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You've already read about the appearance of first TV and famous scientists, ushered in the era of television? If Yes, then continue ad

Mass production and development of television and television began with them: the black-and-white tube TV. Serial production of the first set TC-1 with CRT, which was produced by an American license and with their documentation, was conducted from mid - 1938 of the year at the Leningrad plant them. Kozitskogo. By the end of the year there were about 200 televisions. Now the first exhibits you can meet a razve that in museums and private collections. Here they are:

First tube TVs

Huge boxes with tiny screen. At that time, the picture tubes were very long, so in order for the TV did not occupy the floor of the room, the picture tube was mounted vertically and viewed in the reflection on the mirror (they resembled projection TV) ab


One of the first mass Soviet television model was "KVN-49". TV was developed at the Leningrad scientific research Institute of television and began to be produced at its pilot plant since the end of the 1947 years, and its serial production has been launched at 1949 year. The combination of "KVN" comes from the first letters of the names of developers: Kenigson V., Warsaw N. M and Nikolaev I. A., and the addition of "49" the year of the start of production

Kenigson V., Warsaw N. M I. A. and Nikolaev

KVN-49 had dimensions 38х40х49 cm, weight - 29 kg and a screen about 10х14 cm, it was completed with the extension of the plastic lens filled with distilled water (which is a little increased the size of the image)

Modification KVN-49

In the KVN-49 was 16 lamp (not counting CRT), three channels (reception), speaker (1W) and more than 11 knobs. The resolution of the image 350 to 400 lines. At the end television TV is automatically disconnected from the network (!!!)

Filling KVN-49

I think You noticed that the picture tubes of the time had the "round" screen so the frame cuts off a large area of the screen, over time, the tubes became larger, the screen took the shape of a rectangle, and a length of the tube becomes smaller. There was the first unified TV: TVs at least there was something standard and fit not just one model, but for other (dimensions and Pinout of the CRT, receiving a block of channels, flyback transformer)

First unified TV

The size of electronic components has decreased, the scheme has become more complex, and voltage inside the TV increased (to 16,000 volts), therefore, to disassemble and to climb in them, without the necessary knowledge, not recommended bt

Boards first TVs

Since most of the voltages inside the TV are not stabilized, they were very sensitive to changes in voltage, therefore, another integral part of the television served as the "autotransformer". If the voltage was decreased, the brightness of the image, it was necessary to raise it manually with the knob, if it was improved - it was also dangerous for the TV, we had to reduce it. In the last photo - an automatic stabilizer, he was able to keep the desired tension, the truth was buzzing not quiet ap creating additional inconvenience to the owners

Stabilizers and transformers

In 1950s g leading engineers Zenith developed the first TV remote control (RC). It was a little like a modern remote control, connects to TV wires, but the basic functions such as changing channels, adjusting brightness and volume to carry could. Already in 1955 the company Zenith offered to the market the first wireless remote, but that is a separate article ad

the First wired remote controls from TVs

As time went on, the lamps were replaced with transistors and chips, there was a portable TV black and white images, they are available and still in a portable version, you can find them in our markets (China), even systems with remote control bs

Modern black-and-white TV

However, it is interesting to look at the picture, devoid of flowers? Right, anyone the idea to do a colour TV and give the TV paint was born a long time ago, about the beginning and development of color TVs, read on: color TV

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