Viewing on TV movies to computer hard drive

Since the days of the USSR, we all enjoyed the standard methods wireless remote control a TV or a VCR as a MOP, sneakers, the youngest in the family,... but the go and for remote control of computer data methods doesn't quite fit - had to look for an alternative bs

In this topic we will discuss how to arrange your vacation, while watching a movie. Whatever your favorite computer, but nothing will replace a large TV and sofa, where you can truly relax with a Cup of tea or something, it is Your personal right, You have, in the moment, relax and not strain want

TV remote control, sofa

In today's time, to view high quality film with a disk, stick or online requires a serious machine, it is able to media players, but they are not every house has a computer and the computer everyone, so let's talk about the available items in almost every house.

First of all, the computer you want to connect properly to the TV. You can read about it in the thread: How to connect computer to TV and don't forget to read the comments there very correctly written that the connections, it is advisable to make off if you don't want to dial the phone number specified in the header.

Well, jumped in, sat on the couch and relax after all the work done. But something started to bother you issue whether the sofa away from the computer or television, is located very close to the sofa, or arm the old-fashioned MOP, telescopic fishing rod is already modern and still it is very not like zloi will still Have to work ad

  • First method:
  • The first method is the easiest, but not practical. To use the longer cords to connect, and to move the computer to the sofa. Everything seems logical, but why is not practical?, You ask. Explain when a computer is situated very close to the place of your rest, it may fall a little, as it will interfere with, poured a drink, and he for some reason not a drinker ag or just a little knocked, by accident, and he may feel insulted and cease to communicate with you, that is the movie show.

  • Second method:
  • The same simple and relatively cheap, and again not very comfortable. This wireless computer mouse. The principle of its operation is very simple. In computer USB stick adapter, and in the mouse it is already built and at a frequency of 2.4 GHz at a distance of not more than six meters,they communicate with each other.

    This frequency, used Bluetooth, wifi and even an ordinary microwave oven and you live with it, then you don't need to fear her, and even occasionally feed the batteries. Minus in all this, we need at least 20x20 cm clean place, and where to get it, if You stay serious? ab

    Wireless computer mouse
  • Third:
  • As you may have guessed, that's right - it's wireless computer keyboard. The principle of operation is the same as mouse, but in dependence on its configuration, can be used in various places. Here are a few examples of the existence of diversity, in any case, this is not advertising, my goal is that You would have an idea and have made the right choice in buying.

    Wireless computer keyboard

    For example, regular keyboard, standard without any bells and whistles. All the familiar location, a familiar finger, you're not even looking up from his meal may not looking to find the right key. But it is not easy there is no favorite mouse ac we are so accustomed to it, most people mainly use it. Not terrible, manufacturers and the thought of it and attached to the keyboard touch mouse.

    Touch mouse

    For fans to be in a compact setting and subject than some food and bubbly, which is always, do not try carefully, still bottled, and in addition, invented another kind of keyboard rubber or silicone. It can bend, to curve, to wash but not to wash it yet, more like splashproof, but not for scuba diving with the Internet, although I like the idea ag I think in this case you need to contact the centre for diving.

    Rubber or silicone-keyboard

    There are man keyboard, this is of course not literally, but their design is made in such a way that you grow into it or she's into you, this is the wish and go to another world. To bring back man to ground, it is necessary to overload. The tool will fit almost any shape of a rolling pin, pre-put a pillow, we love the brethren. Samples You will find in stores, and here for an overview of a couple of pictures, I meant keyboards, not rolling pins ag


    Don't forget that these devices work on batteries or built-in battery and the time needed to change or charge. According to this, when buying, pay attention to replace them, that is, the suspension elements, and how would not have to run to look for a new one.

  • mode:
  • This way, I think more than usual. Buy remote control, but not simple and streamlined. It works the same as above told. Insert the receiver into the USB and use. On the one hand he is doing a mini keyboard, and the other as a simplified remote view mini mouse. And it is sufficient to move the arm, as he catches all Your movements and gestures.

    remote control

    a few features from the producers:
    Built-in sensor gesture
    Built-in wireless receiver
    Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery
    Compatible with all personal computers and laptops
    QWERTY keyboard, 65 keys
    Dimensions: 158.5 * 52 * 19 mm
    Weight: 100g

    Supported OS:
    Media Player iNeXT
    Windows 2000, XP, Vista, CE, 7
    Mac OS
    Xbox, PS3

    If anyone is interested, can watch a video that more detail is shown:

    Well, more ways wireless control of your home computer or laptop I don't know. It is possible still to improve the management of language and gesture, and they'll be more comfortable. Yet but if to put all the sensors so we knew the equipment well, it will resemble the character from the movie "Lawnmower man".

    Lawnmower man

    See you in the next articles or reviews, it is up to You, and I'm going to relax, to rejuvenate and come up with something interesting for You, stay with us! ab

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