Save energy or big Scam: Smart-Boy

"a miracle, a Miracle!!!,.. bicome, flown, quite inexpensive, and how much money it saves!!!" bf - just screaming is on television, showing us "the instrument of the new Millennium", the mind, and which is comparable to a super-powerful computer, not below ag they showed Us the screen, we have a "rough and cold" stress and how it becomes "clean and fluffy", and the current consumption immediately drops, should only include the "intelligent box" in the socket.... shock

Yes, Yes, You guessed it, in this article we will talk about one of the biggest divorces in almost a national scale: a miracle device to save electric energy SmartBoy (aka Energy Saver, Saving box, SberBox, SmartBox). Sorry of course, but many people still continue to believe in this nonsense and buy a lot of money (from 250 UAH and above) these economy-consoles, disappointment comes afterwards, after the purchase, but too late, the money no one will return ac

Smart-Boy - miracle or Scam

Here they are, these "miracle" that shes really able to fill the budget, not the buyer and the seller: from ordinary to super powerful and very vumnye, three phase, calculated to 30-50kW directly into uves house. Something the developers (or rather the phonies) is too modest, it was possible for 100-200kW release (but then "shovel" of the serious people, after such a wait)

Well than not a fairy tale, you just need to stick this magical box (with lights!!!) in the socket and voila - the counter-stops for the eyes, well, reality in advertising he stops who have already bought such, confess, a lot of "saves"?, ad come on, I know that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING he is not saved, the purpose of this article is to warn and protect those people who have not yet paputsa the bait.

the Electrical circuit in the apartment

Let's turn this super-device and look inside, you have to look at what processor is assembled, how much RAM, what is collected of the scheme of control, which, according to the instructions, "allow us to determine all the voltage to the counters, and respectively adjust the coefficients of the power". Open look: ai

What? Who knows even a little about the circuitry has already been noted that nothing has been decided: a small fee, which is a power supply filter for the two LEDs, varistor (part, really need, can protect from the consequences 380V 50 percent). Strange black rectangle without the designation, as it turned out, is a common capacitor with a capacity of 3-6 UF, are designed for mains voltage (250V or 400V, depending on the degree of greed of the developer)

What's inside Smart-Boy

Before You electrical schematic SmartBoy. Network voltage (220V) enters through capacitor 100nF (lowers voltage to the diode bridge, which rectifies it and through the resistor 15 Ohm nourishes both LEDs, but in order to Shine a smooth, flicker-free light, is a filter capacitor of 100 UF. I think hedgehog is clear that this part of the circuit can not save the consumed electric power

Go to the power section of circuits: parallel circuit (power contacts) is a capacitor (3-6 ICF), varistor (390В) and a resistor of 330 ohms - that is "intelligent circuit control and monitoring. Let's understand the purpose of each of these "CPUs" ap

Electrical diagram Smart-Boy

Resistor serves for, how shall I put it mildly... to the owner a discharge current of the capacitor is not too blasted, if he were to take on both end of the plug, after disconnecting the device from the network. It is certainly not fatal hv , but unpleasant enough, here's the resistor and serves to ensure that the capacitor, after disconnecting from the 220V through it slowly it is dead

Varistor is the most important and useful item in the prof Theoretically, it should protect Your apartment or house from over-voltage (380V), that's how it should be: increasing the voltage to the critical resistance of this element decreases sharply, forming an inside short-circuit and if You have good machines and not "bugs on 100A instead of tubes, they must work and disconnect the network. In practice, the percentage of such protection is 50/50, many times repaired vehicles in which this element was, but didn't work, so the power supply is a little pop

Capacitor - this item deserves a more detailed consideration, so it serves as reactive power compensator. No matter how desirable, will have to cram in the article piece of physics, otherwise nothing will be clear, I will try to simplify the story to the max, so I apologize from the experts for technical inaccuracies ah

the Concept of reactive power

There are three types of loads: active, inductive and capacitive. If the load is active, the vectors of voltage and current coincide (the greater the voltage applied, the greater the current through the load). When inductive load first voltage appears, and then - current (it's late), if the load capacitive - the current leads the voltage. The current in a capacitive or inductive load is called jet current

An example of active load - a light bulb, a fireplace or stove. Inductive and capacitive in its pure form in everyday life is practically not used, for example an inductive load may be any ballasts (in older systems ignite fluorescent lamps), and capacitive - conventional capacitor.

What is reactive current

Power (P) is calculated as the current (I) multiplied by the applied voltage (U): P = I x U. The power consumed by the active load, is called active power, and one that consumes a capacitive or inductive load jet. Well, not much confused? bw

So, what was all this physics: reactive load is harmful as overloading of the transformer substation and its components (small) is in many electrical appliances. Typically, this component of the inductive load from the motors or transformers. In order to avoid distortion of the current in such devices is already installed compensators: a simple capacitor connected in parallel to the mains. Below are diagrams of a conventional vacuum cleaner and a modern ignition system economy lamp:

Diagram of a vacuum cleaner and ignite the economy-lamp

These capacitors are the network filters to protect Your equipment from high frequency interference network. Remember, when connecting the old electric shavers and drills, on the TV screen appeared the horizontal interference - but from them, he protects

So, what do we have: SmartBoy - is actually a conventional network filter, which is in almost any home appliance, and as any good extension cord with a switch and multiple outlets. The real value of such a "filter", taking into account Assembly and sales margins - UAH 30-40, and if you give an Assembly to the Chinese, then UAH 20 bk

Attention! You can run demo this miracle: take any uncompensated load (the same machine lamp, drill...), it connects an ammeter, a "super-device" is included next to the outlet and ... a miracle!!! current and really fell aibmbe All right, the total current decreased by the value of compensated reactive power, provided that the magnitude of the capacitive and inductive components are about the same. Only to evaluate whether it is our home meter?

Home meter

The funny thing is that ordinary household single-phase meters are metering devices only active power, therefore, whatever the value of the reactive power counter it still fixes (unlike the ammeter), therefore saving will be equal to zero, I will say even more, it will be negative, since the "miracle device" also consumes the active power from the network, which will be "screwed"

Is there a metering reactive energy?, Yes, there are one and three-phase, but in this case the Smart-Boy will be more harm than help. Compensation reactive energy (in this case, from the inductive load) is carried out by capacitor only when the burden is (welding machine works), if it is not works, that counter will begin to wind reactive power from a capacitive load in the same amount that You were supposed to save, and clock bs

Compensation of reactive energy

Large enterprises that have equipment with large inductive component, they do pay for reactive energy which loads the power lines and disadvantageous for the same electricity supplier

In order to unload the electric lines more of the load there are special compensators of reactive power (industrial). They serve as synchronous motors operating in the mode of overstimulation or a static capacitor Bank with automatic or manual control system. It is a bulky and complex devices are designed for some equipment.

Oborudovanie to compensate

Real joints have a complex system of management and control, which allows you to adjust the amount of required compensation, depending on the load in a given time, and we are told how , you ask, "turd" in size and weight with a computer mouse is able to save us up to 30-35% of electrical energy consumed zloi


It's all I can really see how this miracle device beautifully and intelligently monitors the amount of money in the wallet of the buyer, seeking to reduce them as quickly as possible...

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