How to protect household appliances from thunderstorms and lightning

About what happens during a thunderstorm with technology - I wrote: thunderstorm, and now I will write about how to protect yourself from such consequences ab

there was a thunderstorm

I agree that during a thunderstorm (with rain) we all love to sit in front of computer or your favorite television, because to poke their nose into the street, well, don't want ap (I did this), but you can't do that

During thunderstorms, disconnect all possible electrical devices from the network, from the network, not the network button because the discharge can pass through button. The discharge gap between its conclusions is very small (10-15 mm) for the storm - it is a trifle.

Discharge gap

The voltage that can fall into the net during a lightning storm - tens of kilovolts. A good example that demonstrates it can serve as a stun gun, look at the discharge gap, and the arc discharge is ad

Arc discharge

Now imagine that all of this strain, quietly passing through the contact button, get into your favorite TV cm

It is also necessary to disconnect the cable (aerial, cable TV, Internet, a satellite dish), because nothing prevents lightning charge discharged through it. The consequences of this lightning - very sad pop and a chance to give back then the affected equipment to life - negligible ac

To not see a ball of lightning at home (not a pleasant sight), cables must not only be disabled but also be grounded.


Why lightning hits the antenna and cable, instead of having to go into the ground through the lightning rod? issue the Answer is simple: high-frequency radiation is attracted to her is stronger than "signal" of a lightning rod.

So don't take too many chances, follow these simple rules and you will be protected ab

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