Where to get good affiliate advertising for the site

What advertising affiliate programs better to connect who pays how much, what format the ads to stop, search for advertising affiliate program for your site ucoz? A few tips based on personal experience, You will find that this article is written for those who make their first steps in the monetization of your site and doesn't want to be deceived by unscrupulous advertising services.

It seems not so long ago, I wrote about advertising affiliate programs or exchanges for new young sites with low attendance. As it turned out, while the number of hosts or unique visitors are not exceeded 200 in a day - neither of which the earnings go out of the question bn But, the website is slowly evolving and people are coming more and more, which of course neither is good and neither one of those old programs that bring penny profit on my website left.

Articles about the best affiliate programs of Runet, the most profitable and reliable, those are still straight will raise You so much that the eyes diverge ck However, looking at another laudatory article, honestly steal and pretyranny sites from each other, often notice that most of these "best"... they themselves, on the sites not at all ag

Especially funny are the sites made for engine ucoz is fully dedicated to high-quality and out secret methods of earning million a day through the Internet, the best advertising exchanges and other... that can't even pay for the ads (from yukoz), not to mention your own domain. Just imagine: sitting at a poorly dressed man and sells books: "How to become rich in a month, 100% success, anyone can do it!!!".... buy? bt

Advertising your website

Okay, more to the point, I'm not going to do a huge review of dozens of web sites and those advertising the affiliate programs I work with because I consider them best based on them my requests: no aggressive advertising like clickunder or popunder and opportunities: attendance at the time of this writing, about 500-600 hosts a day of real traffic (nothing on the side not buy).

Now the attendance in the region of 2,000 hosts, there have been some changes in the advertising and affiliate programs, so 26.07.2016 the article was rewritten, with the introduction of the actual correction of previously published information.

In fairness I want to note that currently, most of my favorite affiliate programs have raised the minimum threshold attendance with 300 500 hosts when I registered and added it to your site, the conditions were still the same and my about 300 hosts (actually jumped from 230 to 360) the website took what I was very happy az

Now specifically considered, it turns out, I checked on the 42 advertising services,... was already very afraid ai don't you think each of these 42, I also carefully selected out of the whole lot and studied their pros and cons, if regitsya at all - certainly more than 200-300 typed

  • What kind and type of advertising should you choose?
  • Don't judge species, types, elements and placement techniques, have come to the conclusion that the text is not working at all (only it is not necessary so loudly to swear, I once wrote: all applies only to my website with its theme, region and other attributes, if Your website text is working - good for You, you can stop reading and just continue to play your favorite online toy on the computer)

    Just text string with reference to either must be fully merge with the page content, or be located so that past were not pass, but this reeks of cheat and fraud, which could lead to ban your account in any ad service, and advertisers do not like such poor quality traffic

    Banners is also passed, the result is much better than text blocks, but much worse than teasers. The banner takes too much space and is adapting to modern requirements of search engines adaptation website. Even the great and mighty Google, providing adaptive block, still couldn't make him normal, so at the top I have is actually two codes, just one of them is hidden, it will appear instead of the one that now if you change the width of the screen Ad

    Teasers is a small picture with an attractive image and least attractive text under it. Teasers work on the principle of visual perception or "teasers", because we all know that our brain processes much faster than visual (video, graphics) than text, although the amount of information, which carries a picture, much more text

    Seeing interesting news, another stellar scandal, the original thing that You just look after to buy, advertising a new game, machine, film, jewelry.... we click on the picture consciously, we know it's advertising and a new window will open a page with interesting information and then it depends on the advertiser, if he can't interest us as a potential client is his puncture and not of the webmaster who posted his teaser on the website

  • Direct/ADVERT
  • The system provides a choice between a teaser and banner advertising formats, I stopped at the same teasers, banners, I don't want to work. The main advantage - is in the news, news is much more clickable than commodity teasers.

    The designer of the code blocks has undergone many changes and has become much easier than before, the development team is constantly working to improve the quality and fixed minor bugs. bs Huge, really huge selection of categories of ads and the teasers. If a teaser or the whole category is not suitable to your website - you can always block, leaving only the ones that work best way to maximize profits.


    At least to the conclusion - rather big (300 rubles), the average price for a transition is smaller than the BodyClick, however, do not forget that the majority of widgets - news, that is, the first person clicks on the teaser and goes to the page Direct/ADVERT with the news, where it is already loaded commodity-advertising materials of the customer. So even though the price for transport and less, but in the end, it turns out even more Bf

    Suggest to try, I liked it: registration Direct/ADVERT

  • BodyClick
  • Now this is my favorite advertising program, setting the teaser blocks are so flexible and functional, it allows to realize almost any idea. In addition to teasers there is banner advertising, clickunder, context, but try them all (except clickunder, not love them), stood still on teasers. Accept sites with attendance of 300 hosts, but can make a smaller attendance if the website quality.

    First of all, can not enjoy the CPC, she not a penny, and in the settings you can put a limit on the minimum cost of the transition. Designer blocks - ideally, the unit easily fits in any site design I created a few blocks that appear on different pages, depending on the connection

    You choose which categories of promotional materials for Your website, in addition, You have the opportunity not only to control the categories of advertisements on each individual unit, but also to decide what teasers from this category You need, and what - not ay


    Statistics allows you to see absolutely full information on the screenings, the number and quality of the transition, the income from each block of the entire site and for any period of time. With this feature, I was able to customize the theme and a conclusion so that income was the maximum, and irritation of advertising visitors to the website - minimum

    At least to the conclusion - only 100 rubles, so no need to wait a few months for a set minimum payout, all payouts are made automatically, on Thursdays, any delay in the payment was never

    Easy to design ads teasers no bright flashy label that is - BodyClick, which, as a rule, absolutely do not fit into the pages design of the website. And lastly, You should ad blocker?, and we still see it? ah the fact that BodyClick provides such a great feature, for webmasters, as a conclusion the ad code in your own subdomain

    Do not be angry, well, I saw a bit of advertising, You as no one asks to click on it if You only do not want, and to recoup the cost of the host, domain and develop the website as something you need bk

    So stop to think, registriruetes on BodyClick, you will not regret bf

    Oh, I almost forgot, this is a referral link, and for those who is afraid, because she thinks, having come at the invitation, he will earn less here video: BodyClick ap

  • REFs, is it scary?
  • Once, I too was afraid of this, well, judge for yourself: team writing, having a new publisher or advertiser to the system, You will receive, for example, 2% of his income (consumption), so it turns out that I will earn 2% less? issue I need it? ai

    In fact, just the opposite: You in any case get same amount, no matter came direct or affiliate link, because Your earnings (100%) distributed as follows:
    90% - You get, as a webmaster (partner)
    10% Commission (she gets 10% of Your earnings)

    If You came at the invitation:
    90% - You get, as a webmaster (partner)
    10% Commission, of which 2% as a thank you (Yes, at least for this article), she pays for a new partner

    Believe me, any program will be happy to see You, come with specific, at the invitation, it means that You are not just something someone heard about them, You came purposefully, so ready to cooperate. Some services will even ask you to specify at registration how did You hear about them, do You have an invitation. It seemed to me that the site became a faster to pass moderation, when I became registered through affiliate links, reading the descriptions or reviews on a particular website

    Thus, the affiliate gets additional advertising in the form of such articles with these positive reviews (otherwise I would go with them didn't work) and new stakeholders, but from the couple of cents that will fall to me, I'm not exactly rich ab

  • Recreativ
  • Exclusively commodity-teaser network. No advertising in the news or yellow (shock) the content is serious and honest. Sites are taken from the 500 hosts per day (recently it was 1000, now reduced this threshold). Requirements - regular, that is, to have a normal website, made for people with useful info, although if attendance approached 500 - this is an indication that the site is a good Bs


    Designer blocks updated and was comfortable, flexible settings, you can always block those categories of teasers that are not suitable or do not like. Very high cost of the transition, the minimal withdrawal is $ 20, and paid in this currency. If you choose the right category of teasers, so they were interesting to your website visitors and the income will be very good.

    Of the minuses, well, like everywhere, it is impossible to display ad units using your own subdomain, so that those who enabled Adblock ads will cut off Ac One pleases, now almost everyone has a website and people began to understand that sometimes advertising is the only source of income for the site... so personally, I have Adblock disabled. The pop-up closes or the sound is - Yes, angry, and cultural - well, no way without it Bk

    Should we try this? network Recreativ

    Lastly I want to say that not all advertising services that promise average cost of conversion to 2.50, really can provide that, because the most expensive ad categories have a minimum CTR due to the unattractive subject and a very, very limited geo-filter (for example, clicks are accepted only in Moscow from 6 to 18)

    I told You about those advertising services, which was selected from dozens of others, promises a lot, but only in words, but in fact, after installing their ad units was a Kaka, with an income of 20 cents per transition. It remains only to wish You the right choice of affiliate advertising and good income, for SIM otklanivayus and go for a mug of beer az

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