AVI container and glitches during playback

With the advent of DVD and TV that can play AVI container, went frequently asked questions:

- I have a DVD of time to think, before starting playback
- The movie goes choppy
I can't watch the movie till the end
- The sound does not match with the image.

specifications flow in an AVI container

The first figure will slow down, and the second perfect play .
And all this is happening, what DVD drive, what with the stick. The answer is very simple ad Most household playback devices can only work up to the size of 1.37 G in the container AVI shock
Now movies went to a very large size, and I want to watch as. What to do, you ask?

  • If you look at the disc size is 4.7 G, then the best way is to DVD format. I use vsoConvertXtoDVD3, although already out and 4 version, but there are some glitches that I didn't like the wait when they will fix.
  • If you use the stick, a lot more choice. What I use: AVS Video Converter, Aimersoft Video Converter, Allok, XviD4PSP 5. How to use them, will tell in another topic. You now important to understand that if not as good as the film does not fit in this size (1.37 lb), split it into several parts.
  • For treatment of Blu-ray Disc, there is a good heater vsoBlurayConverterUltimate
  • AVI container
  • to Connect a computer to TV and watch on the big screen without compression.
  • Here I told that I use, but that doesn't mean the best. Make use of it than I used to, and if you don't like it, try, experiment. Remember:

    See the specifications of your player.

    Link to this story: http://en.rem-tv.net/publ/4-1-0-34

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