Connecting devices

A little review on the TV set-top box on software android to turn your TV into SMART. How to connect Android dongle into your TV and configure digital channels

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In this thread talk about "wooden" phone, that is, on conventional push-button and not even the original, and on densely populated markets, the phones processor МТКхххх. How to configure windows 7, if you do not see as modem

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The company NCTW provides the ability to view not only analog but also digital channels if your TV has a standard tuner DVB-C you can set and watch them for free. In this article we will discuss how to configure the digital channels on different TV models

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Navigator does not correctly determine your location? It is long loaded and doesn't want to catch satellites? How to get GPS to work quickly, correctly and accurately

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Want to learn how to position the TV in the hall, the bedroom or the kitchen or how to hang it on the wall? Then read all the answers here

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How to wind the connector on the antenna cable (screwed plug on the cable): it is better to read and learn than to constantly complain about poor signal, pull the antenna and break out socket from the TV

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All the secrets of the broadcast television signal and correct installation outdoor or indoor TV antenna for reliable and high-quality receive television a digital or ordinary signal

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Detailed instructions about what is better to buy a satellite dish how to set it up to properly connect and configure

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You say that sync is only available for expensive phones? This is true even if you are the owner of outstanding Chinese phone copy of the original, or "maker"), read the article and learn about the hidden features of synchronized Chinese gamers, for example DS808 BLESS

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A component connection, how it differs from the usual video input, what are the benefits, why so many cords, quality pictures

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