How to connect and use the phone as a USB modem

Hi all ab In this thread talk about "wooden" phone, that is, on conventional push-button and not even the original, and on densely populated markets, the phones processor MTKxxxx. How to configure windows 7, if you do not see as a modem.

With the old original phone was not a problem, I bought a sync cord, I installed the drivers - and then the Windows itself picks up everything. With modern phones had trouble. For the experiment took the original Chinese FLY DS124 on the processor MTK.

First, connect your phone to the computer. When connected, the phone screen popped up the selection menu, you have options use. Select COM port.

Choose COM port

Windows 7 for a long time that will think to search for suitable driver, but in the end writes that he's not picked up anything. After that you go to start - control panel - administrative tools - computer management - device Manager and there find our unidentified devices. Click on the right button on them and choose update driver. The way of finding the drivers that indicate where retained, in advance found in the Internet for Your phone. On successful update of the drivers will see this picture:

USB modem port

If USB modem port You have not found, then to proceed further is useless. Will go in the direction that we have in stock port modem, but the problem is that Windows does not detect modem ai Have to create manually. For this purpose we go on branch: start - control panel - phone and modem options , select the window Modems and Add. In the resulting window, select "don't detect modem select from a list" and click "next". From the list, in most cases, choose Standard modem 33600 bps and click on the "next"button.

Standard modem 33600 bps

You will be offered the ports where you have to choose a modem You know from the instructions above. A button "OK", and the second stage configuration is complete ab

Now we have to connect to the Internet, and for this purpose, we need the Internet, as this topic read ag vicious circle this is a paradox bn what is all this For - to go to the site provider and find the settings connections. Room type: remote access is usually mobile operators ' standard *99***1# advanced settings, the user name and password, if there is such.

Through start , open control Center network and sharing and click Setup a new connection or network in the opened window find the dial-in Settings favorite button "Next" , select the created modem and enter Your ISP and then connect to the Internet.

Settings dial

That would not be displayed at all times when connecting password, go to the center of the network management in Change adapter settings to find our connection through right click properties in the Settings - remove unnecessary Chough.

Change adapter settings

My service provider demanded that I entered the advanced settings. They were motivated, as in the beginning of the topic, through device Manager. In our made in the modem properties delivered, which requires a provider. It's already looking from your dealer.

device Manager

Well that's all, I hope that helped with the solution to Your problem.

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