How to choose a good car DVR

Hello, once You have reached this article, then You are looking for DVR. You may ask why I decided? The answer is very simple. So I called the topic ag

What is the DVR of course know again took up his search. And now the only task is to buy good quality and not to overpay too. Talk about car DVR that is now popular. In other articles that I read before my, You know it's a small figoviny, which is attached to the windshield on a suction Cup and makes a loop recording for specified be in Short, when there is an emergency, You can provide the real facts (video) in my defense, bs

Select the DVR is bad and not rewarding. This should do it. While You're looking for him, understand what to pay and where to save. And providing a selection of different a long time will look at the neighbor with envy because he is cheaper or better shoots. To relieve himself from envy's own DVR at First of all, you need to look to my bedside table and calculate the budget to buy.

First method purchases - to go to the store and trust the seller. If the seller is competent, you'll be happy with. But DVRs such diversity and I'm pretty sure that the sellers themselves don't know how they shoot.

Second method is longer, but no where to go no need for this method you need a computer and Internet. This method and will continue to look at.

First you need to make more coffee, to impose gingerbread, an empty stomach will distract from the search. In no case, alcohol, is contraindicated after a certain time that the condition will be bal Turn on the PC, all Skype and ICQ, to put icons that busy in the future do not distract from the search and perception of information. Find a shop with a good description and not one, as the descriptions don't all copy each other and there are differences and nuances, and the reviews are different. It is desirable to have the credibility of these stores as rewriting the title, almost impossible to find exactly the same in retail stores, unless the famous brand.

Country of origin China, at least another country never met, but as usual there is the original, and there is a basement. To distinguish the unreal from the outside, you need to trust the shop. There are only five well-known brands, and the other for the first time see in the eye, but this does not mean that you can't take it, or full ... not a good Registrar. So to make reference to the brand or the country of origin will not, unless You have preference to a certain brand.

So open the page of the online store. Every normal store has filtering options, but with this and begin to cut from 200 registrars at least a dozen for a more thorough consideration. Brand is everywhere, so you can filter by brand, but we need cheaper and good performance, so this filter is skip.

A small digression, this is my personal opinion, in the future this will not be considered. Now there are a large number of hybrids, that is, DVR - Navigator - rear view camera - GPS - radar detector in one package in different combinations. Looks like a very comfortable, but if something breaks, everything can die, and the quality of iron is low. Doomed everything is on the brake and glitches that can at the right moment to strike. So I'm not a fan of such things, since the appearance of videodvoyki (cassette player and TV in a single package) ac

From what above described, it is possible to take the GPS. A good thing, but not so necessary., to pay for it. Marks Your location on the map, and that the Protocol does not say where the incident occurred ai Plus GPS is able to calculate the average speed of Your car, but it is not always real, as is the calculation of how much You have traveled and the elapsed time, and this is the error. On this the court she wasn't much help. But ten percent of the DVRs can cut.

- The presence of the battery and display is not necessary to exclude. The logger battery is not seen, but the check is desirable. The display options, otherwise You even a camera normally will not exhibit and will not be able to display or provide a record in the short-term dispute. In the future, that she would not interfere, and you can disable it while recording.

- Different automatic turn on recording recorder, that is, its presence, in choosing, it is not desirable to exclude, just in this case, believe me. In principle, such functions are everywhere.

- The option G-sensor for an Amateur, but function is good. At impact is the append of the situation and locks the file from being overwritten. Only if You have a very rigid machine, you feel all the bumps, impact sensor-deceleration-acceleration, it is desirable to disable, and there will be some files not writable and have to clean often the memory card.

An interesting option is internal memory in which the duplicated entry when triggered G-sensor. And when You give the inspector the memory card to the disassembly situation, I am not afraid that the necessary information will be lost. But this Supplement is well worth it, and whether? You decide ab

Very good function anti-glare. From light saves, but not really otherwise night would be bad to remove. With reflection and the torpedo will not help. This will only inclination angle of the windscreen and the location of the DVR.

Many believe that the larger and more powerful IR diodes are, the better it will be to remove DVR with night, right, but then the Registrar will be similar to a spotlight of invisible rays. Here, ready to disappoint anyone, for standard car DVRs, you can do shooting at night, but it's only a couple of meters. If figuratively, then the lighting is enough to start Your hood. That's what You see when car headlights will be removed, and then it all depends on the camera sensor and image processing here and the highlight of the night shooting.

video Recorder with night vision

Imagine You have on the windshield, but the IR illuminator is hanging. Yes, night shooting, but half of the review will be closed. And hose of the wires which pull, is not a machine transformer box. For example: with supply voltage of 12V and current is 2A, 24W out power, is half of one headlight. The length of the wire 2 meters, dual with cross section of 0.5 in 2IN and bask good. The power of the DVR is 5V, so all this is according to a formula increases in size (wire cross section).
So the presence of IR is not necessary especially eager to divert their attention, unless you decided to put on a hidden recording of some object.

next filter is the number of cameras

Subsequent filter is a number of cameras. It should be understood that the main characteristics are still on the main camera, and the extra is only needed to evaluate the full situation. For this let us consider the main camera and number of cameras define yourself. I can say that there are two types - divergent, it can be same as basic, as it is located in the main unit and remote - but this is always of characteristics is too low, the method of transporting the signal is complicated and that had the same features = the price will be like two DVR's.

High resolution camera sensor desired setting, but there is no need headlong to buy the greatest. If You chose the standard VGA, you can not spend money to buy, feel free to ride and without DVR.
When buying HD (1280x720) ample and 1MP camera, everything will be perfectly visible, but will not be able to zoom to see properly, let's say the same numbers. And taking a camera with 5MP, you already have the gun appears FullHD (1920x1080), of course, the record size will be larger. So optimally, if you set the camera to 5MP video resolution HD (1280x720).

Not the last word takes the format of a video, as it will be the size and quality of the recording.
MJPEG - about this format better not say
AVI is a pretty good format, but weighs a lot and a little "brake". Picture when recording it does not depend on memory card, class 4, class 10. If we took this format, the memory card can be saved.
MOV - have not experienced this format.
MPEG4 is a great format is highly compressible with minimal losses.
H. 264 - for that and advertising is not necessary, be prepared that there will be a lot to take the place, but the quality is excellent.

All registrars are doing with a large angle to the maximum to make the capture. Do not overdo it with the choice, the greater the angle, the more distortion at the edges. There are DVRs with dual cameras, but they are arranged so that in total we get a good full picture without distortion.

the Angle of the camera recorder

That came to top ten registrars. Now you can porazglyadyvat appearance as attached, any adjustment during installation. All this applies to the car in which to stand and wishes of the future owner. I don't like hanging things on the center of the windshield, and even when recording is to wink led. This is the best location for a mirror, not attention grabbing and distracting. The power cord should be hidden behind veneer, ETOGES not a call where pulled the rope and the Registrar in your hands ag Then spend time hanging at the place, and the last drop may be the last for the device. But this is my personal opinion.

The most recent inspection of the Registrar. Open the page of the tube (YouTube) and enter the numbers of the loggers. Thank you to the people who throw Internet samples video. But here you need to understand where the tube is cut quality or the owner squeezed file is not correct, or maybe just DVR sucks. This excuse is very difficult to describe in words, just see more, start with the cheapest to sample, then expensive, and will end up in which formed Your opinion. After that You will have a certain picture about this DVR.

I hope You understood how to choose his counsel ab Successful purchase, longer use, well, if the mountain happens with the breakdown of the DVR, contact.

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