How to video processing and HD movies for pendrive

Hi, here I am again ab After writing articles in the section Record and formats , I thought that there is more to this issue will not return. But after numerous conversations, I realized, was wrong ac need to explain consistently with pictures. All the previous articles, it was dry terminology and even after reading, I do not understand:
Why the computer takes, and a DVD half, but still slow issue

So in this article, I will try to explain how to properly handle a file that not only the computer understood bs

In order to begin all this process, you need to find video Converter or English Video Converter. Here I give You or anything I will not advise, since on taste and color - all the markers are different. ag And if it is serious, only an experimental way, you can set the video Converter , and I'm not an advertiser, to sell what the firm.

The subsequent stage is the dissection of a DVD or media player to be viewed in film hv of course, and no victims, just read the instructions or manual, as now everyone is fighting. And just look him in the face, that is peredney panel, there for the purpose of advertising all formats and codecs painted, even that he does not take ag I'm just not torturing the scanner, got into the shop and made a screenshot for sample.

Recruitment video Converter

This is a standard set for an average DVD. From this screenshot, you can see what formats and codecs it accepts, however, they made a blunder, forgot to write AVI, MPEG4 and so on. But in this picture you can see the reviews, and they indicated what the maximum file size supported via USB flash drive. Decided to stop on these characteristics. The most important thing they forgot to register, so this is what resolution it supports, and it is an important feature. They will do it - this unit supports a maximum resolution of 720×576 (PAL) and 720×480 (NTSC). It is these characteristics and stay for our learning.

What the device is - we already know ab Then downloaded the movie and wish to view it on a flash drive on this DVD, which is picked up above. To view information about the film, which got, you can download the program from MediaInfo that is easy to access on the Internet and it's free. I have chosen a film more difficult to experiment and made a screenshot, though in a very compressed as to save space and resource mouse squander it all.


A small explanation:
Container m2ts
- Video processing in the codec AVC (Advanced Video Codec)
Resolution 1920 x 1080
- Density (bit rate) of 35.5 Mbps
- File size 18.9 GB when the duration of the movie in 1 h. 29 m
- Three audio tracks recorded in codecs DTS and AC-3
- One version of the subtitles

Next, open video Converter that You have picked up for myself:

Open video Converter

Now will succeed; the parameters for Your DVD, and try to make the size of 1.36 GB. DVD may take 2 GB, but I would not risk a buggy that size.
- the container AVI, this container is almost all support
codec Xvid, one of the most common
- set permission 768 x 576
- bitrate indulge to the desired size of the file, but do not overdo it, if too small a value, the recording quality will be poor. In this case, just cut the file into two.
this container can write to only one language, so choose a plain translation
- if using the acoustics 5.1 will not listen to, then stamped MP3

File handling it is desirable to do when the computer will not use or will you use a minor program's teleconferencing where the realties in search of a better future bt video Processing burden on the system and takes time, so play a game or watch a movie would be problematic. In such programs have a function to shutdown the computer upon completion of the treatment. So include this function and go about their business. At night is not desirable to leave, if only the computer is not in the other room. When converting, the CPU included cooler and it's a little noisy, than a typical computer.

That's what happened, after the file is processed:

After the file is processed

Of course, if You have DVD with the best characteristics, select best for quality settings.
You can also process the file and under the tube (YouTube), after reading what format they want to see the video. But many programs already have some templates, and your task is to click in the right place ab

software Patterns

However, who is attentive, then read what the tube sees at no extra charge file to 10 minutes. So will have to learn to chop the file, and choose the time you want to brag about. This is another consideration when selecting a treatment program.

Cutting video fragments

At this moment we're finished. As further discussion develops into home video, and it's a completely different working principle. There are very different program for video processing, more difficult. I'm not ready for all this easy to tell bk

PS Forgot to describe the reverse process - to transform the film at HD. For this purpose, You need a camera that will take what You perekonvertirovat:

HD format

For the experiment, took our film who was abused and convert it to this:

container MKV
codec H. 264
- resolution 1920 x 1080
- bitrate (Bit Rate) MAXIMO
- audio codec AC-3 number of channels 5.1

We got a decent size is 31.5 GB. To view via USB flash drive, have to buy the 32GB and not the fact that will fit in the flash drive. So, the designation stick is standard, and in fact there is less than written, plus engaged in place under the internal signature stick.

In conclusion, once again, what would You have done it:
Process and write the files that are under the characteristics of the device on which you view the movie.

Good luck in Your experiments br

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