How to attach your domain to UCOZ

Your website is on the engine, UCOZ, and You decided to change the third level domain to the second?

  • Where to buy a domain name and how to Park on Kosovska server?
  • How to set the indexation of the site to disappear from Yandex and Google?
  • do I Need to add a new domain in the Webmasters panel?
  • How to set up and do a 301 redirect for a site on yukoz and configure call forwarding?
  • This is not a complete list of questions in my head when I was ready to buy a domain for my website. Of course, I used the search and read a lot of material, but, to my great regret, a good detailed step by step instructions not found ac

    Complemented by 4 may 2016: as you might expect, this article is stolen and issue for your, so don't forget, my dear readers, that the source - and then all the extras are here, because the article is edited and supplemented with new interesting subtleties

    As a result, to make mistakes, I still managed to move to a new domain with minimal losses (I didn't drop out of search engines, and almost recovered attendance), but now You have won't be any problems, all You need to read this manual and follow it, well and if you learn something interesting and useful, welcome, share ab

  • And what do I do with your domain?
  • That's what I thought as well, creating this website, because its main purpose (advertising my own services on repair of the equipment) and so he fulfills orders received from clients who found my phone number on the website pay for the cost of the creation and development of the site. Honestly, could she leave, but ukazov have such a charming thing is like a huge ugly ad banner covering one third of the monitor screen. Do you like sites with such banners? I don't see, immediately there is a desire to leave

    What to do? You gave the engine + 400 meters of server space + support, all of this must be recouped somehow, and the people working in this project, I want to earn denyuzhku bk Hope that ad blocker is configured, on all computers of Your potential visitors possible, but not necessary, so the advertising needed to get rid of, and that is the purchase Premium, at a cost of approximately $ 6 per month ($72 per year)

    Here is a large and very green lahuseni (called TOAD) conveniently sits on top and starts their dirty work ag Well, that's just not necessary to me tales to tell that the desire to put the payment premum package to self - sufficiency- crazy. Well, how many of you have all the disks and software license, honestly bought? ae that same bt

    At first I tried to connect to advertising affiliate program, but here's the thing: some people just shy away from the word "yukoz", others don't work with free third level domains, third you need at least 300 hosts (visitors) per day, well, who cares, here is a note there: is a young

    Many directories also do not want to accept sites that are on free domains, but website promotion - a thing far not the last, it largely depends on the location of Your website in search results, in short, anyway, and without your own domain - does bn

    They say that the change of the domain is equal to (count of problems and worries), two moving from one apartment to another, so: lying is absolutely if you know all the subtleties and nuances. The only thing I now regret is not purchased your domain from to the full indexing of your site by search engines, but... would know where to fall ap

    Agree, many of us, making your first website, don't know: you get something worthwhile or not, so (and this is absolutely fine), we're not really going to pay 3 bucks a month for premium plus 10-15 bucks for a domain (annual payment) so soon, and suddenly will not work?

  • Where to buy a domain, how much it costs, how it is attached to the website
  • There are so many domain registrars, prices and conditions are different, I took the path of least resistance and used the Registrar from UCOZ: You can pay the premium for a year and get free domain, but on account of my Internet-purse lacked only domain (450 rubles), and to replenish the account through an ATM I didn't want ah

    So first thing's first, register tut:, selected name and zone domain, check them for availability, paid and waiting for it (the domain) will become our. There, on the website, there are tips and instructions, therefore, with Your permission, I will not copy here.

    It is believed that you can only change the area, not the name, here, for example, my site was and was, and so, I could choose any name:, Yes, even, the main thing is that the name was not employed in any us area, because and Yandex for Google and other search engines, if the domain names differ, at least one sign or symbol that (for them) different sites and in any case You will have to prove a few months that they mirrors ad

    The exception is the domain, for the payment of any services for a year, then there is no choice: You must choose one of four domain areas, but change domain name - it really does not work, so think

    Once domain is paid to be Your, it must be attached to the site (to move the site to a new domain, but actually he never tolerated, we're not changing the server). This is done very simply, with the control panel directly from the main menu

    Buy domain on UCOZ

    Go to Transfer domain and see that the first point (method) we have already passed, domain bought (so you can give yourself a donut and devour it with a Cup of coffee than I actually do now gk ). The second step is domain Parking, if simple, we ask that the server on which rests our website responded to a request for the old name and the new

    Select method-2 to transfer the purchased domain to UCOZ DNS servers, that's just what written in the instructions: "transfer existing domain" to use to shoot down? After all, the existing is one that now You have already parked and he (is) on servers yukoz issue

    Change domain UCOZ

    Okay, do not pay attention to these details and clickcontinue", in the opened window enter the new purchased us a domain name from the zone (domain), click "Park" and expected. Parking is occupied (in my case) 10 minutes, though in the tooltip it says that you can wait a couple of hours. Next, follow the instructions and tips (here they are, with pictures:

    Attachment domain UCOZ

    In short, after a page refresh in admin panel, the inscription to be changed to: account parked but not yet attached domain, and in the end (and not in 12 hours and 20 minutes... or I was just lucky bn ): Domain is properly configured, complete the process of attachment bs

    But that You will have in the control panel on the Registrar's site (

    Replace to your domain

    Well, how hard is that? Or slightly, however, the main fun is still to come and it is here to avoid gross error, because this rake has come for many people and I, unfortunately, also ac

  • What settings should I set in control panel
  • Attached domain? now RUN in Basic settings and to look that there costs by default cm

    domain Parking UCOZ

    As we can see in our menu a few new items and it is crucial to properly set the tick at the right points and remove them where they very well never need, start?

    Automatically redirect from default domain to the attached:
    This is the server-side 301 redirect or direct, as it is called, the checkbox is set in this window will lead to the fact that Your website will open only at new domain (which we just bought and attached), even a user made link old addresses.

    Example: click this link: (this is still my domain) and you will see that once You open the page at, not So we tell everyone, including search engines that the site has moved and now need to be indexed at the new address.

    domain Settings UCOZ

    Domain www is prioritetnym:
    Well, what do we need this prefix (www)?, to the address of the site was longer in the browser? Yandex believes the addresses of sites that differ only in the prefix www mirrors by default, and Google is better to explain in webmaster panel that both sites: and - ours, by adding both, he will see that they mirror and calm down, so that the check mark is not set

    Use the domain name attached to the images inside materials:
    Just don't put the check and that's it, if ' any images are not changed automatically, write them manually with the new domain name

    Enable indexing in both domains:
    See, that's the stumbling block zloi stumbled on that a lot of webmasters, when you change the domain. Read the instructions, which yukoz advises this option is off, turn off... and goodbye, Your website is missing from SERPs for two weeks or a month, and the number of hosts promptly went to zero br

    At that point, now, let me stay to clarify the situation. When we remove a tick in this paragraph robots.txt becomes different at old and new domain:

    The file robots.txt at the new domain: has a standard for yukoz, view:
    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /a/
    Disallow: /stat/
    Disallow: /index/1
    Disallow: /index/2
    Disallow: /index/3
    Disallow: /index/5
    Disallow: /index/7
    Disallow: /index/8
    Disallow: /index/9
    Disallow: /panel/
    Disallow: /admin/
    Disallow: /secure/
    Disallow: /informer/
    Disallow: /mchat
    Disallow: /search
    Disallow: /shop/order/
    Disallow: /?ssid=

    But that will be spelled out in the file robot text at the same address:

    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /

    Guessed? Right, this is the same text that we saw in the first month, from the date of site creation: a complete ban on indexing the entire site for all search engines

    The robot (aka robot) comes to our site, sees that he said "no", ubiraetsya (very much) bh leaves and permanently, and the site cannot be indexed, then why the hell keep it page is prohibited for indexing in search results? It is still I was lucky that Yash (Yandex), a little brake and not have time to update the file robots.txt if he managed to see a ban, then it would have to wait two weeks (at least) to have it returned. I'm not talking about the place in search results that he would then "assign" the

    Google was quicker and told me in his control panel (literally 2 minutes), on my website (old domain address) critical error and if it is not fixed soon, the site waste from indexing and issuing ai

    Therefore, do not repeat my mistake: don't disable indexing on both domains if Your site is already indexed by the robots. To disable this function must only those, who bought your domain indexing (for the first month, until the robot-the text is locked), because only then no losses will be

  • What to do after changing the domain settings in the admin panel
  • You can add your website with a new domain name in the panel webmaster Google and Yandex removing at that same website with the old domain and wait until the robot detects the mirror (the content of the site and its pages weren't changed and is the same for both URLs) and slowly replace search results the old domain to the new

    All pages from the index does not, the robots will begin to handle 50-100 pages and only when the robot zerkalschik will say: Yes, the content is identical, each of these pages will be replaced in the results, but until then, You will often see the pages at the old domain address, but it's not a problem, most importantly: loss of host and places in the search engines will be minimal bs

    The process of bonding sites can last up to six months and, apparently, so be it, however, the main part of my pages displayed in the search results with the new domain of the site in a month. Yeah, I almost forgot, go through all catalogs and counters where You have registered your site, and change (themselves or via helpdesk) domain the new.

    the Added 2.02.2013: well, a few days ago Yandex finished gluing sites and finally realized that they are a mirror, from the panel Yandex webmaster domain was gone, as was recognized by the other mirror of the site and in search results he was replaced by a new one: the net

    I went in a simple way: panel of webmaster tools (Google and Yandex) found all the sites linking to my (external links) from sites and directories that aren't spelled out in this list, no sense and not need to waste time to change there domain name.

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