The quality of the video and designations

In this topic we will talk like the pictures with the penguins, something hard to hear, lubricated or sight ...


If you do not want ten times to pump the movies, looking for quality, you have to learn it's abbreviation. gn

the Abbreviation of the signature films

Deciphering bv - the name of the movie, year, video format, quality, the resolution of the picture, the container in which it is written. This topic will talk about quality file:

TS a copy of the movie with the screen on the camera in a quiet place.

TC film Scan. Aka "the roll", he is "digitization". The quality of the music is better than TS .

WP Steal from the timeline, many computer special effects are not complete, may be missing some scenes.

CAM-Rip Video and audio recorded on the camera in the cinema hall, from under the floors. The image can sometimes be removed at an angle to the screen, shaking, and some films are seen the heads of other moviegoers, etc. the sound Quality is different, the background bit of a laugh from the audience. Usually the worst the first quality to look for after the official release of the film.

VHS-Rip Digitized videotape. The translation from analog to digital. The quality depends on mainly the condition of the film.

FLV-Rip Low quality, recorded with Flash player, or converted to a FLV to another format often, AVI, in this case, the quality increases.

TV-Rip Record from a TV signal. The quality depends on reception (antenna or cable). Translation from analog to digital, there can be loss, distortion.

SAT-Rip the same as TV-Rip only record is from a satellite receiver. Ripple is eliminated, as the digital signal cannot ruffle, but processing is still analogue.

PDTV-Rip the same as TV-Rip and SAT-Rip, only directly, through the figure, the analog signal is not present.

Web-Rip Made with online online broadcast or copied with the video located on the website. The quality can be both bad and good. Judge it usually on screen in the detailed description of the file.

IPTV-Rip Record from digital IP-television.

LD-Rip Entry with the old laser disc that the quality is not much inferior to him. Resolution - 500 lines.

DVD Rip Treatment with DVD drive, the quality depends on the processor.

HD-Rip Video with permission HD 720p and 1080p. Treatment with HD video, the quality depends on who did it.

HDTV Rip a Signal taken from digital satellite and cable operators, broadcasting in HDTV.

HDDVD-Rip Peresada with the original HDDVD. There is some deterioration relative to the original.

BD-Rip Treatment with BluRay drive.

This is a recording of the original, without losing quality. Are usually ISO image:

DVD5 Read with a single disk volume 4.7 GB (4.36 GiB).
DVD9 Read from the dual-layer disc, with a volume of 8.5 GB (7.92 GiB).
DVD10 Read double-sided single-layer disc, is actually two glued DVD5.
DVD18 Read double-sided double-layer disc, is actually two glued DVD9.
HDDVD a Modern standard high definition video come to replace DVD.
Blu-ray Read the original BluRay drive.

Well, like everything written, if I missed, excuse me. bk in addition, notes in the file, you need to read the description, if any, is often written in abbreviated form. The abbreviations read here. ah

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