TV + DVD + receiver

With the emergence of a large diversity of connectors has become very difficult to reunite the TV with any console, reproducing or relaying equipment. So in this thread, I'll try to help spread the word, to show the driving connections.
For example, take the TV and rotate it to the side which is not fun to watch:

Panel jacks on the TV

Yeah, and well, at least the DVD:

Panel with sockets DIA

Scary? Fear not, I'll try to explain.

A little to decipher the abbreviation, follow the inscriptions on the pictures:

Where drawn by two clips is for a plug from your cable or antenna, don't forget that the plug was screwed to the cable ag and then nothing will show and configure channels ab .
White rectangles are written the names and numbers of additional inputs and outputs that you, depending on the connection you choose on your TV:

Selecting an AV mode title=

The simplest connection - SCART (this is a large rectangle with lots of holes) the Details can be read at the link.


More difficult is the tulips:


Since they have a very large variety of connections:

1 way is to connect the video and audio slowly drop here
2 way is a component connection, you can read here
3 way is .... you will not hammer head nonsense ah

There is another connection, called S-Video, but this TV a little cheated, but you can read if you walk through the link. And it looks like this:


Almost everyone has a computer and a really want to connect it to a TV and watch movies, photos on the big screen, as not all home consoles take a variety of video standards, and the screen is small and collapse on the couch does not work. So I created the topic how to do that with modern TVs. If you are difficult, you can check out here.

Well, the last connection is a HDMI. To buy the cord, plug, differently does not paste, to look at the port number on the TV to choose exactly the same name (input). Then take instructions from both devices and study opportunities at the HDMI.

HDMI Connector

If you didn't understand the connection, because the modern instrument has got a lot of my own adapter, write, but only by providing a photo connectors and adapters, it will be possible to help you.

Link to this story:

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