Cinemas and amusement rides 12D, 17D, 21D and 30D!!!

Hello! Even thought I would write about these D Scam anything else, because everything is already written and discussed in detail: 4D and 5D formats, 7D cinema and rides, but no, enterprising marketers and manufacturers have deceived my expectations ac I had hoped that this year will be a maximum of 10D rides, although it would be complete nonsense, but as well, take the above personally seen 12D cinema, and a little digging on the Internet found 15D, 17D, 21D... soon to 30D get ai

For those who are really lazy to read the article at the link above (and nothing better to read, there's the whole background is painted, from the moment of creation), consider two words, that is a lot of direct letters D, what are we really giving every unity added to the letter gn

It all began in 1922, when the audience of the USA first saw stereo film "Power of Love". Yes, you heard right, it was a stereo movie, that is the movie with the volume image (the volume effect), it is then, in our century invented that three-dimensional image should be called 3D. Well, it's logical, isn't it?, three dimensions=3D, no question, is that capable of our vision dq

All further improvements of 5-7-12D rides are based on the impact on the rest of the human senses, and the funny thing is that about the sound perceived by our hearing - ears, no one remembered: from 3D cinema audio to be multi-channel (surround). I don't understand why advertisers still don't add 4-7D to his already existing, you will need to tell them this idea (for 1D on each column) ap


4D-rides or cinema differed only by the presence of the moving platform, and it was absolutely unimportant, how many degrees of freedom. Cinemas with mobile simulators CineMagic XD, CineMagic FXD is the patented trademark of the movie Theaters with motion Effect and simulation, and is chosen by the audience and a 6-axis platform with the highest quality at the endpoint.

Nifiga not clear? We'll see, so, all theaters, although correct to say - rides, can be divided into those in which you have sausage on the chairs, but the screen and simulation of effects - fixed (Cinemagic FxD) and D-rides, in which the seat with the screen fixed, and sausage (elevates, tilts, twists...), the very cabin together with equipment, this technology is called Cinemagic XD.

Essence caught? ad no matter How many degrees of freedom seat or cab - it will still be 4D, the effect of the motion, the impact only one sense: the vestibular apparatus, through which we understand, in what situation are, relative to the earth.

5D cinemas

5D-attraction is bound to have an impact on at least two senses, usually tactile effects (tingling feet, wind, water... girl_d45 ), 6D - add the scents (sense of smell), give out gum with a set of effects - 7D. What we have in reality? bn

The reality is that the same rides every year and add 1-2D, although nothing has changed, previously it was called just 3D rides, 4D well, and everything came to a familiar attraction 5D. Generally, if someone at this not riding is suggest full pants impressions ck , just need to remember to get absolutely everything out of their pockets, otherwise you will be blown throughout the cabin, then do not collect ah

4D attraction

In the cockpit related to Cinemagic XD technology, just two chairs, which you seat belts fastened and lowered hydraulic special protective bandage. You know that the screen in this cabin, maybe not huge, but a few degrees of freedom, which shakes the whole cabin with the screen together will give a very real sense, I liked it ay


Familiar Boeing? Yes, the same one that just a couple of years of 4D turned into 7D, I think that next year he will have at least 8D bj , advertising sticker it is easier to change than software and hardware. The technology is the same as in the previous example, only seats more, and the angles of inclination (up, down, side) is much smaller, but do not need to get out of the pockets and the head just will not spin ab

And this is something new, we have a real 12-D attraction!!! here's how evolved the usual 5D-movie theaters, standing in this same place and almost with the same equipment, not weak? Where "D" is typed, we have senses so no, you have to get closer... shock


Look: 9 tangible special effects, judging by the colorful labels, added 9D or what? Someone forgot that all the effects associated with exposure to one sense, in fact - only adyn te, not more. And how is smells or laser show are the tangible effects? Well, if there laser tattoo on the skin burns when riding - I agree, it is possible to tangible effects attributed bk

What's inside? ce Yes all the same, that was: the movable platform serotonine, 3D image on a large screen, powerful speakers, fans, steam generators, smoke, spray, spray smell... Added lasers and shock-nitrogen gun, snow generator, but the real wind?... again publicity stunts.

So what is the result? Let's consider: 3D picture + moving platform (effects on vestibular system) + olfactory effects + haptic = 6D... truncated, as surround sound the number of "De" never added, although it is wrong, add surround sound = 9D cinema, 12D where? dz


No, don't think, this is not a chapel, 17D-cinema is also there, will soon be 21D, then 30D, 50D, 100D,... because marketers will begin to decompose every movement, every effect on the components of the thumb sucking and more new "D" to attract more visitors.

What to do? And nothing less look at is how many "D" draw, and try to look inside. As a rule, we provided, on the side is a small monitor, a what's going on inside, the more different effects - more interesting to ride on this attraction, where you will sprinkle, pour, perfume smells, a little lightning will strike and stun gun, but how many impressions!!! gc

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