Glitches DVD

A lot of calls that the license DVD reads perfectly and the drives that wrote themselves, with problems, but the computer without problems. I will try to help you in this matter available words, this is very approximate, in fact it is much more difficult. bs

Now the license is available in HD as that is capable of weighing 10G, 20G and ... And the size of a standard DVD disc, which is used in common household video players is just 4.7 G bk

Bring the sample to our original:
Can see in the picture is very crisp video feed, screen resolution 1280 x 720, as many as three languages and a bunch of subtitles and all of this weighs 12G, clearly on a standard DVD disc it will not fit.

Very dense video stream

1. Immediately struck by the screen resolution of 1280 x 720 - a normal player this size is not supported, change it to 720 x 576 is we will have 16:9 color system PAL.
2. Two Russian language, we like so much and no need to remove the DTS, as it weighs more in size.
3. So why do we need so many titles, languages which we do not know, although maybe someone will want to study languages, it's not for everybody, as they are almost that does not weigh.

Well pleased, I removed the excess processed and again for us were disappointed, the film is still very much a weigh, as much as 9G

Remove the extra

With disappointment, we put a restriction in the program to 4.7 G, while respecting the quality of the film, and seeing this picture: bt

a Limitation in the program to 4.7 G

Now seen our bugs, after 30 minutes (by the end, the flux density increases) bm of course the computer it will take, but if the DVD is the same powerful processor then how much it will cost? Perhaps the price of the computer.

According to this, it is necessary to correctly set up your program that you use. Basic weight in the film, this video. Then I will start to reduce the quality ( the program will clean up the number of colors, will give a uniform field with less number of dots per pixel, etc.). To adjust the sound, if you have good acoustics for 5:1, it is better not to touch, and if that doesn't bother you, a clear conscience, put MP3, for viewing on a TV would that be enough for something very few will raise the quality of the video. Credits the big role do not play.

processing Result

The main thing is not overdo it, and that image will go with squares, which is also not very pleasant.

I hope I'm understandable language explained to you and you understand how to fix the problem, good luck. ab
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