How to create and organize a home network through a router

In this topic we will talk about a home network. If you have multiple computers, IP set-top boxes, phones with WI-FI and you don't know how to connect to the Internet, You should read. In this thread, will try to be brief and understandable language to tell you what You need to do in this case. More detailed information can be studied directly on to the device from other Internet sources.

For organization a home network, You need to buy router, or common people called router. It's such a small box with antenna for wifi which includes the Internet and the flow of information distributes on Your instrument. Router in contrast to Switch, creating a mini Internet network, that is your world and You are the master and Switch is as a dispenser for the antenna, razdvigaet signal (creates a hotspot), and everything else computers do.

home networking

Before to choose the right router, You need to determine the units of measurement of the flow of information. This nation is a bit confused, and some are not good people use it.

The flow rate is measured in bits and bytes per second, i.e. Bit/s (Bits per second or B/s (B/s). As you can see, the abbreviation is very similar and many do not pay attention, but in vain - a difference of eight units, i.e. 1 byte = 8 bits. That would not be a bunch of zeroes, use the abbreviation shortcuts - kilo, mega, gigo. The difference between each value by three zeros. For clarification:

  • 1 byte = 8 bits
  • 1 kibibit = 1024 bits = 128 bytes
  • 1 mebibyte = 1048576 bits = 131072 bytes = 128 KB
  • Kibibit 1 = 1073741824 bit = 134217728 bytes = 131072 KB = 128 MB
  • Well, not confused ag , well, if not, then proceed further bs

    With the units we understand and now we need to calculate the correct instrument, that is, the amount of information that You have at home will circulate.

    Here I am not going to bullshit you. All just to hide the instrument, each, write the number of the network card and module WI-FI , and then from these coordinates you can determine the maximum possible. ag This is certainly the right decision, but it is not acceptable to us, this will act differently.

  • Network card connection through a twisted pair, running mostly 100 Mbit/sec.
  • Average speed WI-FI  connection 56 Mbps
  • Uncle, I do not, I took the average readings in normal use, but if You have other evidence, then you already know that when you purchase, as this will load the sale. Well, if you still don't trust, then you can check this yourself, without any help from the outside.

    In order to test the speed, you need to boot the computer bs click right mouse button taskbar and in the appeared window choose Start task Manager.

    Start task Manager

    In task Manager, select the position of the Network and control the flow rate. Once you've determined your speed, you need to convert the instrument from which You will benefit and most importantly, how? Maybe You have an external network hard drive, and You're a fan constantly communicate with him, to pump, to pump, remove, or simply a lover of the web pages to surf and watch movies online.

    If You like to download from the Internet, then you should look router which provides an independent fix on the outer HDD. Set to download, turned off the computer and went to do their business.

    Taking all these features and went to choose router. It is advisable to read the reviews of people, though not all, but many, for example, because of not understanding about bits and bytes, begin this crap city, so filtered, we've educated themselves can teach. ab

    Well, were the owners of router. How to create your network?

    All just trust the developers and read the instructions that came in the kit and there are plenty in the Internet. Don't forget to visit the website of the provider, there may be some nuances in the settings, router. Well, I literally distribute information, what would You understand the settings.

    the Back panel of the router

    As you can see in the photos, not such a terrible camera. The connection is very simple. Internet cable (twisted pair), connects to the only distinguishing nest, and the rest of their equipment, which will connect the wires. In principle, we get the connection as over-the-top scheme. Don't forget the unit to connect to router and in the socket, and nothing will come out bk

    That's more difficult, you need to include, and when to boot the computer connected by twisted pair to the router, to launch a browser to view web pages through this browser, we will communicate with your new toy.
    On the web line of the input address a router, in the instruction You have written, usually looks like this because: httr://

    If the first time doing this, then go to the setup wizard, read and performed the actions he requested. Tips a well-written, and we're not stupid and downloaded the manual from the provider that says how to connect to it, using router.

    After the Internet settings, You need to protect your wifi, will figure out a network name and a complex password with shift register, then the truth will swear when typing, but done once, for something quieter.

    After you tried to contact routeren he will automatically distribute IP addresses to each device. You can manually, but the difference will not see these IP addresses only for the internal network, at the outlet to the outside world of the Internet, You will have the IP address, the one that was allocated by the provider.

    There is another kind of protection: protection by Mac address. MAK is a digital signature of the electronic unit, how we identification code, so even on one machine, say a laptop, you use twisted pair and decided to move on WI-FI, it will be quite a different Mac address and router thinks that they are different devices and will give out another IP or block access to the internal mesh. According to this, before turning, which would then in the manual not to enter, list your computers in the exceptions, and then run the function.

    P. S. don't forget to include the transmission function of multipolicy, and you will not be able to watch online and IPTV.

    Like all. The main functions I was told, and the rest of the settings depend on the specific router. With a properly configured routeren, no problem, just turn on and use, even forget about its existence. Sorry, happens when you buy a new toy, and she needs the Internet, but it's good, then You have everything in order. ad

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