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As usual, to write what is right, you have to make certain the time and Finance, to complete information, and to share with You. For this purpose I bought a GPS (tablet in my case on the OS Android), guided navigation a lot, read a lot and impact. Having tried many options, came to a conclusion. But with this solution I decided to share. First we will start with the definition - what is GPS , as on this basis and will keep our theme bs

after Reviewing a lot of materials and most practical explanation of a convenient and intuitive language, found in the cartoon game series Pin a grain of sand. Want to see the clipping of the cartoon, as much in the head clearer. Don't be afraid of a lot of time to take ad

Viewed the movie, You realize that for the normal operation of the Navigator, only three satellites. Probably noticed time and again in the display Navigator when passing the high buildings at the slowest speed that your machine starts to jump on the roofs of houses or travels to a nearby parallel street and the Navigator starts you direct it is not there ag
it is in the visibility of one satellite, which is located either in front of or behind, unless you go to RAM house. So this satellite can correct You only in one axis, but the mixing here alone without assistants can not do. It mostly happens only when you find yourself in traffic or at every stoplight stand.

a Little distracted, that is considered, what is GPS. And now we have the beginning of the acquisition of Navigator. First of all, we need to properly learn to use the system.

the First step is we want to or not, but you need to train the battery. Her health very much depends and there are a lot of glitches. Upon purchase, the battery shows discharged condition naturally put on charge - correctly bf But when removing big mistake when looking at the display, that the battery is charged - it is confusing bt Take the user manual or the user manual and read - what is the capacity of the battery and the charger amperage. Normal firm, she writes what time is the first charge cycle. On average, the first charge of these devices is about four hours. the
Subsequent actions a couple of times, we discharged and charged the battery, also applies to lithium batteries. Only after such processes, You have a Navigator starts show the correct indication of charge or discharge of the battery. Further, by connecting various communication modules, You will not have interruptions in the office.

Then to start working with the Navigator, you need to determine its original location or as called "cold start". This can be done in two ways:

Determining your location
  • 1 is a common way that applies to all navigators on any operating system. Out in the open, where the perimeter of 100-200 metres was not a wall of high-rise buildings. Within minutes, the Navigator happily reports about Your location and it is easier to control Your path and with one companion.
    But what I was disappointed when the Pathfinder started to define my position for longer than five minutes ai I wanted to deal with this.
    since I have the OS on Android, it was all just - set with Google play application AndroiTS GPS Test Free and started testing. Under normal conditions, as in the screenshot below, the Navigator will determine Your location instantly ab

    AndroiTS GPS Test Free - search satellites

    And there are times when overhead we have only one satellite, even in open terrain, in these moments of our Navigator and begins to blunt. I was in shock, but the fact is, even forgot to make screenshots ah So did the types of satellites from the balcony, the only visible part is the South.

    AndroiTS GPS Test Free - no satellites

    On the first screenshot you can see that two satellites are located almost in one coordinate, so you not seeking to run the Navigator will not find. But with the emergence of a third satellite, already have a chance in definition. But even staying in the same place on the display Navigator, You will constantly be on the move as lacking even one satellite in the other hemisphere of the sky. This is clearly seen on the bottom screenshot, the icon in the form of a UFO - I ah Cool crisiscenter turned out, the difference in one minute ag

    Icon because of the UFO - I
  • 2 using technology A-GPS. This is the GPS, cellular networks and Internet service providers, to determine Your location.
    With the development of these technologies is a reliable system, especially in a big city, but requires some costs during use. This system implies the existence of a SIM card or wi-fi . But wi-fi will not get far, and to determine Your first location (cold start) is very helpful bs
    If you are using a mobile operator, you can also do a cold start on and off, continue to use only the signal a GPS. But if You are going to ride among the tall buildings, you will have to spend on Internet traffic that would not go astray.

    In the future, if you're going to use navigation all day, don't turn it off, or close the application, the system will be much easier to determine Your location and bring in the right place.

    What to put or to buy the navigation system - it's not for everybody, the opinion I described at the end of threads How to choose a good GPS Navigator, tablet, smartphone.
    Many owners of Chinese navigators, rotoroot and prescribe country. And it seems to be starting faster start. What then is the logic, but one helps, the other is not, but because it is more dependent on iron inside a processor, RAM, receiver , all this speeds up the calculation of Your location, fulfilling the conditions described above ad

    Hopefully after reading this thread, You pick up the right Navigator and to operate in the future. This device will be the best helper in Your travelling bf

    see you in the next articles br

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