How to choose the right Smart TV review

Smart TV - sounds good, let's try to understand what it is and how it meets what they write about it ad This acronym (smart TV) is often translated as "smart TV" or "smart TV", which is a kind of symbiosis (connection) TV and computer, the main advantages of which are connected and work through the Internet.  So is it worth to buy a smart TV and how to choose and buy?

Devices that support Smart TV, and it's not only TVs, but also receivers of digital television, Blu-ray players, game consoles, primarily aimed at supporting entertainment media on the Internet: give the ability to view movies, cartoons, music, have the support of social networks (Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, YouTube, Facebook...). In short, it is the same expensive toys, and smartphone, only the size is bigger bf

Smart TV Overview

In order to watch movies and your favorite programs at HD enough to have such a TV as the picture (girl, unfortunately not included, although given the price on a Smart TV... ap ) and access the Internet at speeds of at least 5 megabits/sec, in the opposite happened - about HD quality will be forgotten, and the rest - nothing to lose.

If You are connected to IPTV to find online viewing in HD is problematic, but I think that the speed of the Internet will grow and, over time, HD programming will become more and more. The only question is, how much they will cost, you should agree very much that started free ended for the money, and given the fact that HD connection (movies, music...) weighs in times more, such a huge powerful server that will store all of this, we have to somehow recoup bk

Selection of Smart TV

Currently, there are two players in the market of Smart TV: Google and Apple. The main difference is in the feature set and the operating system itself that one is better... hard to say, in principle, the differences are the same as between conventional Internet browsers that You use to view Internet pages in each, there are some differences, but they all perform the same role bs

The most well-known manufacturers of televisions and set-top boxes, to Smart TV - SONY, LG, SAMSUNG. Special attention is paid to stith "remote" remote control, which in one hand is not going to fit: Smart TV remote is a wireless keyboard:

Remote control for Smart TV

However, not all consoles are, there is a Smart TV with the usual "simple" control, where the feature set is very limited, and letters, on the principle of a cell, located several under each figure. For typing, these panels fit poorly, but the normally fit in one hand. br>
in addition, Smart TV is a good toy for children, if you buy a special game bundle, the main thing that the child does not launched in the TV screen, and the effect of the presence turns out good:

Games on Smart TV

The Smart TV function is available not only for TVs, marketed as "Smart TV" in 2011 the company LG presented the little miracle device called a Smart TV Upgrader (ST600). This little black box can turn a regular old TV into a modern multimedia device, the so-called Smart TV (smart TV). This TV console size 11x11 cm with remote control (remote control) is designed for LG TVs do not support Internet package-Smart TV features

And here's another console that could care TV model, it features not only HDMI, but also analog outputs for the connection: Set-top-box (digital TV receiver), shortened STB receiver with embedded WiFi connection. In this case, Your home is exempt from the heap of cables, which is very handy ay , well before the high-frequency radiation - their number increases, and that they are absolutely harmless.... personally, I don't believe bl

If You plan to use the Internet instead of cable or satellite to watch TV, count the number of smart TVs and set-top boxes + number of computers that can work simultaneously in your home. Estimate the necessary speed of the Internet on the basis of: at least 5Мбит for one TV + to leave the computers and be sure to find out if Your provider can offer You this speed and how much does it cost ab

Console Smart TV

So, from now on, those who already aimed to buy or have already purchased a Smart TV and very happy with them, asked to leave and not to read... well, what you want, I warned bt

So, under the guise of a TV "Smart TV" is just a regular LCD or plasma monitor (any size) and console, in a very cut-down in their computer's functions. In other words, to the regular LCD, LED or plasma TV stuck inside the modem + small comp. In fact, nothing prevents us to buy a laptop or computer with a wireless keyboard to sit on the couch) and TV, no matter how big he was, to use as a monitor

In this situation, we will not have any limitations in functions, it uses a full-fledged computer, with a much more powerful processor and a circuit processing information. If I want to watch my favorite movie, I first download it in HD quality to him, and then calmly look in a convenient time to me, without fear that the Internet may start to slow down or the server is overloaded gk

The rest is up to you, the main thing that did not work then as standards for digital broadcasting: first, we sold a TV with a digital tuner system DVB-T1, and then picked up and moved to DVB-T2 (for details, see: Digital TV) + encoded, that's it from overpaying for the frills, which use all need a different console to the TV's own tuner was useless bn

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