How to choose and buy LED TV, 3D, SMART (part 1)

Most popular questions I get asked:

  • How to choose a TV?
  • Which TV will be better to show?
  • you Can take in the market of Chinese TV?
  • Which TVs break down less and last longer?
  • Which TV is better: LCD or plasma (plasma panel)?
  • How to buy a TV: LCD, LED, Smart TV or 3D, what better shows?
  • What model TV of the highest quality: Samsung or LG, SONY or Panasonic, Philips or Sharp...?
  • How to choose a TV in a store, is it possible to take in the city markets?
  • How to choose TV for Internet shopping, but can you trust them?
  • Well, I will try to answer to all these questions, just like last time, agree that all of what is written here is my personal opinion, but the article is written for my clients and other regular users who are interested in the question of choice of modern new TV ab

    Choosing a TV: LED, 3D, SMART
  • General questions select TV
  • Was once a real case.... Repaired TV from their good customers, and the young wife clings to her husband, intending to zagranku:
    "You give me the car will bring? girl_blush I year promise, as well, when? girl_sad I Want a car!!! girl_cray
    Yes bring this time, bring what you want? bu
    - Little white girl_wink

    Of course, the TV not only needs to meet Your requirements to its functionality, but also fit into the interior of the apartment or office, however, the main thing in it - not the color of his body, and the possibility of his work. Therefore, you need to decide: what You need a TV where it will be located, if there be, at the place of operation, the same antenna (simple or satellite), cable or Internet (in the case of Smart TV) and, the important question, Your financial capacity

    It is very important correctly calculate your finances to have the opportunity to further service the TV. If someone were to say that new TVs don't break - don't believe them, break more often than "old", and repair is not cheap. Nobody is insured from failures storm, over-voltage (380V) the network or mechanical damage (falling, broken matrix...). It will be very unpleasant if the new TV, God forbid, bought on credit, will not be repaired, and the opportunity to acquire another

  • Which TVs break down less and last longer
  • It's simple: the more complicated the technique, the higher the probability of its failure. Remember the "cable radio" - they worked for 30-50 years without repair, because, as a rule, consisted of three simple parts: the transition of the transformer, volume control and speaker.

    In modern television - thousands of parts, many of which (IC, matrix) is also composed of a huge number of parts inside. Many items have a limited life, others are afraid of overheating, and others - surge, the fourth - are unreliable by themselves and as a result, more than TV "napichkannyi", so its reliability is below

    Life (not to be confused with warranty) TVs from 5 to 7 years, this does not mean that after 5 years it breaks, the lifetime of the Soviet TV was 10 years old, and some of them are still working, and, in native tubes, but the service life is calculated on the basis of reliability and the expected lifetime of the circuit elements

    Japanese television had (have) 25 years warranty? This is nonsense, never happened. If someone decides to argue, ask him to show a document confirming this "guarantee" ag Just remember, the TV (like any other equipment) is easier - so it is safer, but will be able to, of course, less

  • does it matter the brand name, which company TV is better
  • The name, model, brand "business card" of any firm-manufacturer, but is it worth attached to it? Before - Yes, now - no, the quality is practically does not depend on the "sticker" on the TV, so such questions as "what is the best buy: Samsung or LG, SONY or Panasonic, Philips or Sharp... ", it is difficult to answer. Much more reliability depends on quality, designated production and build of all components and blocks, and where there twisted all in one box - not so important, although it also can be set to

    In addition to Assembly, has a value and country, for which this Assembly is made, if this country pays well, the product is quality, if it comes to the "wholesaler" and says: "Wow ai , as well as expensive to me this price is not suitable bl , let's cheaper", then where in this country to take high-quality product? bn

    Opening of modern LCD, LED TVs or a plasma, you can detect the units and details of a wide variety of countries and firms, including the "super producer" under the name China, without which, it seems, have nothing to do. If You have no binding to any specific functions of television that You need, and it is only in , then the firm (brand) special attention can not pay

    Before TV came for repair (if they are not helping to break) 7-10 years from the date of issue, then in 3-5 years, and now, in 2-3 years, given the fact that ASC (service centres) is swamped with warranty, and had not worked

  • Chinese TV: original or fake
  • It is believed that all "Chinese" - disgusting quality, so these TVs and a DVD to take with you. Here two points: first, not everything made in China is crap, don't be surprised if Your old Japanese TV there are a couple of Chinese parts (speakers), razve they are bad? ad the Second point: what comes from China to us, really divided into two categories: qualitative technique and , sorry, the letter "G". All equipment, produced in China can be divided into four categories: license, original, double bass fake.

    License - this refers to the production of China equipment under license from a company (Sony, LG, Samsung). This technique (or individual units and modules are manufactured under the supervision of and with the brand of this company, which, in theory, should be responsible for the quality of the products. China now produces 80-90% of all electronic products standing on the shelves

    Original (as it is called), or simply the quality of Chinese television, DVD, etc will work not worse and even better, the famous brand brands, but its name (brand) will be unfamiliar, although there are the giants: VVK, ODEON, OPERA. Here the problem is another: not to run into forgery. If You decide to buy a television in a store (supermarket), 80-90 percent, you can assume that You have chosen a television - "real" unless you take not when shares or sales, but more on that later

    Bass - often to avoid taxes and duties, this product comes without a title, that it was impossible to trace the manufacturer and the supplier, however, the quality of such goods (TVs, DVDs, "books") is fairly high, but their ability is above what the licensed technology for the same amount. Why?, - the possibility of "licence" is limited to various patents and contracts, so, often, the "left" Chinese DVD take more formats, and televisions - have long read videos from USB drive. This technique usually has a "neutral" packaging and manual (without reference to the firm), and the "firm" can be glued separately, but, as time has shown, build quality and performance and good, and to find such TVs and DVD can be found in small shops and markets of the city ay

    Fake or "basement build" - this is the technique that has never been and there will be no schemes, no support. As a rule, it is issued without any name (brand) or the "firm" just pasted "from a lantern", order wholesale buyer - the stuff you take is not recommended. At major retailers You are unlikely to find, but in the city markets or in online stores... you can "get". Odessa and "7-th km" a good supply of our local sellers of goods of different quality, it all depends on the vendor (his integrity) and customer who came to purchase. Remember, good product can not cost cheap, demanding the seller to reduce the price, You provoke him to purchase more cheap, low quality equipment

    What China produces low-quality equipment? It's You forcing him to do it, because supply and demand, while demand for cheap equipment, the quality of her don't wait. I understand that all usually comes down to finances, not enough money for a good product (I too can not always afford to buy what you want)... but that's not the problem "Chinese", none of them, and of us too, will not work well for a penny, and suffering, in the end, the consumer ac

    Remember the first two-cassette recorders, which in 90-e years were brought from Poland? First, they were really "stereo", but the sound quality and recording is perfectly normal, however, they are worth the money. Our traders naturally want to buy cheaper, what it led to?, - for the emergence of fakes like "Soni", "Pawasonic", "Panasonik" and other nastiness, in which there was not a hint of "corporate Assembly". They were mono, with a "dummy" instead of speakers, a hideous sound and quality dubbing, but beautiful, with "built-in chasers", with a capacity of "100-1000Watt" and, of course, the word "stereo" ap

    Conclusion: to take Chinese technique you can, but be careful if You trust the seller or you can estimate the quality of the product, do not forget to discuss with him the issues of warranty service and be sure to fix on paper (receipt, receipt) In the opposite happened, You will not be able to prove anything, "Odessa - 7km" often gives a guarantee "to the fence": a fence market, warranty ended...

  • What you need to know about advertising and sellers of technology
  • First of all, do not forget that salary of any of the seller directly depends on amount of goods sold (in normal hosts), it is quite natural that the knowledgeable salesman will try to sell that "more expensive" or "throw" what you need to get rid of. The income of the seller is associated with his ability to sell, given the psychology of each individual customer, it is important that You were ready for such a psychological game ab

    If You knew how the sellers "love", when a potential buyer comes to choose the TV wizard ag Immediately starts saying the master will never advise good TV, it is necessary that it breaks.... All this nonsense, normal master always respects its customers, and with the current level of quality, his work and so enough, so he never will be able to advise to buy a bad TV, but this "not love" because "load" the master is much more complicated than a simple person who is poorly versed in the technique

    Action, action!!! bi , clearance sale!!!, all at a discount!!!, old price 10000 and 5000 new!!!, discount 40-50%, today only!!!... and all run, so as not to be late, "Shara" cm As practice shows, even what equipment to shovel from stores check as number of promotional products always "restricted", and warranties and forget to fill up

    Do not argue, some promotions and sales real: the store wants to get rid of stale product or old lineup, to free up money and buy new, because prices there are real, but not 40-50%, keep this in mind, no one will sell a product below cost only if the case does not smell the bankruptcy

    Very often, under the guise of stock and sales with wild huge discounts, stores get rid of low-quality or "grey" goods (well, got a party this well now, throw?). With prices on promotional items, too, is fun: we write old and new price, and to look only on new, it is written with the "old" can from the ceiling and, most importantly, a difference to do more

  • Buy TV online shopping
  • Buying a new large LED TV or a plasma televisions via the Internet - it's real, and the price is lower than in urban appliance stores, but like everywhere, here there are pluses and minuses. The advantages include the price and a wide range product, which usually is in stock. Cons - the inability to see and "touch" the product before you buy it, it is possible to complexity, in cases of need return product or warranty repair

    Can I trust them? Will not be deceived? It all depends on what store You chose. If it is located on the website, which is month old, there is no direct contact phones and physical (legal) address, and prices for TV - the low... think for yourself. If I use the services of Internet-shops?, - Yes, I use, trying to choose the ones that work not the first year and well established on the market and if you believe that there will be nuances with the model or features

    You can watch favourite TV store and then order it on Internet? Of course you can, and many do, however, and there may be nuances even in the same model number may be differences in the "stuffing" and show they are completely different. I have seen it, people, the truth is the case the lucky buyer on the Internet and in our store, the second man, was bought exactly the same TV with horrible picture quality and a non-working connectors for external connections. In the store he quickly changed, and here is how fast did it from the virtual shop.... a question more, because this Jack the owner could not itself burn, when you connect the DVD to the TV, in the exchange may be refused and shipping here and there, of course, at the expense of the buyer bn

  • So what TV to buy?
  • This You must decide for yourself, the more information You have, the more You know, the better choices you can do in the meantime, pre-summarize the first part:

    - break all the TVs, the more he screw of different functions, the more expensive it will be in maintenance
    - the name (firm) of the TV does not matter, it does not guarantee 100% product quality and uptime
    Chinese TVs you can buy, if you are sure the seller and you can estimate the quality of the picture and the desired functions
    - good TV does not come cheap, high-quality components and Assembly always cost money
    - not always promotions and sales offering You a good product, more often the stores need to get rid of the old or "grey" consignments
    - knowledgeable salesman can tell you all and to present your product in the best possible way, the main thing that he saw that You understand the object of purchase and know exactly what You need
    - purchase of television over the Internet is cheaper only happen, if the shop is reliable and everything will be fine, otherwise the shipment will "eat" all the difference in price
    all other issues (LCD, LED, Smart TV or 3D, what is better shows and how to choose) , see the second part: What to buy a TV (part 2) ab

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