Turns the TV on from cold, sweating

Winter, it's cold outside, and we bought a big new TV, of course I want it quicker to turn on, and the manual says that you need 2-3 hours to wait, where as the patience to take bu

Frosty winter

Know what to do, you need to wait bk believe me, it's in our best interest. And the reason is simple: sweating

We all took physics in school and know what is: dew point, but who is a bit rusty, I'll remind you:

dew Point is the temperature at which (or below which) water vapor always contained in the air from the unsaturated (speaking of everyday language, something that can absorb extra water) becomes saturated, and excess it falls as precipitation, in this case condensate bv

In other words, the dew point is called when the temperature to which air must be cooled below its contained water vapor reached saturation and began to condense into dew (water drop)

Sweating on the glass condensate

What does it mean? And the fact that within the schema of a TV or other equipment, will begin to appear droplets of water, which, as we well know, conducts electricity and, therefore, between what some parts might have a little spark and truncated shock ... went to smoke and instead of the joy of a new acquisition - one disappointment, it is necessary to us? ad

Burnt Board

It is therefore necessary to "acclimatization" at room temperature: drops of dew (water) will appear inside even if the outside TV is warm, the drops still need to dry the inside of the boards with the parts hy

If we are talking about a small device (DVD, receiver), you can resort to a little trickery and speed up the drying process with a hair dryer, but do not overdo it bt


Even after You find that DVD, or satellite tuner is warmed up enough, wait a few minutes and make sure that it really managed to warm to room temperature (recommended operating temperature), not only superficially, but inside, underheating or overheating - too bad

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