Advertising affiliate program for beginners

If Your website is recently created, has low attendance, is located on a free hosting and has a third level domain (uCoz), and You decided to put him on the advertising and make some money? - this article is for You!!!

But I wonder, there is at least one person who never tried to remove at least some income from your website? ad somehow it seems to me that there are none: to receive the income from advertising is a normal desire

If the score in a search query like: how to make money on website advertising on the website, or the best team, the Internet will provide You with a huge number of sites with articles of this type, moreover, the affiliates will go is not the first, they still need to find ag

But, You say, if lots of articles on this subject already exist, why another? issue Allow me to answer this question: first of all, the article is intended for beginner website owners, so to tell webmasters - beginners who are taking their first steps and their first sites, the attendance leaves much to be desired... bs


I want to tell you about the affiliate, with whom they worked or work now, so if the topic interests You, you are welcome to a little tour. I sincerely hope that this material will be useful and You will be able to make relevant conclusions gn

In this article we will focus on non-aggressive types of advertising, because the sites, hung with various "vsplyvala" on the floor of the window, type clickunder or popunder (PopUnder, ClickUnder) really enrage guests and users of Your sites and they have only one desire: to leave and never come back cm Well at least modern ad-blockers built into browsers, remove virtually all types of aggressive advertising.

Payment for clickunder and popunder ads - tiny, as it actually causes a person to click on it to close and see the text or pictures, for which he had come to Your site. But here, not all, in most cases, when you click on "close" (x), You will still load the ad page, or other crap, at least more than one page of the website You certainly look do not want

Recently, search engines (Google and Yandex) have become lower in the search distribution (the ranking) of the sites containing these types of advertising and I think that's right, don't want to look, but I once came across a site, made on the engine, uCoz, where, in addition to their usual perversion - side floating banner, the removal of which costs 3 bucks a month, it was five klikanderov!!! shockbrand closed the whole context of the site bj

Advertising on the Radical

A good example is the service Radical, with is like a Tree, in addition to all this, You should make at least one wedge or other action on the page, You'll load another.... Understand everything you need to make money but for this service I only go by including an ad-blocker (it could not be turned off, but it cuts not only advertising, but also of the useful, the normal connection of sites, taking it for advertising inserts)

You can offer to place on the pages of the site are absolutely safe dx (according to them) and offer code money per impression (just impressions) counter or dubious banner ( remember?), do not need to be conducted on this, such balls do not exist, your visitors will be load dangerous viruses (and then, as a result, the banner with a request to send sms to number 2323, with the cost of 40-50 bucks to unlock the Windows, that's exactly what they earn)

The result of the installation of such codes is ban with which search engine gave You the most visitors, and beside Your website in search hand, will show off wonderful the inscription: "site may threaten the safety of your computer". Do something would have clicked on such sites?,- I think not, so others will not bl

If traffic to Your site over 300 unique hosts per day and the site is located on a commercial (paid) hosting, is the domain of the second level - then before You open a lot of opportunities and different affiliate programs with decent pay for impressions and conversions gk

And if not? That's how I, for example, at the moment: third level domain (for example, here is the second:, but first: rem-tv), the hosting is free (for some reason, the payment of premium package cost 3 bucks, which includes not only the roundnose piece of advertising from the yukoz, but +800 metres of disk space and some more features) not considered a payment of the host of the program see the console and was horrified to shy away from this site as from a leper smile32

It is not strange ap but each of the newly created site, attendance: Admin + his friends = 0-10 (i.e. donut hole). Of course, you can fork out the dough optimizers and they are immediately promoted on your website and will provide thousands of daily audience, but it will cost You not one thousand, ready?, - I wasn't ready, I think that You are too, so will be with You to break yourself, on your own buhn

Let's look at some normal, tested by me personally, affiliate programs and carefully review all the pros and cons of dq More recently, in early spring, the number of hosts (unique visitors are tracked by IP) is barely 100 (usually 30-70), with the attendance of the selection is small, but it's there and I wanted to check whether here it is possible to earn a little, at least to compensate for the costs of "free" hosting

Ads by Google

Google AdSense, the largest publisher, not suffering from a lack of advertisers and advertising platforms (websites). It accepts almost any site with any traffic, it does not matter the domain or the location of the host, payment for referrals more than decent (up to 10-15 cents per click) however, despite obvious advantages, the main drawback - stupid (in my opinion) payment system.

Google pays by check, the minimum for withdrawal - the equivalent of US $ 100 (about 70 Euros), and the check is delivered to You by mail to Your real email address, then in Bank make very round eyes when You ask to cash a check from America from some Gugula. System WebMoney it does not work and if Russia learned to put a clearing through firm-the intermediary, in the Ukraine - it's fun...

Google AdSense is extremely hard on the sites, if it seems that You are doing a wrap, You will block incommunicado and recovery support services as Yandex, is not there, only a soulless robot). It is quite natural that with a small number of hosts this will wrap (You will definitely brag to all your friends that made your site and invite them to come to You ah) even non-special, someone wants to "help" and begin to press on advertising from all the pages in the result - banana (tasteless)

My advice, while the website traffic is less than 200 - 300 hosts, do not mess with Google AdSense for your own peace of mind, and there - decide for yourself: do You need it or not personally I the context of Yandex like (sending request) bk


Tak.Ru - service buying and selling traffic. For those who don't know, let me explain: You can put it on your website advertising and advertising your website, but you can only put someone else's is (You sell your traffic). Looks like this is not very nice and it's not pretty (just a set of strings, each of which contains the link and the text - anchor)

Any sites, check purely symbolic, if any, can be directly put code system and start to earn the only requirement, as elsewhere, work honestly, no cheating, no need to constantly poke its ad units, but if any of you is interested in themselves (this is quite possible), you can do transitions, it is only important number of them, relative to the total number of transitions

You pay (WebMoney) 75% of earnings and 10% of each who came and signed up through Your affiliate (referral, containing not only the address of the website, but also Your personal identifier) link. Just want to reassure novices: all links in this article are straight, I'm not trying to make money on You this way, at least - is meaningless, and why, read on ab

Advertising - the same eggs, only in profile. Anyone who has copied: Tak.Ru - or Vice versa - I don't know, but there all the same, same format, same rate, same conditions. The only difference is that in the system You create only one ad block (you can change only the category), and in Tak.Ru - at least ten, different categories, if you want to display ads on different themes on different pages

The nature of advertising on these services is very, very relative, as the sites did not really checked the Il checked in very late, in the "Auto" could be is about earnings in the network, and under "Erotica" legal advice ag having Tried all possible categories, I found that the clicks (95%) there is only advertising of an erotic nature, in other categories - full zero

There You will promise earnings to webmasters at the level of 2 roubles per click.. forget, real interest rate, luminous You: 10-20 cents, sometimes 30. As at the time of my entry into Tak.Ru and, and other normal alternatives was not, I placed a block with links to these two programs in the best place pages at the top, in the center, but it is no longer there, most likely reading this article, You do not find this advertisement on my website)

the Essentials: both services consider cheating referrals from Your network (easily tracked by IP) and they do not care: is Your website regional identity or not. I have, for example, a website related to the region of Nikolaev and he actually was done with advertisements of my services, and they are relevant only in Nikolaev, well that's strange, I have a lot of visitors of my most popular, networks ("Wild Ass", who knows - will understand) and from my region bn

Having at that time about 100-150 hosts, the number of actual clicks on both affiliate programs per day: from 0 to 3-4, and an average of 2 per day. My net profit was about: 7,5+7,5=15 cents (us) per day, and is less than one cent!!! I think it should be clear that such huge amounts of money I have nowhere to store (although it was a few days at 40-60 cents of Chistyakov) alap

With regards to the referral program, 10% from 10 cents per click... do the math and you will understand why this article, unlike all others on this subject, there is no fucking links

Advertising People Group

People Group - affiliate program good, has a good contextual advertising, the ability to choose the size and design of ad units, the conditions of reception sites from one host a day, the withdrawal of money from $ 1 to PayPal and WebMoney.... For three months my income was as much as 0.51 per dollar, you need to explain why I refused further cooperation?

Everything honestly, but the costs of the transition is calculated in tenths and hundredths of a cent, I wanted to dosobirat to one dollar,... but spit on it (and they apparently counting on it) br just In case let me remind you that I have been looking for calm, not aggressive and not annoying my visitors ads, so pop-up or covering the base material the types of ad units, I have not seen

Advertisement LiveCLiX

LiveCLiX - curving program not from the most favorable reviews about it. But, at the time, I tried to work with her, still not sure whether I removed all codes from the site, and the point here is this:

Colorful advertising on the pages of LiveCLiX promises website owners a good and stable income (up to 2 rubles per click). After adding Your website in their system, it is tested and assigned a category: RED or GREEN from 1 to 5). If they decide that the site is a piece of shit, fall into the category of RED paid clicks 18 kopecks. per click (net income, with the deduction of Commission), my site fell into the category of GREEN 2 (180-250 was the host then) pay-per-click not below 80 cents, right? Yes, just wonderful!!! bi

What's the catch? And that You offer a choice: in cases of temporary (read: constant) the absence of a suitable Get advertising:
a) hide the ad unit so the space is not occupied, why the emptiness?)
b) display the affiliate link (I already wrote about their actual "use")
C) to show ads with lower CPC

What would You choose, making sure advertising with a promised payment is not there? Right, well it's "temporarily", albeit at least
18 cents drips.... look at the statistics ai and clicks 6 cents??? zloi Write support is useless, they just froze and not respond to the letter, I need your ads to appear only twice (for two days). is 80 kopecks were paid 40-60, I doubt that I affiliate with this approach is the future

Advertisement Nolix

Nolix - this is serious, but also the conditions of acceptance more stringent, though not brutal. Accept sites with attendance of 100 people per day, the sites powered by uCoz (free hosting) have to go through a manual check and prove that they are real (NLL, in translation: the Website For People), and not garbage spam.

I have this test passed the first time and began to place promotional spot from Nolix, perhaps You now see her at the top of the website just below the navigation menu (navigation buttons in the main sections). It can be fixed at the top to keep it stable when scrolling vertically, but I think it would be strained, and it even merges with the main design and context of the site (and navigation through it is not enough, I wanted a little more ah )

Then You are definitely not slipped viruses and outright pornography, all advertisers are carefully checked, and the payment is not for navigation (though their number affects the quality score of the impact site), and for the shows, unless of course, that the advertising line someone will buy it, just no ads

Every visitor is counted no more than 2-3 hits (this is because they are writing, and my observations - adyn, no more), yet my income of 2 dollars, considering the low output from the system in the amount of $ 10... wait for me long

The second kind of their ad units - the context no, he is absolutely not similar to the context of Yandex, in principle, is the same promotional line, designed in the form of a block (of the text more breaks), the conditions of reception of 200 hosts, however, my query hangs there for a long time without an answer... I do not want, others will find dq

Advertising Rotaban exchange of banner ads. Terms of acceptance - serious, but the real 100 hosts per day, domain and hosting do not matter (except those described in the rules), what is important is the quality of Your website. Sites are manual and automatic tests, the results of which you reported via e-mail.

You create the advertising platform, choosing their size, species, position on the page, assign a price for 30 days ad and wait for the advertiser. I don't recommend to install a "stub" which will be Your affiliate link in cases of lack of advertisers, the good of it no, much better to put contextual advertising Runner. She's down in the end of the article, see?, if not - it means ad space already purchased. I didn't file an application, there is very wary of sites hosted on free hosting a minimum of 300 stable host, but through happen to join the runner, and their rate per click - happy, though, to be honest I do not think that is at the end of the page someone will be interested in ay

Advertising Tizer.Su

Tizer.Su is a good network teaser ads, suitable for sites operating for at least 3 months, with 150 hosts per day, more than 50 percent of the traffic. Sites on free hosting are accepted at the discretion of the moderators, my application has been there for a month... no response

Summary: While Your site is not stable 200-300 hosts per day, You can only connect low-wage program, which, if you work honestly, without cheating, the money does not earn, do not say that 10-20 cents a day is money. So do not engage in this futile exercise, and pay more attention to the development of Your site, unique content that will interest guests, then maybe they will become Your regular visitors.

I wish you success, there's news, write az

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