How to choose and buy a media player

Hello. It's time to talk about sound and videosanimales. About musical instruments, you already know where you need to be able to play or travel with their own orchestra, which is very expensive. On this adventurous mankind has invented devices that could reproduce music or image, common name media player. One of the first devices was the portable gramophone and a fellow of the gramophone.

the First media-players

As you can see, or even remember this player you can play music CDs (vinyl records). The principle is simple to outrageous, mechanical, like it is a smooth groove, but it turns out it hides a lot of flaws in depth and width, due to this and built conservation and listening to the sound (music, speech, screaming, yelling, etc.).

But it is very bulky and not comfortable, it did not stop there and continued to develop the technique. But don't edit the source storage, the development will not go further. This is when he invented the magnetic tape, the technician went to develop with huge steps. The principle of storing information is quite different from vinyl discs, it was used a magnetization. With the advent of tape equipment has become more compact, there are even pocket player, not a backpack. Was able to tame the video, store and view the image.

With the emergence of a brother vinyl records - compact disc has completely changed the mechanism of removing and processing information. You may ask why brother, if they are United only in appearance, both round. Explain the storage of information is exactly the same, the change of the height of the surface and creates the required structure for storing information, and still only protected by plastic.

And here is a diagram of signal processing has completely changed the principle of tape - hole paper, that is "1" and "0". With such processing can now be applied and more modern storage media like flash drives or memory cards.

After this sentence, You will ask me again the question, why would we need discs, if the "stick" more compact and more convenient?

The answer is simple: cheaper, compact for its capacity and speed, not invented. It is very difficult to combine all three conditions in one. Imagine if HDD (hard disk drive or screw in household) was made from a set of flash cards - dimensions, price ai

Well here with a small introduction about the General repose of players, we approached our main question for which You came here to read.

We live in the modern world and that this topic will not be considered Antiques, even DVD, which recently used and he was tired, and sorry but all the cheap units and expensive "license" not having a lot of new formats, containers and codecs is a pile of scrap metal. ac

R. S. There are exceptions, of two or three brands a couple of models, but that we miss, because I want to give you a General overview of what exists at the moment and You could make the right choice.

  • the First step for Your choice:
  • First, You need to solve its transport properties, i.e., bag, pocket or table. From this decision immediately, there is a division. To give an example, what is a portable option and move on to more professional equipment.

    MP3 BOX, MP4 player and mobile phone

    The pictures show a variety of these devices from MP3 BOX, MP4 player and mobile phone.
    MP3 BOX is a Chinese miracle that we are presented, for the money, completely replaced the standard MP3 to play music, and even with external speakers, such Malyuk, but if you'll stand with included under the balconies, you can gather for dinner (tomatoes, eggs) or take a shower. ag

    MP4 player familiar MP3 player with the addition of watching the video. As seen in the photo, the screen is small, and therefore the permission to which it can look low. Of course it is possible to connect to the big screen, but "" can't really look, your eyes ache from the amount of grain and squares or the need to reduce the size of the image and the good of it. This device is designed so that you will not be bored on the road and in the queues, and possibly at sea, and with this he copes well. ab

    mobile phone is a modern miracle, without which we can not do, is able not only to call, and ... Please say that doesn't make coffee ah although you can use it as a spoon, but not likely after that will work. This applies to licensed vehicles, and now there are phones from the Chinese brothers who conquered the price, but it looks like they took MP4 player and there turned the phone, which is the functionality of ac . And again, all this is only to facilitate your leisure time on the road, and viewing it on a larger screen, the same as above described.

    the Prefix for the home - media player
  • Second action at Your choice:
  • For example, the first item You have decided, and all the above have or need at the moment and decided to buy a console for home - media player. For this you need to decide whether You buy, rent Buraevsky drives, or only Wake to download from the Internet and take friends Rip, ISO. If you decided Yes You need the drive to view buraevsky disks, please be careful with the choice, as players of the originals is very small, and fakes a car and small truck.

    Labels lot, but the real support, only half. So read the other reviews on these models, and it is better to choose from reliable sources, verifiability. Emphasis on China and not China to do not need All of them from China, the difference original or basement, well, with the cellars they hard, so from a hut.

  • Third action at Your choice:
  • 1. To determine the resolution, i.e. what resolution the device supports and outputs to your TV, and Your TV. Please be careful that you have, when combined, did not work, like this little frog

    Resolution and screen format

    2. What kind of containers You want it supported
    3. Which codecs reproduces
    - you can read about it in the subject Containers and codecs that would be more accurate to determine.
    4. There are more devices that support 3D, but in addition to the media player you will need to buy:
    - TV with support for 3D, preferably not less than 42 inches, otherwise you will not get the desired effect
    glasses for viewing 3D, preferably a couple, one will be boring to watch
    - buy a CD with 3D effects or download
    good acoustics with the amplifier that would achieve the desired effect

    PS With such investments, 3D it is better to go to the cinema once a week and reduced eye strain and a variety of guests. For those interested in 3D advise you to read the subject 3D-format, three-dimensional image

  • step four at Your choice:
  • Analog and digital outputs

    If You saw the top photo, we have realized that we will talk about connections. I understand that this photo is a perfect media player, but alas not all it is. To do this You need to check the topic TV+DVD+receiver... and only after this up to her TV and porazglyadyvat that he has. Preferably the inspect from the back side with a cloth to collect dust, and then the labels will not be available.

    - The most common modern connection is a HDMI , it is displayed in almost all the consoles, there is video and sound (it depends ON device, there may be exceptions for its use). Important to set the correct permission, otherwise there will be pictures, it has instructions and removed the button on the remote, and without pictures on the menu of the media player will not polazeci.

    - If you have an old TV and a digital input has not, to help the common good composite video or component, however, for static images, there is a slight shimmer, to save on processing this signal. Well, the standard right and left audio channels.

    - For gourmets and lovers of good quality sound 5.1 - 7.1 - 9.1 will have to work hard in finding the media player. Although I'm not right enough to add to the search: media Player OPTICAL AUDIO or COAXIAL AUDIO and You already show a pretty decent vehicles, as cheap it is not put, save. But there can be issues with certain Internet providers, it read below about the IPTV.

  • Fifth effect in Your choice of:
  • In this section you will save a little on the position, will unite two in one, make a sandwich. ab
    Start with a simple is the presence of an external display, or as they call Text-character display." Since the media player is mainly displayed on the TV screen and display very little sense. Basically, the display is indication of the current playback time and in this location menu. and it did not give, and those that do are decent and their number can be counted on finger.

    Connecting and configuring the media player

    In this section will include, have a local connection with a computer or direct access to the Internet. Since we live in the modern world, it makes sense to do this accent. In the presence of lokalki it become more controllable (you can control it from the computer) and not dependent (it is possible to walk around the Internet and local network), simultaneously. Purchasing a media player from LAN, You will need to buy a router (in plain language the router) if You have not already.

    So there are several choices for buying:
    LAN (connection twisted pair)
    - connectivity adapter WI-FI
    very existence WI-FI

    PS Will slow down media player, when viewing from online - it depends on many factors:

    1. He media player - the brake, is extremely rare, often not properly debugged FOR
    2. From the very source. If everything is rushed and You with them, view the latest series of "Santa Barbara", and the capacity of the server is not enough, or it produces a flux higher than You are connected to the provider
    3. The provider to which you are connected, but more often from your wallet, what speed did You pay
    4. Setup your home network: how many issues a router and how connected devices which are downloading from the Internet or throw the old HDD.

    There is a perception that the speed of WI-FI is not enough to view HD - nonsense, all work, many do not take into account the large number of flow involved in the moment. For viewing on the media player need 20 MB/s, but more than that watch your network, that would be when viewing the speed. However, this rate can move from PC to media player the movies for a very long time.

  • the Sixth action of Your choice:
  • Talk about media: HDD, flash drive , memory card.

    reader (memory card) - with this simple, commonly used in cameras, phones, etc. Quite convenient if you have this connector. Let's say you come to visit and decided to show the photos, and that is not all crowded near the computer, quickly from the camera take out the memory card and insert it into the media player and underneath the explanations of the master card, see photos.

    USB - at least one, but I will. So stick to watch will be important to know up to what volume the device perceives. But not only that, but if you have an external HDD and constantly juggle to view the stick - is fraught. We must not forget to use a safe way to eject USB, the principle is almost the same as on the computer. And another option thought up wifi adapter plug, and again there is a free port, and constant. Here collected all to a heap it is necessary to solve a number of ports for the connection.

    HDD (hard drive) - it comes in two plans: external and internal. With the external drive, all just with the computer wobbled, moved to the media player and watch. With the inner difficult, make an external connection on the media player and two plumes, he is near the player, which is pretty not beautiful and comfortable. To Refine this of course you can, sell special pockets for internal HDD, and suddenly you are dust, decided to clean under equipment, lifted it up and think, why only two hands. According to this, some manufacturers came up with that HDD were inserted inside the media player and get a pretty good independent camera.

  • Seventh action at Your choice:
  • Well, finally reached the IPTV is the TV transmission over IP Protocol, ie took from the satellite and rebroadcast on the Internet . You need it or not to solve not to me. I can only tell You that the picture opens.

    IPTV - TV transmission over IP Protocol

    There is a bunch of sharing services, which online to watch movies, TV shows, and without the interruption of advertising with the memory of last view, that is the next day come and see the continuation. But still news, entertainment programs, sports channels etc. - it provides IPTV. There are free sites but the quality and variety of channels wants to be the best. So you want quality you have to pay.

    Another option is a provider if he openly broadcasts IPTV, it is enough to enter the address of the provider and download the channel list. But not all providers work this way, they don't provide you offer their IPTV consoles to watch TV. And there You have to decide when you know the capabilities of the console, whether console.

  • Eighth action at Your choice:
  • And finally, if you have read up to this point and You all of the above are satisfied, you need to pay is the presence of downloaders, they can be attributed to the torrent, roughly speaking You get a fully independent device. I put it on the download of the media player and the computer does not suffer.

    Credited with in this thread about the presence of Android that it would be possible to climb on the Internet and download games. Frankly, the androids they have no cut off, but if it comes you can play on and off, so as not to load the system.

  • Conclusion:
  • And it's not me, I said that doing the media players, and You, hoping the ability and desire, by the need to make the right choice based on the information provided.

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