4D and 5D formats, 6D cinemas, new!!! a movie in the 7D

More recently, we all together were used to the first 3D films on the screens of the first 3D cinemas, and shops began to appear 3D TVs and set-top boxes, allowing you to enjoy the volume directly from the screen of a normal computer monitor, but now it is no surprise the 5D cinema, and many of us have already visited in their session bs

3D cinema

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  • 4D format cinema
  • 4D cinema is a combination of cinema and attraction where films in 3D with the use of special effects. Watching movies in this format differs from "normal" 3D available mobile platforms: the audience placed in special chairs on a dynamic (moving) platform and get the opportunity to not only see high-quality three-dimensional image, but also to experience all that the supposed hero of the film: the fall from the cliff, the clash, shaking, feeling of flight or speed girl_witch

    Screen, 3D-cinema

    Several degrees of freedom dynamic platforms provide a full range of mimic movements, and make the virtual world more real. Chair, United 2-4 pieces in the block, moving in all planes: can rise, fall or lean in any direction, thanks to the hydraulic drive, the motion is synchronized with the plot created by a projector on the screen

    There is only one but: the screen remains stationary, therefore, to ensure maximum comfort and immersive, it needs to occupy the entire visual space, and it will be clear: the image is like on the ground, all its edges is visible, and your sausage for some reason, the seat ap

    Chairs 6D cinema

    I must add that films (full-length) in 4D is not yet released, razve that, as always, scored the next part of the movie "Spy Kids", advertised as a 4D film format. As it turned out, the fourth "D" brought a small pieces of paper with numbers - "smells", which were given to each spectator. When the screen, when watching, there appeared another figure, it needed to quickly "erase" and sniff,... well, parody is still the same ag

    Now, instead of the 4D cinema, we have 4D rides where You are the main character and the whole plot is built on the fact that You (as if) somewhere to fly, eat or swim, and modulated by the computer the reality that we had to see with my own eyes in real such a flight. Here such small, but quite "plausible" 4D live Park, has already appeared in our cities. He was there, riding, feeling great ay only the screen is too small, riding 5 minutes and the price is "biting"

    Effects of presence

  • 5D-format and cinema
  • 5D technology - the next stage in the development of the entertainment industry, its main difference from the 4D cinemas that in addition to the three-dimensional image and moving chairs 5D technologies offer the viewer more tactile sensations. All equipment to view the 5D ride, easy to fit in such a small trailer or trailer and can be easily transported from place to place

    Mobile cinema

    Let's look inside such booths ad a Block of seats, with dynamic platform, located in the center of the cabin, the edges of the projector and screen, speakers - in a circle, at the top, simulating rain, smoke or something. Myself 5D-cab must be opaque to sunlight in the afternoon does not interfere with the viewing, have good sound insulation and acoustic preparation, for damping sound effects as the sound waves reflected from the walls can create the effect of "barrels" and reduce the multi-channel sound environment to zero.

    Inside 6D cinema

    In the back of each chair built jets that will allow visitors to feel the spray of the water in imitation of rain, bubbles, wind, and various smells, depending on what is happening on the screen. The platform is built with special equipment, which if necessary can simulate grabbing, darting insects and rodents, create the illusion of different touches, which gives the movies a special effect, which will appreciate lovers of thrills hw Hardware for the hall will help to create the illusion of smoke ver , lightning fw snow hq , so I advise you to go into such 5D cinema-rides in waterproof and warm clothing, especially if You chose the plot for the ride on the water or winter theme ce

    Chair effect

    A few words about the plot that we offer 5D rides. Like the films, 4D, 5D is the same computer graphics, storyline, usually designed for viewing "first person" and represents the same letalka-shooter, only with a lot of special effects. Time plot a small (10-20 minutes), but this is enough for full pants impressions, especially from people who do not have a steel nervous system. Immersion in "reality" is just fantastic, the effect of the presence - unmatched crazyckcm

    Movies in 6D cinemas

  • Technology 6D
  • Well, from this point on, it becomes quite interesting, You've probably already seen in the Internet ads like "how to choose the 6D cinema is 6D-format" or "selling 6D cinema"? Frankly, it smacks of insanity, tell me please what else can I add for completeness of sensations? Effects of smells (like the main character fart or poop stepped, it is necessary to smell...) or when viewing the scene of the fire hall also needs to be heated to the temperature that needs to feel the hero in a fire? If immersion in water, so then the viewer will need to "twist" together with clothing, and if the hero in the story have to get hurt? anbj

    Agree, we go on the ride not to see the story about the daisies in the meadow, give us circuses, and more. In most movies (feature, not short) that we look at home or at the cinema, so many stunts and special effects, sometimes dangerous, even for the stunt (doubles of real actors) to feel and sense all that needs (on the script) to test heroes... personally, I don't really want bl I better get settled in the chair and I will enjoy watching, to experience the storyline, but... not to be there in the full sense of the word gk

    Although, everything is for everybody, if someone wants sitting at home in front of the TV, to experience the fullness and depth of immersion in reality, our team of 5D (five uncles ag ) with pleasure and for a modest fee, will help to plunge into an unforgettable reality viewing bf

    new!!! a movie in the 7D

  • Technology 7D
  • I think it is not real? Look around, stand up and go outside, take a walk there, run around, meet friends, relax with them at the bar or out fishing..... Here, congratulations, You watched a movie in the 7D format with a completely full immersion in reality and the best in the world immersive. 7D cinema is a complex organic device or mechanism, called... people, all subjects - only first-person view and lack of reality - certainly no ab

    Most importantly, remember that life is not a film where you shoot one more take, some "special effects" can be very long dz

    Hence the conclusion: the effect of presence is very cool, but everything should be moderate and with necessary limitations from reality, and that in fact we can get lost, as we have warned in some movies, sci-Fi genre, yet fantastic... alad

  • PostScript
  • Having a rest this summer in Crimea, found that all owners of 4D and 5D attractions, together conspired and changed it to 7D. Well obhohotatsya and not Wake up. Well I was there last year, absolutely nothing new except the name, I think that next year I will see 8D-rides, 9D cinema, and can... and 10D. Do not get fooled by this nonsense, and do not overpay for the non-existent effects for a beautiful and mysterious XD hiding the usual 5 or even 4D rides

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