How to choose a good monitor

There are already a lot of similar themes that I did not want to duplicate. But after writing this article, How to choose a good store TV , where the emphasis is that in today's world, the TV turned into a monitor. I was feeling a little guilty leaving You in the dark what kind of monitor ah I will Try to be brief as usual, to make it clear and not boring. For fans of longer to read and later to sleep, I can offer a book on quantum physics, but find You will have, as I these articles don't write bs

Sitting behind a monitor and write

About plasma televisions will not write, first of the monitors, this technology is not used, and secondly, it's an old design, which moves slowly, who cares, I suggest this article Plazma, plasma televisions

There are monitors LED LCD, the only difference in the method of illumination of a matrix. In LCD use long glow lamps, which gives a nice evenly lit, but the life of the lamps is small. In LED technology, all the same, only the backlight was replaced by diodes. They are longer, but there is distance between them that threatens to darken or light up. And it all depends on the emission spectrum of the diodes, a huge variety and depend on the tones of the image. More information can be found in these articles:

There are two types of the surface of the matrix glossy and matte. matte surfaces are made with a special coating that eliminates glare, easier to work in full sun, but washing the face is strictly forbidden, You don't want to look at a whale ag From direct sunlight still doesn't save this cover. The definition above have a glossy the surface, so now basically these and sell.

To decide what to take screen size and how format, You need to decide where you'll monitor to use and what you will see. The size of the screen it's not for everybody and Finance, but on the format screen will help. For many years there was a standard 4x3, but it is now almost impossible to buy, so let's get to the popular 16x9. This format is convenient for watching movies, playing and easy to use. For people who want to operate need to open a bunch of programs simultaneously to see them developed format 16х10. This format will poshirshe or shiree ag , so it is convenient to open a couple of prog and to scatter to the corners.

Formats screen monitors

To correctly select the screen format for movies, I suggest reading topic: Formats screen TVs and signal . So don't be surprised after the purchase of the monitor with the image format 16х10, and watching it on film, you'll find black bars bs

Note it is necessary to color - number of shades supported by the matrix. Above I wrote that depends on the illumination matrix, in addition to pixels. Perfect black, as in CRT, will not physically, not technically impossible, theory to ship will not.

And the last word is response time. That is how quickly the pixels will light up and fade, for the modern fast computer games is very important.

Angle for small screens is not so important, as You alone will use it and will be able to set for themselves. For the big screen - this is important, Your location is very changing:
- when you play, are stretched and go into the screen
- if you work, stay at a proper distance and sometimes allow myself to relax
- viewing of the movie, the unpredictable location of the body, and the neighbors on the view can add.

All of these functions it is possible to spot the type of matrices monitors are:

the TN+film - a budget model with low contrast, bad viewing angle and color reproduction. But there is a very low price, hits the pocket.
the IPS is completely the opposite TN+film, very good color reproduction, but contrast is not ideal and the side changes the hue of the image. Good for working with photoshop.
the MVA/PVA have achieved good contrast and viewing angle, but lost in the colors. Good on her to play games and watch movies.

Of course I'm not all matrices have shown, but as for the matrix select - showed, so the rest is better to consider abbreviation and decoding in the store in which to buy.

resolution display is very difficult to guide You. Naturally the best at this time of writing, for the screen format to 16x9 is a Full HD 1080p (1920x1080). It is decent, not everyone can afford it. If for office, then there is no sense for such to pay, unless you work with photoshop or video processing. The main rule for a clear image, correctly set the screen resolution on your computer, otherwise it will be like with this young frog bs

Set the screen resolution on your computer

Left to talk about connectors. Analog connector for connecting the computer to the monitor VGA is present almost always. I use this and not feel discomfort, maybe because I don't play games ak


For fans of bd invented DVI connector. There are three types:

DVI-A - the same VGA only different
DVI-D - used digital data transmission, for LCD panel is better. Less signal conversion
DVI-I - funny connector ag rather mixed: analog and digit in the same slot. That is, through Prihodko you can connect the VGA


Already got a monitor on which you can view 3D and HDMI connector to connect other equipment, but it is closer to the TV. These features are already on the fan.

As promised, I tried a very brief and clear to write. I hope I did You, after reading, decided on the choice of the monitor. A good buy ab

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