How to protect TV and equipment from power surges

When the network gets 380 - here's a good little, no TV, no DVD, no other appliances are virtually no surge protection this level, and the condition of our panel in houses and doorways, old wiring and sparking sockets often leave much to be desired ac

380V in apartment

If the differential has been, read here: was 380V, and how to protect your hardware from this, will discuss in this article

The rules are simple and we all know:
- to monitor the condition of electrical wiring (sockets, meter, junction box in the stairwell...)
- leaving the house, do not forget to disconnect all devices from the network
- if the light is blinking, do not wait, and as soon as possible all off

But agree that it is easier to write than to perform. Who turns off the refrigerator when goes out of the house? bn If you disable the capture settings on the musical centres, TVs (time), in addition, there is equipment that do not have even the power switch - it is constantly in "standby mode"

I'm not always comply with these rules ah the TV just turn off by remote control (especially in the evening, after watching), the phone is always in network, stereo - time shows (plus timer settings)... you know that you need to turn off everything but it's not possible ab

Good enough protection can be a stabilizer (modern) or UPS, however, it should be remembered that the protected will only that equipment which is connected to them, but even they do not guarantee 100% protection

Protective devices

As for cheap "protection units", the use of them ... no, they burn more often than save you from the troubles. Here, for example, in many models of TVs, DVD and not only, this protection is, it is called varistor

save Varistor surge

A varistor is a resistor whose resistance varies with the applied voltage. Ideally, when increasing the voltage more than normal (more than 275В), its resistance decreases sharply, forming a "short circuit" right after the fuse, thus protecting the rest of the scheme

The percentage of response and rescue is 50/50. I often see entire varistors when torn to shreds with the power supply, they do not always have time to work, so the main thing - watch out for faulty wiring and don't let anyone "poking around" in the junction. shields, try not to overload the network a bunch of fireplaces and kettles working at the same time and leaving the house, especially for a long time, do not leave what can be turned off. Good luck bs

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