, the sharper the image dq

How and what Shine plasma

Plasma displays offer a good brightness, sharpness and beautiful color reproduction. Unlike LCD and LED (liquid crystal displays) that operate on prosvetku", plasma shines of itself, providing a beautiful and deep black color and a wonderful contrast from almost any viewing angle. Digital brakes and glitches it is practically imperceptible, however, rather of pixels is slightly larger than LCD, so the size of a plasma screen (usually) starts from a 32 inch

disadvantages plasma can be attributed to the considerable cost and a large consumption of electricity. If You have small children, please note that one hit ball or other toy may be enough to ensure that all plasma went to the dump (there is no 5-10 cm glass front of the screen, as in television tubes)

Frequently asked questions: burn out if the pixels on the plasma and radiation? Ultraviolet hy really dangerous, but, thanks to the front protective glass, the magnitude of its risk is zero. Have you tried to sunbathe behind the glass? gk Here is the same, the glass does not transmit ultraviolet rays, so fear absolutely nothing. Burn pixels - even though many argue that it is not, but it is, so you do not need a long time to leave a stationary picture on the screen (for a long time - several days, for an hour or two nothing will happen) ad

Remember that the plasma screen television, however, he was not good, also can be damaged, and its repair is a very complex and expensive, buying a good-looking guy like the picture, be prepared for it to the appropriate service.

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