Here I will tell you how to make connecting your equipment using SCART (SCART)

Connecting SCART

If on both machines SCART, then you are lucky. Enough to buy a cord SCART SCART and connect, as it already contains all the inputs and outputs. Don't be afraid differently you as it will not stick. It looks like this:

Cord Skart - Skart

Worse, when one is only tulips, for this purpose there is a cord skart-TULIPS:

Cord Skart - Tulips

From SCART no problem ad , but the other will have to think about:

Socket hardware

OUT (Exit) is where does the signal
IN (Entry)-that will receive the signal and show and tell

According to this, if the tulips on the TV, you will connect at IN, and if the connected equipment in OUT. But another problem arises, scarce six tulips, and we need all three, what to do? Don't worry if I bought a good cord, there will be exactly the same inscriptions. By alternately include three tulips IN or OUT, one of the provisions is sound, and image, if you do not mix up the AUDIO and VIDEO (may be referred to more simply as V and And( L ), A( R ), use uppercase letters; L-left R-right channels of sound). Usually people focus on color, but the Chinese are also people and can be lured ag

Another way, via an adapter:

Adapter Skart - Tulip

Buy an adapter skart-tulips and cord a Tulip-Tulip. The adapter plug in the SCART and tulips respectively connect the equipment as indicated just above. The adapter is complemented by a switch, which works as a switch IN and OUT. In one of the positions, you will see a picture.

I almost forgot, when did the connection do not forget the TV to switch AV, that is, at the connector which you connect. Usually to transfer all in one button, and in a modern TV it looks like this:

Select Video mode on your TV

Choose according to what is written on the connector to which you have made the connection.

If you have these connectors no, look this topic

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