How to choose and buy a good CD/DVD receiver

What kind of life: in the car without music? bn Right, not living it, especially when traveling long distances at it is rare to find a vehicle (whether automobile or truck serious), not equipped with audio and if the new machine is already equipped with a good staties (regular receiver), the owners of not very new cars and those the staties which have a low sound and functional characteristics often are thinking about buying a powerful new car CD/DVD receiver and change acoustics bs

This article is intended to help users in the correct and proper selection of audio equipment for your beloved car, particular attention will be paid to contemporary Chinese and other Asian stereos, as well as their imitations of world famous brands. Okay, let's start...

We still call radio of modern car CD/MP3 and car DVD receiver, just out of habit, although they have long been missing the main element of any radio - cassette deck (VCR): it was replaced by CD and DVD drives, and they are known to have nothing to do with the magnetic recording or reproduction of do not have. Well, it's not terrible, but once it's clear that this device is designed for installation in the car ab

Auto-CD/MP3 and car DVD receivers

If You have no problems with finances, then you can not read, You can walk to the company stores car audio or serious online shopping, where You will receive advice on specific models brands, the quality of which is guaranteed by the reputation of the manufacturer ay , but what to do if You have not yet obtained to spend 500-1000 dollars on a "firm", a good radio in the car? Do not worry, just read the article till the end ad

If You are facing a dilemma and can not decide what exactly you want to buy, let's try to understand what You need other changes, what do You want from this unit. Sure, the main thing we all want is a quality powerful sound, to "all read and not buggy plus was reliable, not very expensive, looked stylish, had a lot of features and was easy to manage. Right? ap

It is not sad, but have all of the above simultaneously - is almost impossible, something will have to sacrifice either sound quality or supported formats or functionality, or the cost is not very expensive bu , so read and make your own conclusions, simple answers will not be (simply no)

Tuner. FM tuner is an integral part of any radio or receiver, well, really, what sense to deprive themselves of the opportunity just to listen to your favorite radio wave, to know the latest news or other information, slipped on music channels? Time when VHF (FM) broadcast mode MONO is long gone now, even the cheapest receivers are able to catch the FM stereo, the only question is the frequency range and sensitivity of the tuner

It is best that the FM band was the most advanced: 68-108 MHz, otherwise You risk losing part of the station. The majority of stations now running in the range of 88-108 MHz (European range), but there are in our old ("Soviet"adopted in the Soviet Union and not only) 68-88 MHz. If you are going to buy b/a the radio, pay attention to the numbers on the scoreboard (station frequency) coincide with the actual frequency, otherwise the mismatch may cause slight discomfort bc

Sensitivity tuner - it is also an important feature for a modern car music receiver. If the receiver (tuner) has a low sensitivity, constant crashes and hiss preset stations is guaranteed. Be sure to check the operation of the tuner in the store, excuses the seller, such as: "we need remote antenna, and I don't have it" or "here in the store, no catches..." can only mean his reluctance to test the apparatus in place. In this case require the possibility of returning if the quality of the FM receiver, You will seem unsatisfactory bd

Quality radio tuner can quickly and easily configure to auto or manual (semi-automatic) search of all possible (broadcast) radio station, it should have memory at least 6-10 stations, with the possibility of direct switching between them. The sound should be clear, without noise and hissing, however, do not forget that without external (automotive or its equivalent from the seller) antenna or in a closed metal container receiving stations may not be. I almost forgot: tune radio stations must be digital only, no "wheels" and other "krutilki", this is the last century cb

CD, CD/MP3 / DVD receiver

CD, CD/MP3 / DVD receiver? it's all a bit complicated, it all depends on Your requirements for sound quality. I have to say that the highest quality sound You get on a car CD-receiver, MP3 - a bit worse, and on DVD - ........., well, no, of course, they also sound... not bad, but!!! no comparison with CD/MP3 stereos, this "sound" can not deliver bk (remember that we're not talking about stereo systems of the highest class of world leaders, and the "state")

Those who are accustomed to quality sound, you probably noticed that the old CD receivers and stereos with CD sound much better than modern "balalaika" and it's not just the MP3 encoding and the DAC (digital-to-analog Converter). I will try to explain as simply as I know, so do not scold for technical inaccuracies.

We all know that recording on a disc (CD or DVD) is digital, but not everyone knows what it means, imagine a record as a row set from "0" and "1" like so:


Each line of the digital recording is a digital code and corresponds to the musical sounds of the recording in a certain time with a given interval (say, 64 lines per second). The laser reads the information and sends it to audio processor (DAC), which decodes each line of code as a set of musical sounds (translates code into an analog audio signal) ck . Here from him, my dear, and depends more the quality of the sound in the speakers or the speakers. Good powerful DAC delivers the full frequency spectrum of the audio signal that closely matches the original recording.

Imagine the orchestra, consisting of 100 musical instruments, fvfwbal You are listening to music, which consists of 100 (at least because many of the tools issue is not one note but a whole chord) frequency of sounds for each instrument. Beautiful?, yeah, nice, now imagine that You bought a CD recording of this orchestra, and the audio processor is weak, he can extract 100 different sounds (notes, frequencies...), and maybe only 50 or 25, but still the frequency is a bit deceiving... It will be the snake not the music, it will lose its richness of sound and its pristine beauty bn

Why is the recording quality MP3 worse than CD? This fee is for a compression audio stream, no loss of quality - just words no more, it's no wonder the best were and still are the vinyls (records). Their secret is the lack of compression and digital encoding, the sound has been published continuously in its full frequency range. Encoding CD - this is the frequency cutoff "of the circumcision", and the MP3 is encoding + circumcision + grip + high speed rotation, therefore, in a reverse decoding process (translation of digital code into a simple analog audio signal and the number of errors increases, hence the sound is also beautiful, but not like I would ah

Despite all this, audio processor, CD/MP3 radio with a sufficiently powerful and is able to "playback" of high-quality sound, which can not be said about Chinese stereos that support DVD format. Who can argue, it is tempting to have in the car the opportunity to not only listen to music but also watch videos, however, You sacrifice sound quality, and very much bt

Chinese radio

Chinese DVD receiver for the car, in fact, no different from the usual Chinese home DVD player. the tuner is attached and ULF (amp) + USB, which is very convenient (there is even a Chinese radio, not with CD/DVD drive, and running only with the memory stick, via USB connector). Such a balalaika (a tape recorder to call them I do not dare ap ) do not have a separate powerful audio processor (all sewn in one, pretty weak), hence the quality of the sound received at switch (switch, radio/DVD/AUX) - low

When purchasing a video, we lose a part of unique features CD/MP3 receiver consists in processing the decomposition, the frequency shaping of audio frequency channels, weak mechanics often fails, but about anti-shock you can forget, but that's not all: as a switch and amplifier (ULF) can be tolerable and can give out sound, say "@ops". The volume and quality are two different things, the receiver can "shout" to the chatter in the speakers, already lays the ears, but, sorry, the sound quality is there and close does not smell: no clean beautiful bottom (bass), MIDs (voice) are distorted, and the high - squeal of a stuck lamb ag

anti-shock is a stabilizing system that ensure the continuity of audio playback when external mechanical impacts (if simpler, is that the sound is not interrupted when the machine on our roads consisting of pits, potholes, potholes and mounds rides). Anti-shock can be mechanical or digital. Mechanical anti-shock have in any DVD or auto receiver, it is a special rubber (silicone) sleeve, playing the role of shock absorbers, they reduce system vibration and smooth mechanical impacts (shaking).

Digital anti-shock only available CD/MP3 audio-receivers, the principle is simple: a special memory chip memorizes the part of the musical composition before it will sound (makes a backup). During playback this phase by laser from the disc, in case, if fails (the wheel in the hole hit) and laser temporarily lost information (lost), then fill information with the backup (internal memory) while the laser will not find the lost disk space dq

1110 0001 0010 - it was written in memory of the "anti-shock" before the playback (pre)
1110 - - - - 0010 - the laser can read (again) the information and it automatically starts playing, but was crashing
- - - - 0001 - - - - - this piece of memory is used to avoid audible pauses
1110 0001 0010 - as a result, the damaged fragment is restored, the music continues

Perhaps someone asks the question: why, then, do not record the entire song from memory, anti-shock, why re-read? The fact that the record in memory does to drive the same laser and not the fact that at the time of this writing will not happen any failure (because "we put the asphalt in some places, and not much that every occupant on the outskirts of stuck"), so the picture might be:
- - - - 0001 0010 - the entry in memory (was crashing)
1110 - - - - 0010 - reading in real time (was crashing)
1110 0001 0010 -

maybe this:

- - - - 0001 - - - - - the entry in memory (was crashing)
1110 - - - - - - - - - reading in real time (was crashing)
1110 0001 - - - - is the result of a lost land (not subject to recovery, at this point, the sound is briefly lost)
the conclusion: for travel on our roads, powerful digital anti-shock" - a thing necessary and indispensable bs

dimensions of the housing of the receiver. Radio are available mainly in two options of body size: 1 DIN (approximately 178х50х180 mm) and 2DIN (approximately 178х100х180 mm). From the above it is seen that the only difference is their height (50 or 100 mm), I think it should be clear that it is foolish to try to shove dvuhtonnoy the receiver into the opening for housing 1DIN and Vice versa

Case 1DIN and 2DIN

Front panel. Ideal (for reliability) is a fixed stationary panel and do not be afraid that the radio can steal, believe me, without "face" (front panel), they also steal fy

Detachable panel - additional risk of failure, especially in Chinese receivers: the clips and the contacts are extremely filthy quality: constantly broken or depart (from personal experience repair). The more expensive models the front panel is hidden, turning the management bodies inside, just do not think that robbers do not know: they are well-versed in the models and often work under the order" ce

drawer is even worse: more complex mechanism + break cheap train consequently a great risk of failure and the inconvenience of loading the disc. It can also close the dashboard or holes of the airflow to the cabin

Touch pad is for those who can't hit the usual buttons and who like to constantly wipe the screen from fingerprints: modern, beautiful, but I don't like bl

panel Illumination - should blend with the lighting of the dashboard (be it in the same tone, otherwise the radio will look a little "parrot" hl although it all depends on You to go in this car. The color and the luminous panel of the receiver are of great importance from the point of view of security: night time too bright light can blind or just in the way, therefore, a very useful feature is the availability of setting the intensity of its glow.

remote control - toy good, more than not, it is a pity that "chink" is just a remote (small, rectangular), for the wheel not to stick, though...

remote control

output power radio - characteristics are important, but not as much as on her writing. Very often, the labels on the box or the radio have nothing to do with real sound power. The Chinese are not fools: do you want 4x50 (4 channel, 50 Watt)?, - please, we can and 4x100 to write, and 8х200, we also do not mind, you only buy. Of course, the best (in my opinion) option - 4x50 (two channels - it's not interesting, and the margin of power needed).

sound Quality and power depend directly on the IC amplifier (ULF), what do You think: in the fake firm, or other budget unit will stand the expensive high-quality chip? Right, there will be as cheap amp with the worst frequency characteristics (similar to this brand of chips, price and quality of which is higher several times) ar

the Presence of cooler (fan) on the rear panel absolutely does not mean that radio is more powerful and has a high-quality sound, but the dust inside it You will catch up a lot. Then you need to know that the back panel and the case itself serve as heat sinks for heat dissipation hy power chips ULF, indirectly, to judge the capacity of the ribbing (area) of the radiator

the Availability of cooler (fan)

Audio inputs (AUX) - used to connect an external audio source signal, it can be MP4 player, portable DVD or any other device. It is better that this entrance was, it might work, but to embed it then - not always easy bv

Audio outputs - used for connecting external, more powerful amp or subwoofer (subwoofer), the need for their presence depends on You. As practice shows, owners of Chinese car DVD receivers often use an additional amplifier or subwoofer, because without them... well not the sound, not the same. Normal quality radio capable of giving excellent sound of its own amplifier, however, if You are a fan of big sound, so the Windows were shaking, the presence of audio outputs is mandatory. (Another tip: you can take output directly from the speaker, only you need to correctly calculate the divider so as not to burn the entrance to the external amplifier or subwoofer and not to overload them) dok

Audio outputs

a Connector for - given the huge number of adapters that are available now, in my opinion, can be anything. A normal wizard install the receiver in Your car will never make a permanent bond, it is unprofessional, you can always buy universalka type "father-mother" and to ensure the smooth dismantling, in case of need. Conclusion: the radio must be removed and not go from a car with lots of guts in the form of wires without the possibility of simple and normal disconnect bf

USB slot to read USB drive - very handy and useful addition to the basic functions of the radio, just pay attention to its location and ease of use (so the inserted USB flash drive is not closed the right control buttons, do not disturb and not sticking to an "Appendix" and wish to break off at any time). Lately, the popularity of radio without a computer, capable of playing from external USB flash stick or from the built-in receiver bal

USB slot to read USB drive

Flash-player is a radio without CD/DVD drive. Its main advantage - no mechanical moving or rotating parts, and this means that the music will not disrupt the hummocks, hillocks and pits, located in abundance on our roads. As for reliability.... of course, the laser or CD drive from the system will not work, the most common problems: failures due to low quality flash-media, burn the USB port with the controller when flash is inserted crooked, forming a short-circuited contacts and mechanical breaking (hands or feet waving, flesh and broke...) ah

Flash receivers are smaller and lighter than conventional radios. Given the fact that the external flash memory you can record from 2 to 4 gigabytes of music and more than one external media for long enough, the only minus: if someone offers You music on the disk (something rare or collectible), to listen to it, You can only advance above data from disk to flash.


CD-changer is such a device, which can be downloaded from 10-50 discs, a good thing, if You have a huge collection of your favorite CDs. Connector for CD changer is relevant only for branded receivers (they must both be the same company or lose the convenience of monitoring the management), for the "auto-tier" model which changes every Monday, the presence of this connector not more important than the presence of flippers and a snorkel in the sauna. In the opposite case, disc music tracks in MP3 format will be enough for several hours of continuous playback of music, well, then the meaning of from the CD changer? bk

Some details. Fans of beautiful music in the car must remember that such a function as independent volume controls each channel - the thing is just gorgeous and irreplaceable (separate balance adjustment + volume front and rear speakers).

The presence of the car radio system Dolby Surround Pro Logic II will give the opportunity for beautiful decay music on all channels, but it is only in "firm", the rest (Chinese DVD/USB receivers) there is no such function, either it's there but it works through the alch

Delay (time) audio channels for passenger cars (2x3) - a useless feature unless You have absolute musical hearing and You are not going to listen to classical music, if You have a long bus,... it is also useless, it is better to distribute the salon a few small speakers (speaker systems) ab

Memorization of track number if failure, or the ignition is switched off - you need, if You do not want every time to remember bw track number, which stopped before leaving the machine, and then again to find it, when you reset the count on the first track

Summarize: evaluate your financial possibilities and decide what You want from a car stereo, how exactly are You going to use it, what features You need and what You agree to donate if the money for "ideal" yet not enough

Want quality?, - take a CD/MP3 radio known manufacturers (KENWOOD, PIONEER, ALPINE, PROLOGY....), just don't confuse them with "stickers" in the Chinese fakes. Check them for compliance with the model numbers on the case and in the passport, compare the appearance and functions using the Internet.

Like beautiful DVD receivers for cars with touch screen from our Chinese friends? Forget for the sound quality, it simply is not there, but there are many other features that are missing in the signature auto-balalaika

Be sure to ask for health checks in place, otherwise, to prove that it burned not You (correctly wired) is almost impossible, any normal shop will provide You with the opportunity to test the features and sound quality

I wish you a successful purchase az

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