How to choose a good GPS Navigator, tablet, smartphone

It all started with a sad ac Latest bought phone was super Chinese (transmitter sucks in many places lost connection). Dravnieki, work laptop was acting up (periodic freezes). People have forgotten how to explain in plain language', it got to the point that the number of entrance right I can not say, although later on the porch, a huge figure numbering.

It is these accumulated experiences, drinking a few cups of coffee got into the Internet ai I have funny ag
I wanted to pick up a versatile portable thing that will be useful in the future in the mobile version. First of all, I need to get to the client, this went to the section GPS.

GPS-Navigator title=

Got to the section and realized all of the health systems navigators, the most successful and hard - working universal, was in the ratio of price and quality authors ag , so you can manage it while Google is sleeping ae , or I think so ac that this situation, so with the operating system decided ab
Later I did what the NAV to choose? Here I made sad eyes and missed this section. Read different reviews and to a definite opinion came, I realized that you need to try and match to suit your needs. I can only say one of the best maps and routing, were only those systems that in addition to using GPS - the Internet. While writing an article I'm of course experimenting on some systems and came to the conclusion, but each time this view changes ah
Maps to choose the course under navigation, and the country in which you will drive.

I'm so quick to tell, and when seen it - not one sandwich schemacache during this time. Afterwards, continue to torment their brains. Now need to determine my abilities in movement, i.e. walking in the mountains or caves or spit on everything and rolling around on the car, and maybe lie on the couch and played peep where Your sofa was ag
Where I'm going with this whole conversation, so it is to select the size of the future toy. If most of the spend walk, then you need to choose a diagonal of four inches, as this option is easier to carry in an accessible place in your pocket. I looked at the price my jaw fell off shock
At this price you can get the smartphone with great features. Had to escape again on a quest to understand the differences ac

Smartphone with great features

A very simple, navigation the size of the display is not tied to the size. They have a more durable body, powerful battery and GPS receiver, and it fit in my pocket ag Less excess not needed for navigation bells and whistles, if you get in an extreme case, it will help You to get out of this situation. It turns out that for the average person living in the city, a regular smartphone would replace Navigator, as though a bad receiver GPS, but have learned to identify the location on cell towers. If relying on a smartphone and left in the wilderness without a good Navigator You will have very bad ver

The legs and feet, all this nonsense, says one friend of the ostrich, the main tail, or is it talking lizard bk How moved on the wheels ag ugh got a car - I became more interested in automotive gadgets, ugh, imported buzzwords climbed. In short again ugh, and talk about the Navigator in the car.

First of all, the size of the display should be four inches to six inches. This is a more optimal size, which can be easily placed in Your car and less visible information on it.

The quality of the display, which type of matrix. Begin to turn up their nose: this oblective on this side cannot be seen... I will Say one thing it is an individual object, that is, except for You no one will not be watching, and look, then that's his problem. Oblective - so You have a car, we are talking about the case, and around, oddly enough some of the glass and the display is made of glass, will be on any reflections. The optimal location is the location of the computer or multimedia machine, the arrangement which made sure the developer machine. It turns out that for external mounting on the cool Mat, you can position the Navigator in the same place where the developers have shaded the area, but they say the Mat is not long enough (not tested). A suction Cup, except on the glass or where I won't lose the overview or in the comfort of ac

Everything is good, but I went to the store to choose the best thing in a bottle bf added a filter for just one checkbox WI-FI, well, interesting to use a freebie if it is available ah
Immediately display at least seven inches, add a bunch of multimedia options and price ai , then I stole the idea, but not if I go on the tablets ab

tablet as a Navigator

Immediately OSes from Apple compartment - the Kingdom does not allow such costs, for the price and the netbook take ab Stopped on the common OSes - Android. By injected performance and added new received with the same size of display + two cameras, 3G, a slot for the SIM card (that is, the connection of any operator with Internet access) , more RAM and possible... Again to break his head, what to take ac

What can I say tablet as a phone is not good, it's more of a lasagna on the Internet, in toy drive and small adjustments in the documents. Why not large, but because a regular keyboard is easier, but as the marching variant - a good ayGPS - as lucky if you deliver the chip,then come to the aid of mobile operators, to find Your place among the high-rise buildings.

And that came to our end, that it is better to buy?

For permanent use, which would be constantly with You - mobile.
If You loves traveling, machine option Navigator, without any bells and whistles, and the money saved to buy a toy to stay.
Travel, vacation tablet.

Small bonus from me. Conducted testing of navigation systems. Under the experiment got the following:

Navitel, iGo, CityGuide, Yandex and Google navigation

Navitel, iGo, CityGuide, Yandex and Google navigation

Navitel - easy to handle, very easy to use interface, search points (airports, Railway stations, etc.). And a big minus is the route. Between cities is fine, although it is possible for characters to go without it, but in the city I had with him were some conflicts. He through borders leads me, or have a route that you can walk faster. Came to the conclusion that it is possible to travel only in transit ag

iGo - the interface for me is negative, the search is not easy, but routes are much more interesting than Navitel

CityGuide - was impressed. Card ay city search ay , points worse than the Navitel, paves the way for great, even if I disagree with him, then quickly rebuilt. Really scraping the pedestrian is not timely, that is, when it's time to get out of the car and see who is there under the wheels, so follow the road.

Yandex and Google - without the Internet, we can say that they are not. The route lay - a feeling that steal from Chinese. Convenient voice search only, not necessary on the screen to press.

Well, that's all bs I Hope You became a little bit clearer the difference and understand what to buy. Importantly, read more product reviews, that would not fly on a piece of unfeeling iron ab

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